ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) — The incoming superintendent of Montgomery County public schools will be paid a higher annual base salary than his predecessor.

According to a contract unanimously approved by the county’s Board of Education on Tuesday, Joshua Starr will be paid $250,000 a year. He also is receiving $30,000 for moving expenses.

Current Superintendent Jerry Weast initially earned about $237,800, but his salary was tied to the local economy’s performance and is now about $217,000. Weast has led the system since 1999 and is retiring in June.

Starr was previously superintendent of the 15,000-student school system in Stamford, Conn. He was named to lead Montgomery County’s 144,000-student system in April.

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  1. sheriff says:

    And the kids graduating are no better off if he earned $25k a yr. or the $250. His pay should be tied into the graduating rate & performance of the students in grades 9 thru 12. All this Superintendent recruiting amounts to is a bidding war for a bunch of so called career educators that really don’t know jack s….t about the real world.

    1. Ummaima says:

      I’m not yet persuaded that an orveride is necessary. We, too, got the letter from the superintendent, and I agree with Grams that it is very poor judgment on his behalf to send a letter out asking for support and feedback, and then leaving town. It reminds me of a former police chief who was rafting the Grand Canyon when two well-known citizens were gunned down in a driveway a few years ago.The school district would have to show that it has, indeed, made every possible cut without resorting to damaging the kids’ direct education. Maybe it has, but it hasn’t made the case.Second, until the economy improves I doubt if any tax increase would pass in Mesa County, no matter how desperate the need.

  2. Dave says:

    The superintendent of Montgomery Couinty public schools oversees a budget of over $2 billion. This is like being CEO of mid-size company. CEO’s of companies that size would be making at least $1 million a year in total compensation. You want someone with talent – you have to pay for it.

    1. sheriff says:

      That’s typical classroom thinking by you sir who probably never had to make a payroll in your life.

  3. tylerjake says:

    30K for moving expenses? NICE! Where’s he moving from, Mars?

  4. far left says:

    We must ask our selves at some point what the value of your deeds is. Example: if you make sandwiches for the school system and you have worked there twenty years do you deserve $75K a year when it only cost $10k to make them and toss out 1/3 of the product due to waste. I’m sorry I’m not explaining this well. Fact New York public school system has been in decline since 1968 and has been through many of superintendents. Baltimore city hired Andres Alonzo at the cost of $250k with fringe benefits a year. What was the first thing he did, he LOWERED the grade standards and the graduation requirement to keep enrollment. You can do your own home work thought the internet and make your own decision. Fact since Alonzo became City school superintendent the drop out rate has increased along with the grading standards compared to all 23 counties in the state of Maryland. I ask you all what is the value of his deeds and why do we spend so much money on salaries and reward failure? Are your taxes still high?

  5. Ronald Lee Norman says:

    And I thought Maryland DIDNOT have MONEY. WELCOME TO THE MARYLAND SCHOOL SYSTEM. WHERE’s YOUR MONEY?? Can’t blame Omalley on this one.

  6. Tatiana says:

    People have lost their retirement sigvnas, the equity in their homes, some have lost their jobs, many are being asked to do more for less, the cost of living continues to rise, the future does not look bright for people close to or already in retirement, the same goes for the younger generation trying to enter the work force, the list goes on and on. Yet you’re trying to tell us that $10.78 per a $200K home seems more than reasonable as tax increases go. This makes sense to you on a home that someone may have paid $300 to $350K for a few years ago. Who is now underwater on his mortgage and it may take years if ever before the owner sees the light of day again. Are you kidding me..? Do me a favor, if you feel it’s more than reasonable, cut the school district a check for the proposed tax increase based on the value of your home (if you own one) and send it to them. For me, I’m not interested in throwing any more of my hard earned money away. By the way, which part of the educational or government system are you representing here with your opinions…?

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