CATONSVILLE, Md. (WJZ)—Concern on a local college campus after two students are caught with a gun and drugs, walking near the school cafeteria.

Andrea Fujii has the story they told police.

Two students–one 18, the other 26– were caught recovering a gun that had been lodged underneath a parked car that belonged to a faculty member. Now the big question is why did they have it on campus?

Two students from the Community College of Baltimore County in Catonsville are now charged with illegally handling a gun right outside of the campus cafeteria.

“I just saw police cars and people sitting on the ground, and I saw the guy up against the glass. I was kinda like ‘What’s going on?’” said Katie Smith, CCBC student.

Baltimore County Police were on campus in the middle of the day last week and watched the two students go back and forth between the cafeteria and one car in the faculty parking lot.

Police say the pair came out with a third person to a truck, lifted the back, and under one of the tires was a gun.

“The vehicle owner had nothing to do with this incident or the firearm. She happened to park in the parking spot,” said Cathy Batton, Baltimore County Police.

What’s unclear is how the gun ended up on campus. Police reports indicate the two gave conflicting stories. They each point the finger at each other, alleging that they brought the gun to school to intimidate a group of guys they had been fighting with over the past few days.

Word on campus is spreading fast.

“I got a text from my friend saying there was some dude arrested, and he’s pressed up against the glass,” said Denise Gardner, CCBC student.

“It was really shocking,” said Angela Carr, who says she’s never heard of such prior incidents occurring on campus.

CCBC released this statement:

“Anytime a student is found with a gun on our campus it causes concern. We are committed to keeping our campuses safe and will continue our work with Baltimore County Police to increase our safety efforts.”

The older of the two students also faces drug charges for having some kind of drugs on him when he was arrested. Police won’t say what it was or how much. Both students are out on bail.

The students are suspended from CCBC, pending the police investigation.

Comments (9)
  1. D says:

    Why aren’t the public safety officers armed? What if the Balt Co Police had not received the tip and a shooting occured? What public safety going to do…..taze them? Arm your public safety and consider this incident to be a warning and very fortunate no shooting happened

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      Yeah, let’s arm everyone! You Yanks have such lovely funerals for kids killed with all the guns around, but you do nothing to keep them off the streets. It would be a violation of a felon’s constitutional rights.

      But keep piling those lovely flowers against some lamp post where the kid got gunned down and don’t forget the cards.

      1. Brendan says:

        Naw, instead let’s not arm anyone, of course that is people like this guys solution. What you don’t seem to realize, is that criminals are criminals for a reason. Whether guns are LEGAL or ILLEGAL, they WILL STILL HAVE THEM. THEY ARE CRIMINALS. No one, including the government is ever going to keep every gun off the street. Then the government would be the only power armed, what would stop them from taking over the public? That is why the bear arms is in our constitution. All those old guys way back in the day knew that when they wrote, why people today understand that. If it wasn’t guns, people would use something else. Guns aren’t the problem, people are.

  2. Chris says:


    To arm public safety officers is an insurance and liability nightmare for small college campuses. If they were armed the cost of tuition would rise dramatically which defeats the purpose/concept of a community college. In most but not all cases your campus security is provided by a contractor to the school . The contractor will bear the cost of the insurance, training and licensing not the school because of liability issues.
    Most of the security force of your smaller campuses will be unarmed except for the times where there is a possibility of a crime being committed; i.e. at night or when there is a large gathering of people. It is during those times times there may be a few campus police or special officers who are armed in the general area. It is only when you get to larger or higher risk campuses; i.e. UMBC, College Park or UMAB that the majority if not all of your security personnel will be armed. The possibility will determine the liability.

    In most cases the best way to deter crime is with a few extra pairs of eyes.

  3. j says:

    as a student there I can tell you this is an isolated incident and it would be a waste of resources to arm the public safety officers. And they patrol constantly so if they see any problems (which is rare indeed) Balto Co police are only a call away


    by the TIME you go to college YOU WOULD HOPE THAT THESE KIDS WOULD

  5. J will says:

    Thats really sad that you can’t even go to college and feel safe. They need medal detectors. Those officers are so worried about people parking in the wrong place instead of paying attention to the real problems.

    1. Anna says:

      you are so right all they want to do is give tickets out earn there quote for the mnth.

  6. Brian Schwaab says:

    It amazes me how nieve people are today. These comments are a real example. Everyone wants passiveness on behalf of public safety authorities until there is a shooting or other violent crime. In today’s world you can not have a institution like this without armed security. When I was a student at the college in 1998 I saw how it was changing with the thugs walking the halls.

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