BRUNSWICK, Md. (WJZ) — The horrific conditions stunned even seasoned Animal Control officers.  Dozens of sickly dogs were removed from a Frederick County home.

As Weijia Jiang reports, the Brunswick homeowners are now hit with more than a dozen charges each.

The homeowner says he and his wife started out with two dogs.  Ten years later, two became nearly 100.  They thought they were doing the right thing by keeping all of them.

“It overwhelmed us.  It controlled our lives.  We didn’t control the situation; it controlled us,” said Ivan Issette.

The way Ivan Issette, 63, and his wife were living stunned their small Brunswick neighborhood.  Last week, Animal Control officers took 95 dogs and seven birds out of the couple’s house on East A Street.  Now they each face 17 counts of animal cruelty.  The pets had never seen daylight, their coats were caked with feces and urine.  One dog was found dead.

“It’s like a nightmare you never can wake up from.  You love something but you don’t want to destroy it.  It’s part of your life,” Issette said.

He worried the dogs would be put down if he asked for help, so he kept them.  He paid $20 a day for their food, often foregoing his own.

“A lot of times came home without supper, without breakfast,” he said.

Though police say most of the dogs are relatively healthy, neighbors say their stench was unbearable.  It’s why Crystal Glenn called Animal Control for help.

“It was the right thing.  Sometimes you have to make waves and upset people and even get them angry with you, but it’s best for them,” Glenn said.

Issette says he’s focused on cleaning the house, trying to ease the pain of losing the animals.

“It’s like having a kid.  You raise it from a puppy, you raise a kid to an adult, you love ’em to death,” Issette said.

The maximum penalty for animal cruelty is $1,000 fine and up to 90 days in jail for each count.

Despite initial concerns, vets are hopeful all the dogs are adoptable.  In fact, there’s an open house to meet them on Sunday.

Comments (15)
  1. michael says:

    Its sad that people actually think they can care for that many animals in thier homes…….What a health hazzard to all those poor innocent animals…..I hope they all find homes…

  2. Rodney says:

    I personally can not imagine having that many dogs and I have a kennel permit. Nevertheless, I’m sure they meant well. Let’s take their age into consideration here too. I can’t see a judge not being easy on them.

  3. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

    Good intentions and good hearts. It is easy to see how they got attached and overwhelmed. Hopefully homes will be found and the judge will consider that their intentions were good. People get scared to ask for help. This is a completely different situation than a puppy mill breeder. This wasn’t about a profit.

    1. williejoe says:

      Good intentions my ass, these whack jobs are sick.

      1. mike vick says:

        I agree willie, these people need to be taken for psych evaluations…who in their right mind takes in 100 dogs knowing they cant care for them or afford feeding them….that place was probably filithy and disgusting….ive been inside houses like, the stench knocks you over as soon as you hit the front door, dog $hit all over the place, dogs rolling around in their own $hit, and the homeowner is usually just as disgusting, poor hygiene….these two idiots shouldnt be allowed to own another living creature for the rest of their life…i wouldnt trust them with an ant farm!!!!

  4. Elissa Davidson says:

    OMG – I feel so bad for the dogs. I hope they all find good loving homes, where they can run and play and get lots of individual attention. I would love to take one, but we adopted a puppy from a shelter 4 months ago. I will pray for them tonight.

  5. Feebe says:

    These people love animals A little too much. The artical says the dogs are for the most part healthy. Just smelly.That’s good news.For the dogs and the owners. Things can get out of hand with pets.I hope these people aren’t shut out from ever owning pets again They did there best with very little help or money and for their age. Just not so many.100 dogs?

  6. Lady Shirley says:

    Who are we to judge one another? This couple thought they were doing something good for the dogs. True, things appeared to get out of hand, but I do hope all the dogs find good, loving homes. This couple is in their 60’s, so what good would it do to fine them thousands or lock them up for ten years? I hope the judge is somewhat lenient and maybe bans them from owning more than 1 dog. Sounds fair to me.

  7. DELORES says:

    there you go again williejoe aways somthing bad to say what you do just get up get on your computer before you wash your face and write something bad about everything you read try picking up a bible and read it god bless you

  8. mike vick says:

    Delores get your head out of your @ss and dont believe everything you read in that bible of yours…its a book….full of paper with words…its not the answer to every problem in life….williejoe speaks the truth that someone people need to hear even if it hurts!

    Shirley and Elissa, couple of morons you two are….go pi$$ on a rope!!!

  9. duh says:

    Willie Joe and mike Vick are both Sherrif willie

  10. lady di 2you says:

    where can these dogs be seen???? when??

  11. unknown says:

    First off what the owners did was wrong however the did not mean to do what they did. They have some kind of illness that needs to be looked at. Should they be punish I think not. They did not do this on purpose just sickness. Second, for the person who called out Wille DO NOT JUDGE HIM! You have no right saying what you said to him like that. You do not judge people of the world in that way. You and me are no better. That is why the lady said what she said about the bible because of your actions. Finally for the lady who made a comment about the bible REALAX. You can say what you want but do it in an elegant way. No need for that drama. You be suprised what you read in the NEW testament. But again your entiltield to your own thanks to ms. Holier than thou. People listen two wrongs do not make a right. If you think these people should be punhish for their actions, then you need to step back and take a good look at yourself. If you have soooo much hate in you then I feel sorry for you. I’m sure some of you have made mistakes in life have been given a second chance. He who has not sinned cast the first stone. Everyone think before you speak! EVERYONE! God bless all of you and have a GOOD day.

  12. RDNKKKGRL says:


    1. slick vick says:

      suk it b*tch!!!

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