OXON HILL, Md. (AP) — Development plans for a once-thriving plantation site near the National Harbor resort on the Potomac River’s Maryland shore are drawing scrutiny from preservationists who say slave quarters left at the site could be destroyed.

The Prince George’s County Historic Preservation Commission will hear from both sides at a hearing Tuesday evening.

The plantation was once owned by physician and slave owner John H. Bayne. In 1834, a 14-year-old slave girl was hanged for killing Bayne’s three children in a revolt.

Harbor developer Milton Peterson seeks permission for an in-depth archaeological study of the site. The land was rezoned for development years before he bought the property.

The county’s African American Heritage Preservation Group wants to have the site preserved.

An attorney for Peterson says he hopes to reach a compromise.

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  1. laughs@idiots says:

    @ the truth, let me guess you are a racist and/or you like the idea that you can hide behind an alias?

    I’m just saying…

  2. Jean says:

    This nation is so full of idiots and I am really sick of stupid people hiding behind what they call the truth. The truth is slaves were bought to this country against thier will not to find the promised land like others. What they found were cruel and hateful people that committed crimes against humanity that they were never punished for. This was basically all for the love of power and wealth which is basically the cause of all the woes of the world. Stop Acting as if Slavery never exsisted!!!

  3. Richard Baldwin Cook says:

    In my own family tree, there were incidents similar to the one described. In one case in KY, land and buildings have been preserved and restored.

    I hope something more than a marker is established at Oxon Hill, MD., to highlight the horrific events that are all to common and inevitable, when human slavery is permitted and protected as a legal system.

    Our responsibility to coming generations is to preserve indices of the past, however unpleasant to remember.

    We dare not forget how this nation developed and the price paid by the victims of terrible crimes against humanity.

  4. PAUL E. MICELLI says:


  5. Brittney says:

    Definitely this site should be preserved its apart of the bull that this country is built off of (genocide and unpaid labor to make white men rich.black people understand this is not our country and it was not built for us to survive in. All black history of the world fr centuries these people have tried to erase it.this is not a small isue its more important than any british wedding..wake up people learn ur history b4 they try 2 rewrite like they always do…..smdh….and no I’m not a racists its just the truth..don’t comment unless ur stating fact not opinon

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