CENTREVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — An elementary school field trip became a trip to the hospital in Queen Anne’s County.  State police say an SUV pulled out in front of two busloads of kids, injuring 17 people.

Kelly McPherson has more.

Police say the driver of the bus is not at fault.  They did a mechanical inspection and found nothing wrong with the bus.  But the driver of the SUV involved in the accident, Carl Trends, Jr., has charges pending against him.

The terrifying accident unfolded on Rt. 213, just outside Centreville.  Police say an SUV cut off two busloads of kindergarten students on a field trip with their parents, causing one bus to swerve and hit a utility pole before skidding to a stop on its side.

“It was unbelievable.  There was an unbelievable amount of people helping,” said mom Cassandra Price, who was on board.

Seventeen of the 35 people involved had to go to hospitals.  Most injuries were not severe, but one woman was seriously injured and taken to Shock Trauma.

“I didn’t know where my son was at, at first,” said Tyron Wright.

“There was a field full of kids and parents.  They were crying,” said witness Carl Weishaupt.

The roof of the bus had escape hatches.  All the students and parents got out of there safely.

“I fell down,” said one child.  “The cops helped [me out of the bus].”

Police say the SUV was trying to turn left on Rt. 213.  Investigators spent the morning interviewing Trends.

“Due to the size of the scene and the size of the rescue, we had to keep it closed for a while,” said Greg Shipley, Maryland State Police.

“We had basically every ambulance available in Queen Anne’s County either at the scene or filling in at other stations,” said Chief Kevin Aftung.

The students attended classes at Worton and were 17 miles away from the school, on their way to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

“It was pretty chaotic,” said School Superintendent Dr. Barbara Wheeler.  “It was very, very difficult.  I was relieved when I realized that there were no serious injuries.  The kids were very calm and the teachers were fantastic.”

Everyone involved is expected to make a full recovery.  The woman taken to Shock Trauma is in stable condition.

Trends was cited two years ago for a seatbelt violation and pleaded guilty.  He was taken to the hospital as well.

Police say the bus appeared to be driving the speed limit.  The driver declined medical treatment.

Comments (50)
  1. CentrevillePaul says:

    213 is a wicked road. With all the twists and turns and a 55mph speed limit after leaving Centreville proper, it is no wonder this type of thing doesn’t happen more often.

    1. reggie says:

      213 is not a bad road… its just the stupid ass drivers on that road. i lived on route 213 and only seen 2 accidents

      1. kathy whitacre says:

        I live off of White Marsh and drive on 213 everyday. It’s not just this road but people who pull out in front of side roads who cause the problem. When you pull onto a road that is a posted 50 or 55, a little common sense is needed but people are in a hurry and figure the car they are pulling in front of will stop or atleast slow down.

  2. p brock says:

    i grew up in centrevlle coming out of whitemarsh you cant see.

    1. williejoe says:

      Try driving sober or open your eyes Brock the rock.

  3. chris says:

    too many negative people posting here!. Lets wait until we know what happned before we start judging people

  4. Kathy says:

    it breaks my heart to think of these little kids all excited about going to the zoo and then something like this happens. I hope they are ok.

    1. Julz says:

      Yes me too….i started to tear up reading this, cant believe this happened to these poor children, so excited about going to the zoo n now this, half of them n hospitals. Hope they are okay too.

    2. whatnow says:

      That was my first thought too, they went from so happy to scared. I hate to hear about anything bad happening to little kids.

  5. Linda says:

    People simply need to PAY ATTENTION when they are driving. They are operating a lethal weapon that CAN kill. Drive defensively, not offensively, and don’t make assumptions. Just be smart – drive the way you want others around you to drive.

  6. liz says:

    Lets say a pray for everyone, and NOT point fingures.

  7. stac says:

    I agree with Kathy and Chris. Being a teacher, I cannot imagine what everyone is going through right now on that scene. With the children being so little, I pray that this incident doesn’t ruin their perspective of upcoming field trips! As for 213, I travel it daily and agree that some people are impatient when pulling out, but let’s not be so negative until we know what really happened at the time of the accident!

  8. Erma says:

    I pray that all the kids is okay.

  9. Lisa says:

    Praise God that things were not any worse. Pray for healing for all involved, not just physically but mentally as well.

  10. Billy says:

    Maybe its because of people like centreville paul that this accident happened. If there wasnt a continous problem with getting behind people like him doing umder the speed limit you wouldnt be in such a hurry to get in front of the people like paul doing 30 in a 55 mph zone!!!

    1. dah says:

      Or it could be people like you who tail people who are doing the speed limit???? I drive 83 everyday and 80 seems to be the norm on that road. I do 70 and cars pass me like I’m standing still. Have a little patience. If you are so worried about being late, leave a little earlier. you being late is not worth killing someone for. People need to do the speed limit.. It is set at that number for a reason

  11. Kevin says:

    Praise God? Isn’t he the one who caused the accident, or at least is complicit in it because he failed to prevent it. The correct response is, what did he have against those 10 hurt children and why did he ruin their zoo trip.

    1. JOJO DANCER says:

      Kevin, you, Ed and Williejoe are idiots.

    2. whatnow says:

      You never know Kevin. Maybe because of this accident, one of these kids will decide to go in the medical field and be the person who comes up with the cure for a disease that may save one of your grandchildren. God does indeed work in mysterious ways!

      1. Mrelwsr says:

        Whatnow: Thank you so much for that response. Your answer is one of the greatest responses yet.

      2. Kevin says:

        Let’s examine your “God works in mysterious ways” answer in detail. God knows little Sally is going to become a doctor if he allows the accident to happen, so he lets it happen. Presumably, he would have prevented the accident if no good would have come of it (otherwise he is evil). So God KNOWS little Sally is going to become a doctor. Well, poor Sally just lost her free will, because it is now preordained that she is going to become a doctor; she is now just an actor playing the future that God has seen for her. You can’t have a future that is knowable and have free will at the same time.

        Besides, if Sally grows up and saves my grandchild, it will truly be a miracle. I have no children and am too old to have them now :).

      3. Lisa says:

        God allows life to happen to us, including the fact that we live on an earth that has a hot core within which is liquid and upon which the outer layer moves. Because of this, we have earthquakes. We also live on an earth with air that we breath that is in constant motion. This air is affected by the sun, the land, the tilt of the earth, the orbit of the earth around the sun and water. (If I have forgotten something, I’m sorry.) Thus, we have tornadoes and hurricanes. We are no longer in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve ate the apple and got thrown out. And, if they hadn’t ate the apple, one of us would sooner or later. Our God given free will allows that to happen.

        God did create each of us with a plan and a purpose. And, we do have a free will to choose or not to choose that plan and purpose for our lives. As to young Sally being a doctor, God would offer her opportunities to accept the plan and purpose for which she was created. God creates each of us with unique gifts to be used to minister to others while we are here on this earth. At the same time, God allows her to accept or reject His plan in her life.

    3. Lisa says:

      @Kevin. God does not cause accidents. God allows us to have free will to cause accidents. Thus, we are the ones who hurt each other. God sorrows over the 10 hurt children but it is up to us to learn how to get along and to make better decisions. If He cleaned up all of our messes every time we made them, we’d never learn. That’s what happened when I was a kid. My parents knew enough to let me make my own mistakes and learn from them. Same goes for God. At the same time, God will be there to walk with each of these children through this accident and its effects on their lives, physically or mentally. He can help to heal all their hurts.

  12. jennifer says:

    @kevin….God doesn’t micromanage life like that and we shouldn’t assume to understand what /why He chooses to do or not do the things He does.

  13. carol mason says:

    hope everyone is ok. its sad that the kids had to have this happen to them.

  14. Carter says:

    @ Kevin: God doesn’t CAUSE things to happen, He ALLOWS them to. He give us free will to make decisions. And in the midst of our decisions (good, bad or indifferent), he still dispenses his grace and mercy. So, yes, we should praise God! God protected the children from the person that made the bad decision to pull out in front of their bus. He also protected the person making the bad decision in pulling in front of the bus. Also, I don’t see it as God ruining their trip to the zoo; I see it as God saving their lives. Sorry, you don’t view it in the same manner.

    1. dah says:

      Carter you are so right. Well said

  15. bmich says:

    I knew everyone of the people on that bus and the bus following it today and a dear friend of mine was the one flown out..we had just went yesterday to the exact same zoo with our toddlers for daycare..my heart goes out to everyone including 2 very special people in my oldest childs life who were on there and were taken to the hospital for injuries..May I just say that god truly was with these wonderful people today!please drive safely not for only your sake but the sake of others!

  16. REMBRANDT says:

    I love how every time something happens and someone places a comment on these type of forums, someone always has something negative to say.
    Lets all be happy that no one was killed and these children can return to school and become productive citizens.

    I am sure some jerk will have something negative to say about my comments!

  17. taurus says:

    I have a child that attends Worton Elementary and we are scheduled to go to the zoo next week I hope and pray that we make are trip okay. This is very sad that the children could not make it on their trip. Hopefully the school will reschedule it for them. People need to slow down and pay attention to what they are doing. Why does everyone have to be in such a hurry. I also knew the adult that got flown out she is a friend of mine. Not only did they have to fly her out but her child was injured and transproted to the hospital as well. Friends and family were searching for about two hours to figure out what hospital the child was taking to no one seemed to know where the child was. The injured people were transported to numerous hospitals but thank god they eventually figured out which one they sent the child to. Can you only imagine what its like laying in the hospital as a child with no one there with you. To everyone that is commenting negative just stop commenting its not about you its about making sure that everyone on the bus is okay.

  18. Dragons says:

    My prayer’s to all and I’m glad God was watching out for them. Please remember both buses and tractor trailer’s require sufficent room to stop or slow down. 213 is no better or worst than any other road. We need to slow down, watch what were doing, and if in doubt-WAIT. Nothing is so important that we can’t remember to be safe for all our lives. Love and Prayer’s to all.

  19. dpam says:

    Kevin: Listen to Carter. He knows. If God brings brings forth good out of bad, maybe one of those things is that you learned something today.

  20. Dominic Harris says:


    1. Joseph Hilliard says:

      Hmm….an ‘assistant teacher’ who types in all caps, doesn’t know the difference between “there”, “their”, and “they’re”, and believes the word “fault” is spelled “folk”

      1. Diane King says:

        I thought the same thing. Assistant teacher? Yikes!

      2. msb says:

        He is a senior in high school about to graduate in a few short weeks and clearly he doesn’t know the difference (quite sad I must say). He spends a class period at the school each day and is NOT an assistant teacher.

      3. magswag says:

        Really is this all you have to do is bad mouth someone. All caps as everyone knows means shouting online and as for the words spelled wrong, how often do all of you critics of Dominic Harris use spell check. This is the problem something bad happens and everyone has an opinion of what happened and when someone steps up to defend you pick apart the simple comment they made pointing out spelling and making light of the issue that this person Dominick Harris goes to the school and helps with the kids education. Call it assistant teacher or helper or whatever you want but when was the last time any of you stepped into a class room and helped a teacher out.

    2. magswag says:

      I think what you said and what you do is admirable. The folks on here criticizing you on your spelling and the fact that you are in high school well like I said below when was the last time they stepped in a classroom. How many seniors chose to be in the school with little children as apposed to spending the day in the plaza cutting up and drinking. My hat goes off to you for stepping up and defending the Dorsey’s who by the way are one of the greatest families in Kent County and it is such a shame that they would attack you in this open forum like they did. How many like I said use spell check and how many have made time for the kids that will someday take care of them. Maybe they should think about that and stop throwing stones around.

  21. Peggy says:

    213 is a terrible road, there are people always passing on double yellow. There at White Marsh when I turn left to go to Centreville I floor it, the bend is very deceiving and if there is someone coming 55-60 miles an hour you can be rear ended. So why would you pull out and not use your rear view mirror and move it. I have been on many trips with that particular bus driver and never recall any bad incidents. He is causious at all times. I have know him for years and this is the first accident that I know of. His buses are always in tip top shape.

  22. Kevin says:

    This is a very interesting answer. I’m down with the concept of letting people make their own mistakes, but do you know that if you knowingly let someone go out and make a “mistake” like this (say allowing someone to drive drunk), you have both moral and legal responsibility for the accident. God doesn’t get a moral pass just because he can smite us with a thought; he apparently gets away with it because he is strong and we are weak. Sounds like a despot to me.

    Of course none of your comment explains things that are no ones fault, like the earthquake in Haiti. Unless, of course you are one of those who think they were being punished for their ancestors making a deal with the devil to get out of slavery (I’m sure they would have made a deal with God, if that option would have presented itself, but read Deuteronomy and you will see that God condones slavery).

    1. williejoe says:

      Kevin, Son you have problems & it shows.

  23. QuiL says:

    Kevin you’re a nut. But you are entitled to your own opinion none the less. Anyway, I am glad no one was seriously injured and maybe the parents and kids can get together during the summer and go to the Zoo.

  24. LocalMom says:

    The driver pulling out from a stop sign is always going to be at fault for failure to yield the right-of-way. That said, I know the intersection well, and there is a curve in 213 just to the north of White Marsh which may well have limited the SUV driver’s vision of oncoming traffic. The resident who says they “floor it” when they pull out going southbound to avoid getting rear-ended by something that might be coming around the curve at 55 mph is probably right; that is the cautious approach. Maybe this guy wasn’t familiar with the intersection, he is not local, lives on Kent Island. For that matter there are several points in Centreville itself where it is downright dangerous to pull onto 213 because your vision of oncoming traffic is limited or obstructed. Amazing that we don’t have more bad accidents. Thank God all the people in this one survived and there were no life-threatening injuries. It could have been much worse.

  25. Horsemom Stableperson says:

    My son goes to WES. We are going to the Smithsonian next week. 213 can be an awful road. May people who work in Baltimore or DC live along there. They are often in a hurry.
    I am so glad everyone is pretty much OK. This shows why it is so important to fill out those permission slips with emergency contact info and insurance. In a bad accident if you are with your child, you can still be separated.
    I heard who the bus driver was. You don’t get any more conscientious or clean than this fellow. I can’t even recall hearing of a Dorsey Bus being involved in even a fender – bender, let alone an accident .

  26. Marrissa says:

    My sister’s best friend and her daughter were on the bus that crashed. My niece was on the other bus, they are all ok, just some bumps and bruises. Thank you Lord for watching over them.

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