CENTREVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — Charges were just filed against the driver who police say caused a serious accident on the Eastern Shore.  A charter bus packed with kindergarteners flipped onto its side.

Mike Hellgren reports the person charged is Carl Trenz Jr., 49, from Stevensville, Md.  They aren’t felony charges but traffic violations.  He faces points on his license and fines but no jail time.

The bus was on a field trip to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. when police say the driver of an SUV caused the bus to veer out of control.

Trenz had no comment.

Everyone survived the crash.

A charter bus, carrying 5 and 6-year-olds, crashed into a utility pole and flipped over Thursday morning.

“I knew there was a possibility it could’ve been my son. So I just called around, called around,” said Tyron Wright, victim’s father.

“As soon as I got here I found out it was worse than I thought it was,” said Justin Tilner, victim’s father.

“Our bus hit the brakes so everyone looked,” said Brandy Blockston, who saw the accident.  “It was very scary.”

Police say the bus driver was swerving to avoid the Volkswagen SUV, which had cut into its path.  They say the driver did nothing wrong.

Seventeen people were injured, including 10 children.

One adult woman was flown to Shock Trauma.

Isaiah, 6, was among those bumped and bruised.

“A lot of stuff was going through my mind. I was just nervous. I wanted everyone to do well,” said Tilner.

“I was relieved when I realized that there were no serious injuries. The kids were really calm and the teachers were fantastic,” said Dr. Barbara Wheeler, Kent County Superintendent.

Isaiah’s mother is the one most seriously injured. The family tells us she is talking, but is still receiving treatment.

The students are in a kindergarten class at Worton Elementary in Kent County.

Comments (22)
  1. Julz says:

    This is so sad, them poor babys, hope all is well

  2. randy says:

    The “injured” adult who was taken to Shock Trauma probably feels like she hit powerball. This is her chance to sue and get a check.

    1. jjosport says:

      We fear in others what we see in ourselves.
      Randy, that is about as senseless a comment as I’ve ever seen on line. Maybe while hooked up to the life saving equipment and respirator you would be dialing your cell phone for your lawyer. Me, I’d probably wait and see whether I lived.
      I know, call me crazy.

      1. williejoe says:

        Randy speaks the truth. Wait & see, Saionz & Kirk will come calling if they haven’t already. Don’t be so f…….k’g pious!

    2. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

      you sir are a moron!

  3. Pamela Teat says:

    Randy? Really! Wow um she is in Shock Trauma! I am sure her health and well being is more important. And her six year old child was injured. I will pray for your comment.

  4. twyatt says:

    Some people make you wonder!!! What in the world would make you say a thing like that? Those kids and their parents went through he11 yesterday. be a little more tactful in what you say. Alot of lives could have been lost yesterday if it had not been for the grace of GOD! I will pray for you as well.
    GOD please be with them all as they recover from this horrible accident!!!!

  5. obamacare says:

    the drivers insurance wont cover everything

  6. Billy says:

    It’s because of people like Randy that everyone has to pay thru the nose for any kind of insurance the 1st thing that come to mind is SUE. What a moron
    I’m grateful nobody was killed.

    1. williejoe says:

      Billy, Hey jerkoff, it’s not because of Randy that the insurance rates go up, it’s because the sleaze ball slime sucking lawyers & the injured (supposedly) sue the insurance co’s that the reason rates are sky high. They should have a cap on this stuff for so called pain & suffering where there really isn’t any damage but to the pride & wallets of American insurers.

      1. Jack Pollack says:

        Folks, I’ve met a “Williejoe” type before. Let me explain. He is a henpecked husband who is not allowed to say anthing in his house. His wife bosses him around and his kids are embarrassed by him. He is a mouse who takes his frustration and weakness out on the posters to his site. Don’t respond to him as that’s what feeds his foul purpose.

      2. williejoe says:

        Hey Jack, Is your last or middle name OFF?…..Got it all figured out eh? Such a shame that the pimple on the back of your neck will never grow to a real head.

  7. Doug says:

    Watch a SUV commercial,have a big coffee,
    chase it down with a 5 hour energy drink,
    and by golly,you could hit the open road get yourself in trouble.

  8. Patrick says:

    WillieJoe: Think you need to go back to the 6th grade which is probably about when you dropped out of school based on the intelligence level of your comments and your basic grammar or lack thereof. Randy was obviously encouraging the concept of people in accidents filing lawsuits to be “set for life” which is why people took him or her to task for the tactless and foolish comments that were made. Get a grip, get an education, and maybe get a job. Lawyers need lazy, greedy people to come to them to file their frivolous lawsuits and folks who think like you and Randy are part of the problem.

  9. Guest 2 says:

    Obamacare made made an interesting observation – The SUV’s driver isn’t going to cover everything.. He probably has enough to satisfy what the State requires. I don’t know how they pay out on numerous payouts on one accident! They will probably have to sue him personally, and he will loose anything that he owns. I am not taking up for him. I am saying that he was negligent and, now many people will continue to suffer.

  10. Jamie says:

    So it was Randy that came up with the slogan “If you have a phone you have a lawyer” Ahh I got it.

  11. Kathy says:

    The sad fact is a lawyer may be necessary to get all the medical bills paid. Insurance companies are not known to be forthcoming. I happen to live very close (less then 2 miles) from this accident and honestly, my first thought was “Thank God, nobody died”. All those babies onboard and their parents are about to have the first summer vacation from school. The most important thing is while this will obviously be something that will cause nightmares, atleast no parent is living their worst nightmare.

    1. phyllis says:

      Well said Kathy. Thank God that no one died in this accident. Comments pertaining to suing the driver etc are often true. He was apparently negligent but this mom has some pretty serious injuries so she should definitely be compensated for pain and suffering, loss of work etc.. But that is the last thing to think about right now.. I’m sure they are focusing on her recovery. Someone should pay, however, and it isn’t fair that she would have to pay out of pocket for bills not covered b/c her insurance company did not pay it all.
      I have a friend who was in a horrific accident.. An illegal immigrant (yes, probably one of the many that would have been allowed to have that in state tuition rate).. crossed the center line and killed several people. My friend had multiple injuries and is still recovering several months later. Her insurance company is contesting paying for rehab, which she obviously needs b/c of leg injuries. He had no money and wasn’t insured so….. This is a different scenario but someone has to pay for it and it certainly isn’t fair to make her pay any of her bills.

      Let’s all keep in mind that no one was killed and she is recovering. Let’s keep them all in our prayers and honestly, how they proceed is no one else’s business.

  12. DELORES says:

    if you read the topic you will see williejoe on everyone of them he really needs to get alife awife or a husband or thing to make him happy because something is wronge just pray it works

  13. ree says:

    you all stop making this about his fureating comment and pray for those babies and my dear friend in shock trauma who can not move her head arms or legs there should be seatbelts on all buses school and other think how many live could be saved

  14. jamie e says:

    Randy,billy joe, and anyone else who supports their comments,,you really need a lesson in respect.Personally,I am from Kent,not a parent of any of these children,however,I am a parent of a kent student elsewhere,It is a terrible misfortune that this happened. These poor kids/parents are now scarred for life. They will never want to enjoy a feild trip the rest of their academic careers. I pray for their well being,and speedy recovery.As well as praise Mr. Dorsey for being such an experienced driver,this could`ve been much worse. I`m happy that the man was charged,thank god they are all okay.

  15. Mike says:

    Who would let their children on a 11 year old bus and with a 86 year old driver that sounds like trouble to start with? All it takes is 1 mistake by anyone ,this appears to be a accedent by the suv driver. Could have been worse think about the good all where o k.

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