TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) –A veteran Baltimore County firefighter gave his life to save another.  Friday night, the community stepped in to help his widow and two sons left behind.

Kai Jackson explains how this hero’s sacrifice is being repaid.

Mark Falkenhan touched a number of lives during his lifetime.  The people who came out to support Friday night’s bull roast is proof of that.

The apartment fire that the Lutherville Volunteer Fire Company responded to on Jan. 20 in Hillendale was like the thousands of calls they respond to during the year.  What set this one apart is that it claimed the life of volunteer Mark Falkenhan, 43, while changing the lives of many others.

Marko Smink went through the firefighters’ academy with Falkenhan.

“He was just always there to give a little push and just do anything he could to get us through,” Smink said.

Hundreds of Falkenhan’s colleagues, friends and family attended a bull roast at Towson University Friday night.  Supporters are raising money for Falkenhan’s widow and two sons.

“Well, they’re really doing pretty well, I think, all things considered,” said Dennis Fulton.  “They’re not really interviewing tonight because they’re just here for a fun evening.”

“It’s a long-term deal.  She’s got a long life ahead of her to raise those two boys and we’re not going to let anyone be forgotten,” said Tom Ruhl, Baltimore County Fire Department.

Fire officials say Falkenhan ran into the burning apartment building to save residents.  Thanks to his bravery, all made it out alive.  Supporters hope this event and silent auction help his family.

For more information or to help the Falkenhan family, click here.

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