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WASHINGTON (WJZ)—President Barack Obama goes face-to-face with the American people. It’s a town hall special you can only see on WJZ-TV.

Jessica Kartalija has more on the unique opportunities some Marylanders got Wednesday.

Attendees said it was a very intimate setting. The president arrived promptly at 2 p.m., walked right in and got down to business.

Two hundred people from Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia had an intimate conversation with the president.

“Felt like he really took an interest in what I was saying,” said Karin Gallo. “And I thought he was engaging. And I was so glad I came, and I’m so glad I had this opportunity.”

“It’s a really tough job,” Seth Turner said. “He is the face of the United States government. Unfortunately, a lot of people blame the problems on him and they don’t necessarily blame the other 535 people that happen to work under that dome a couple blocks away from us.”

Fielding audience questions and questions via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook, the president candidly spoke about his political agenda regarding the economy.

“Our topic is the economy,” said Erica Hill, CBS News. “And that’s the most important issue for most Americans, I would say. And what’s interesting, it’s an umbrella topic–gas prices, job security, entitlements. These are all things people want answers on. And so they had the opportunity to ask those questions to the president today.”

Between questions, the president posed for pictures and joked with anchors and the audience.

“He seemed very calm and collected, like he had done it before,” said Kristin Orton. “I think he’s very open to folks and what we had to say. I’ve never been that close to the president, so I was really excited to see him living and breathing. So I thought he did a really wonderful job.”

People who WJZ spoke with following the town hall meeting told WJZ they felt like it was a conversation in the living room of their house.

Harry Smith’s Interview With WJZ:

You can watch the town hall Thursday at 8 a.m. on WJZ-TV.

Comments (15)
  1. Kommot Dragon says:

    Obama should not step down as president. Since when did Bush set up an economic meeting and go down to the level of middle class folks.

    He is great!

    1. overtaxed says:

      He is going farther down than that…the catch is to stimulate the economy we must make all of the illegals legal.

      If you want to improve the economy, quit voting for democrats. They took over in 07 and it has been sh!tsv!lle since.

      The Great Bamboozler Obama

      1. Lesa says:

        It is obvious you have not read the Washington Post article “How the U.S. detoured toward massive debt” dated May1, 2011.
        Bush left US with this mess how long do you think it will take to fix it, especially with people like you voting.
        Become informed before you speak your mind!

      2. Deb says:

        Explain the Bush watch, That is what got us were we are today. The republicans have blinders on.

      3. overtaxed says:

        With people like me voting? My vote in Maryland does not count, has no effect whatsoever. Look at the mess here in Maryland. 4 decades of democratic leadership, and we are one of the worst states to do business in. One of the worst states to do business in, because of democrats.

        Here is a clue for the liberally impaired: Business is the economy, and being unfriendly to business (high taxes and mass regulation) causes the economy to suffer.

        Blaming republicans was the way democrats got the power again, but has since washed, as evidenced by Obama’s “shellacking” last fall, when the Campaigner in Chief wasn’t even on the ballot and got his butt handed to him.

        Obama 1.5 trillion in debt per year…he has the gold medal for that event.

        Better to have blinders on than my head in my rear end, like most of Maryland voters.

      4. overtaxed says:

        OK Deb, the first 6 years of Bush’s watch were very prosperous for everyone. If you weren’t working you just were not trying. Unscrupulous lenders and greedy realtors drove prices up and lent money to people who could not afford it in many cases. Is that the fault of the President?

        When we went democratic in 07 the brakes were applied to the economy, and the democrats cannot think of anything to help except more government interference, high taxes and high regulation.

        Where has Obama been successful in other areas like foriegn policy? By continuing Bush policies, which has been reported on CBS.

  2. Charles says:

    CBS hand picked the audience. No hard questions here. He’ll come out smelling like a rose. Great speaker with no experience. I wonder if SEIU helped pick the questions. Obamacare and Dream Act the downfall of a once great Nation.

  3. MD Resident says:

    Where’s that hope and change? The only change we’ve seen is for the worse and the only hope we have is that he and the rest of his cohorts are shown the exit door.

  4. ron says:

    Be careful Tea Party followers when the Tea Politicians are finished taking away the rights of the middle class and reinact legislation the majority votes out then the Tea Politicians will be stripping away at the upper middle class till just the wealthy 2% will be the Tea supporters. kinda like Communism in america only add racism

    1. overtaxed says:

      What has been happening in Maryland is a stripping of rights by Democrats, and all of the while those same Democrats say that they are doing it for our own good.

      Communism and racism? No surprise on the race card being played, if you disagree with Democrats you are automatically a “racist”. Tea Party and communism??? If you support the Democratic party that is hypocrisy at its best.

      At the end of the day, Democrats stifle business with heaping regulations and new and creative ways to tax, so how is that supposed to help the economy?

      Liberals with heads in their rear ends, what else is new?

  5. Carlton Carr says:

    Our hamily has been hurt financial as well emotional. We recieve a served forecloser served. Please have someone question President Obama. We put in for an emergency hardship withdrawl and Vanguard asked if we wanted them to add federal and state taxes which vanguard. IRS decided they were going to hit us with a 10 personal. With their help we now Federal taxes over 12,840. WE own state $4.840.00.

  6. C.Carr says:

    We have two children, my son is going to trident Tech going to be a radiolgly text. His first choice of college was Colege in Charleston. He was accepted, his goal since middle was to be a RADOLOGIST. My daughter graduates June 3rd, 2011. She has made great grades, She want to go to school to be an attorney. She feels her hard work will not help her. My wife is on disability.

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