CATONSVILLE, Md. (WJZ)  — Two community college students face trouble with the law after police say they were busted bringing a gun on campus.

Derek Valcourt has more on what police say led up to the arrests.

The suspects told police they brought the gun for protection, but that’s no consolation to fellow students alarmed by the arrests.

Few students witnessed the commotion on the Catonsville campus last week.

“And I just saw police cars and people sitting on the ground and I saw a guy up against  the glass and I was like, `What’s going on?'” said Katie Smith.

Police say what happened was the arrest of these two students, 18-year-old Uhland Richardson and 25-year-old Larry Hamilton.  County police detectives conducting surveillance at the school noticed the men acting suspiciously near the rear of a car.

“They lifted up the bumper of the vehicle and retrieved an object out from underneath the car,” said Cathy Batton, Baltimore County Police.

Officers searched the men and found a pistol in their backpack.  Richardson and Hamilton later told police they threw the gun on the ground during a fight with another group of men.  They said when they came back to get it, the wheel of a CRV was parked on top of the gun.  The CRV owner—a faculty member who asked not to be identified—said her car was not damaged.

“I didn’t feel anything unusual like I rolled over anything when I entered the parking space,” she said.  “And what are the chances of me rolling over a weapon?  That’s not something that’s ever happened in my lifetime.”

School officials declined our requests for an interview but say they are concerned any time a student is found with a gun on campus and say they are committed to increasing safety.

On campus, the arrests are unsettling to many students.

“I don’t like that I didn’t know about it,” said Casey Kielian.

“There’s lots of security around so you don’t really expect things like that to happen,” said Ebon Curry.

“It’s scary but it’s not completely shocking.  I’m happy they caught them and happy that no one was hurt,” said Max Grossfield.

Court documents show both men are blaming each other for bringing the gun to school.

Both students are free on bond.  They’re due back in court next month.

Comments (3)
  1. Ex-Baltimore says:

    This is so typical of the Baltimore area’s Black males! Violent to the core! Also, here we go again with the thug dredd locks! This style of hair by black males just says, “look at me eveyone! I’m a gang banger gun carrying violent thug! Please profile me! I’m a really bad person who does not care about human life and I’ll rob and kill you in a heart beat!”

  2. Eagle95 says:

    I guess that includes us hard working, tax paying, eagle scouts too huh? That just great, bigot! Go put on a white robe with the rest of your buddies and have your little rally!…

  3. Bordersrgood says:

    Eagle95 knock off the posturing and your lame attempt to drawl a comparrison between your success as a scout who might lack good taste in hair style and these gun toating doesn’t hold water! Facts are facts…Black youth in baltimore create the majority of violent crime, most times a handgun is involved. How utterly stupid does anyone have to be to bring a gun onto a college campus? Rings a solid 9.9 on the foll-o-meter if you ax me. The only problem I see here is that they are out free on bail. This is exactly the kind of unthinking criminal youth that us regular folks want to see inside jail. I know i would sleep better at night! And lets get this right here…there was a fight eariler that they were also involved in? It’s a wonder those fools didn’t start shooting during that ruckus. If drugs are dealt within a school zone the penalties are more severe…so why not make the penalty for carrying a weapon in a school zone more severe? Inner city black youth need to know that when you tote a gun & get busted, you are going to serve time..mandatory time…and if you bring in onto school grounds….the mandatory time behind bars should double, with no early release options. Treat criminals like they should be treated…with harsh penalties. PERIOD!!! If I am on school grounds I want to know that it is a gun free zone & that lawbreakers will suffer severe sentences for their inpropriety.

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