I can’t wait for tonight. I am a huge Dallas Mavericks fan, but more importantly I think this is going to be an amazing match-up with the Thunder. Nobody in this league can guard Dirk Nowitzki. But, on the flip side you have two of the best young players in the league with Russell Westbrook and of course the leagues leading scorer. The Mavs in my mind have the much better bench. The Mavs will also have home court in the Western Conference Finals. I do like the Mavs to win in 6…But it wouldn’t surprise me to see either team take this and this series is more likely to go 7 as opposed to the Bulls/Heat series. The Mavericks have had 8 days off, which I’m sure will help 38-year-old point guard Jason Kidd. As for the Thunder they have had 1 day of rest, but they are young and should be ready to go. In the immortal words of Bart Scott….”CANT WAIT!!!!”


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