BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It was a terrifying afternoon on the playground for two elementary school students in Baltimore City.  They were shot with a BB gun…by another student.  One mother is outraged over how the school is handling the incident.

Adam May has the exclusive story.

The students weren’t seriously hurt, but now one of them is afraid to go back to school because WJZ has learned the shooter is not being expelled. 

School police are investigating a violent incident involving fourth and fifth-graders, hurt during an after-school program on the playground of Collinton Square Charter School in East Baltimore.

“I was holding on the fence and I was talking to the little boy and he pulled out a BB gun and he told us we had 10 seconds to run and he shot me,” said Khalil Oliver.  “And he shot another boy named Cameron above the lip.”

Oliver said he was scared.

“They say he had a real gun, too and his mother knows,” Oliver said.

You can imagine why Oliver’s mother is alarmed.

“Hearing the words `shot’ and `son’ in the same sentence, I don’t care if it was a water gun.  It didn’t sit right.  The first question was, ‘Where were the adults?'” said Tammy Oliver.

It took school police almost 24 hours to interview the boy who was shot.  The responding officer told family the shooter is another fifth-grader at the same school.  His punishment is a five-day suspension.  School officials say the police officer made an error.  Their code of conduct requires a suspension of at least 45 days but doesn’t require expulsion.

“I’m afraid to go back to that school,” Oliver said.

“I’m not gonna send him back there,” said Tammy Oliver.

This is Khalil Oliver’s second year in the city school system.  He used to attend a Catholic school that was shut down and now his family can’t afford private school tuition.

Oliver’s dream school is simple.

“It would be a lot of science and math,” he said.  “They are my two favorite subjects.”

Tammy Oliver is still trying to figure out where and how to educate her children.

School officials are still determining the fifth-grade boy’s final punishment.  The principal declined to speak on camera.

Comments (37)
  1. williejoe says:

    I speak the truth WJZ you’re the censoring SOB’s that won’t let people speak the real truth.

    1. mac says:

      the school system don’t care about those children that are at high risk of coming to school and being beaten up, shooting guns or being killed.

      as long as its not their family members or them, or their pay checks, etc, they care less. as it is and have already been proven. no one from the kids school nor school broad cared to make a direct comment about the bb gun situation.

      it is a pure disgrace for any child that want a good education, that same poor child have no peace to go to their own school. children just can not be protected by the school staff members at all.

      the little boy that shot the bb gun, his parents or mother should be arrested for knowing her kid had the gun and the parent refuse to do anything about the prevention of stopping this crime taking place,

      something should be done about the child that had the bb gun and his parents.

      there are a lot of gang members that are now parents, those same parent are teach their little kids how to use guns and teaching them to kill. this is a real known fact.

  2. more problems says:

    Omg I’m glad the children are ok this is a crying shame something more needs to be done so this doesn’t happen again bb guns todays maybe knives next week guns next month where is this childs parents who allowed him to have a bb gun and why come on now

  3. Maryland Mom says:

    Im sorry but if that was my son,, we would sue. I mean where were the adults and what happened to parents checkiing their childrens bags before sending them off to school I mean really its like no one cares anymore. But thank god that the two boys were okay. I mean city schools now, whats going on???

  4. Tony Jones says:

    His fate is open and shut. The code of conduct says specifically that any student caught with a weapon on school property will be placed on long term suspension. Also BB guns are illegal in Baltimore city. So if the schools don’t want to do their job the city police should get involved and do theirs.

  5. Amanda says:

    Let me get this straight…. 2 highschool boys were expelled for having a lighter and pocket knife in there lacrosse bags (which are tools for their lacrosse sticks) yet a child gets only suspended for bringing a BB gun to school and shooting 2 classmates!! I think in this incident the childs parents should be held accountable with a hefty fine, possible jail time and no doubt sterilization!

    1. Kelsey says:

      I agree with you. I defended the punishment of the kids in Easton but I can’t defend the punishment here! That student should NEVER be allowed back in that school or any public school without some counseling.

      1. Sheriff says:

        Kelsey, His parents need the counseling even more. Better yet, they should be in a work camp along with the kid learning a life skill cause this black bugger has “KILLER” WRITTEN ALL OVER HIS FUTURE RESUME.

  6. Elizabeth Barnhart says:

    AMEN Amanda…. this is terrible lets shoot the kid who did this with the bbs and let him see how it feels this is so wrong what is wrong with these kids today?? And I dont want to hear its the city and the color of their skin I am white and live in the country and this is SO WRONG I dont car if this is in te middle of DC or Baltimore.

  7. Somebody says:

    The news story it self says ” the kid has a real gun and his mother knows about it” Hello does that not raise some red flags? Sadly suspending this kid from school will not teach him a lesson. We are in a time and age where kids do not want to go to school and find ways to get out ot it.

    The parents should be the ones held accountable for thei kids action, but it sounds like these parents don’t care either; if they know he has a BB gun and real gun. I say put the kid in boarding school until he is 18, he is showing signs of uncontrolable violence and lock the parents up as well. they are showing irresponsibleness. The slap on the wrist no longer works in this day and age.

  8. SMH says:

    The parents of the children need to file charges. This is a serious charge. My children were shot with a BB Gun while rollerskating and it is assault with a deadly weapon! Don’t rely on the school – go to police and file criminal charges against the child!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Somebody says:


    I was wonder wy the mother could not afford private schooling since the catholic school closed that he was attending first? No more gov’t assisted for schooling? Yet her hair , nails and cloths are all new.

    1. MeLinda says:

      Some private schools offer scholarships. Who said anything about the NAACP? Why would you respond with ignorant comments?

      1. sheriff says:

        MeLinda, It’s not an ignorant comment. Catholic school in not free. They soak working couples thousands of dollars & give a few scholarships to freeloaders. The Mother said she didn’t have the money, ,most mom’s don’t in the city & the church is closing all the schools. This mom’s hair, nail & clean dress are all new so either she had the $$ for that or some black org is paying for her because this is a story. Blacks are keen on getting over on the system. It’s the one thing they can do well.

    2. chalkie says:

      Curley gives away so many free rides a year and in January they have the winter clearance and send most of the kids packing because of gradesare not high enough. A education is what you make out of it. I went to puplic school, and I feel I made the best of it and it has done me well so far in life. The parents can only be held for so much of what a child does, because they are not allowed to correct kids like most of us were growing up. And yes a slap here and thier to teach them a lesson doesn’t damage them for life. But it will teach them a little respect and thicken thier skin to other things. Most kids now a days have no respect for authority including the police. I remember growing up you respected the police and were scared of your parents if you did something wrong, cause the cops would take you home and let your parents deal with you instead of the courts. Now the the first thing they tell a kid in school is if your parents smack you or are verbally abussive to call 911. Thats why they are growing up the way they are now a days, because parents cannot be parents anymore!!!! Just like cops cannot be cops anymore, cause the criminals have more rights then the everyday citizen. Our system is broke from school to the judiciary system.

      1. ha ha says:

        “a education”??? really?

    3. JQP says:

      Let’s see, hair, nails and a blouse (I suppose you’d feel better about her if her hair was sticking out 5 ways from Sunday and she was wearing a dirty wife-beater)…if you shop right, those items may cost less than $100. Tuition for one year at a Catholic School in Baltimore City? appx. $3400/yr for an elementary school aged child.

      If you must find ways to demonize people of color, whether they are victims of crime or perpetrators thereof, find factual evidence and use that. Otherwise you are merely speculating and your comment is meaningless, at best.

  10. d glenburnie says:

    first off sueing is not the way to go . that’s the first thing out of some idiots mouth what I think needs to be done now before he really kills someone is he needs some harsh punishment to wake his sorry ass up . and the parent or parents need some kind of punishment also maybe a long time of harsh community service nothing easy and he may make them think twice next time

  11. Somebody says:

    I don’t know who the mother could sue? They are going to sue the partents of the kid whom are possibly poor them selves and have nothing to give? Is she suppose to sue the Schools? Kids are not allowed to be patted down or some reason its concidered some crime. So the schools hands are tied/ Is she suppose to sue the police deptartment? Why they responded and did what they could do. SO suing will just be a big waste of time. Sueing does not solve anything. Punishemtn for the crime is the only thing that needs to be done in this case.

  12. Trying2KeepAJob says:

    I work at this school and students never ever get punished for anything, from something minor to something major. The principal failed to mention that a couple months ago a former student pulled a real gun out on her, he was expelled but had been harrassing other staff members for months and nothing was done, this boy was in the 3rd grade. Poor Khalil, he is a good boy and well mannered. The 5th grader that caused all this didn’t get suspended until yesterday and thats only because the news got involved, other than that he was still in school. Earlier that morning there was also a former student arrested for trying to attack a current student with a knife during breakfast on school property. Its all a mess but if the faculty and staff in the school say anything against an administrator they are more likely to be punished than a student.

    1. SickenedByItAll says:

      Dear Trying2KeepAJob- These kids need responsible adults to show them the right way in life. You know of these unfair and unsafe practices in your school, yet you do not stand up and fight for these kids. Shame on you. If you are worried about getting fired, think again, they could (and should) have a huge lawsuit on their hands if they fire you.

      1. SafeSchoolsPlease says:

        Don’t be so quick to comment without knowing the situation, Sickened. If only you knew how fed up the school’s staff and especially the parents are. So many violent incidents have occurred at this school and I personally know of some that have been reported. What’s happened? Nothing! There isn’t even a school police officer assigned there anymore. People are standing up in their own ways (many visits to North Ave. have been made) but let’s be honest, it will take someone in power to eventually make things right.

  13. marian says:

    any story i had read in the pass with a kid just bringing a gun to school has the child expelled until a hearing is held with the school board. they will or will not uphold the expulsion. 45 day suspension is nothing as this child probably hasn’t been to school more then 10 days the whole year. where is mother or parents(more likely just a mom) and why are they not being held responsible? a fifth grader is 10 yrs old and way too young to carry this kind of anger. the has got to be more to this story. was the shooter being bullied? made fun of or just pushed aside and ignored? the sun papers have got to do more reporting and digging up facts and just stop printing what is only a particle police report. reporters have gotten too lazy and just report the bare facts. get off your butts and get the WHOLE story.

    1. carol sank says:

      everyone is blaming the parents, there is a possiblity that the parents didnt even know he had the bb gun, whoever sold or gave the kid the bb gun should also be held accountable…The child does need disipline but someone needs to find out what made him want to shoot the other children, someone needs to start teaching a class in school that shows children what respect is, and how to treat people as you want to be treated…(or something along those lines)…there is definatly something wrong when elementary age children want to hurt people, imagine when they are in high school, they will be wanting more..somebody had to teach or instil in this child some anger and hate. he wasnt born that way….

      1. Nothing worthwhile is easy... so let's fix this says:

        Look, let’s envision the big picture: The violence in this city stemming from the impoverished neighborhoods is part of a vicious cycle that will not go away unless there are some drastic measures taken by political leaders who must overlook their differences and stand together on issues like completely overhauling the welfare system. This system encourages people to remain un-employed, discourages family unions, and maintains the status quo in underprivileged areas. Why would someone try to get a legitimate job that pays less than what you can make on welfare coupled with the unclaimed (tax free) money you get from illegal activities? Why, if you are raised in an atmosphere where physically fighting for survival is the norm, would you think that there is a better way?

        …and why would you think the “white” way is better when you have shining examples like “Sherrif Willie” and “Ex-Baltimore” leading the pack? Ignorance is contagious, no matter what the color of your skin.

      2. JQP says:

        CAROL QUOTE: “everyone is blaming the parents, there is a possibility that the parents didn’t even know he had the BB gun…”. CAROL QUOTE (part 2) “Someone had to teach or instill in this child some anger and hate…”.

        ANSWER: His parents.

  14. Somebody says:

    I personally think kids like this [ the agresspr] Should be shipped over seas to see how those kids his age have it and live in their enviroments for a month. Kinda like a scared straight program. Let them see how good they have it here and kids from 3rd world countries would die to be in his shoes and make a better example with the freedoms.

  15. Sad Mom says:

    This story is incredible! My son was nearly expelled from school for flicking a lighter on a bus but was “lucky” enough to have a 10 DAY suspension. this child came to school intending to hurt another child. This is a prime example of why our society is the way it is. You can do whatever you want and you get a little slap on the wrist and then you are free to do it again. A 5 day suspension is like a vacation, they sit a home watch TV and play video games, what about community service. Children must be taught one way or another. 5 days is not nearly enough, sorry expusion is deserved in this case.

  16. Dont Believe it says:

    no way no how there is any truth to this story……with all the laws that have
    been passed your telling us a kid brought a BB GUN to school and was not expelled! Somebody is leaving something out of this story

  17. Tommy Bee says:

    The kid is not the problem at all in this scenario. Kids do idiotic things no matter where they are from. The problem is the adults. PERIOD! Expel the shooter all you want, he deserves it, but that wont fix anything.

  18. future says:

    The kid that shot the two boys is the future of Baltimore…. What a shame!

  19. Kim Nickerson says:

    Schools now days are constantly trying to hide things and sweep them under the rug so they appear good. It happens in the city and the county. It’s ridiculous that this child is not expelled.

  20. Jamie says:

    Why isnt the zero tolerance policy being applied here?? The student brought a GUN to SCHOOL those should be criminal charges!

  21. Chalkie says:

    We are all making comments on a story we don’t have the whole story on. I am not defending the kid that brought the gun to school and shot a kid with it. But thier has to be a reason or something that sent this kid off to do this. yes this kid should be punished for his action, at 10 years old you know right from wrong and if this was the only way to defend himself it just show how bad our school system has gotten. But if he did it just to do it, thier is something wrong in this kids head already. It just make me wonder what is going on with the youths of today. Growing up we had a problem we solved it with our fist. And yes i took a few beatings, but i never backed down and always stood my ground. But for kids to automatically think that using a weapon is the answer, its being taught to them some how by someone. its really scare that our society is headed this way and these type of kids are our future.

  22. sheriff says:

    This kid has dead man walking written all over him. The parents? forgetaboutit!!

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