BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A pit bull tears the leg of a 5-year-old boy. Now the fate of the dog hangs in the balance after an unusually detailed vicious dog hearing.

Adam May reports how the owner is trying to save his dog.

Butta the dog– also known as Chopper– sits on the equivalent of death row for dogs.

Last month, 5-year-old Khalil Willis says the pit bull attacked him, leaving him with more than 100 stitches.

“The dog bit me on my leg,” Willis said.

But now the 5-year-old says he’s feeling good.

The boy’s family and the dog’s owner went face-to-face at a hearing that will decide if the dog will be euthanized.

“The dog is really aggressive,” said Kenyetta Willis, victim’s mom. “We would not like the dog in the area; so of course, we want the dog put down.”

Witnesses say the dog escaped through a rickety fence. But the owner says neighborhood children used to stand in the alley, tormenting and teasing his dog.

“I will say to the child first I feel terribly bad about what happened to him,” said Issac Douglass, dog owner. “But my dog . . . just make sure they have the right dog.”

Douglass says he is not convinced his dog is responsible for the attack.

“I know it’s not,” he said.

Since the dog was seized, Animal Control says testing reveals a mean temperament. At the hearing, the owner admitted his dog hunted rats and tore into a punching bag left in the backyard—troubling behavior according to dog expert Joy Freedman.

“The punching bag was dark on the bottom, light on top,” Freedman said. “And the clothes the victim was wearing was dark on bottom, light on top.”

The punching bag was also the same size as Khalil, who fears seeing Butta again.

More than a dozen other dogs accused of biting people are also in quarantine at the city animal shelter.

Comments (69)
  1. Ramarro L. Smith says:

    Ov3er and Over….other dogs, other animals, men and women, elderly and many childern are attcked by Pit Bulls…maimed and even killed by this vicious breed of dog. What is tyhat people do not grasp about these dogs are bred for fighting and are never to be trusted by their very vicous natural traits? There is no such thing as a Harmless Pit Bull and they should not be allowed in any community.

    1. lisa myatt says:

      Mr. Smith speak for yourself! Pit bulls as well as any other dog act how they are raised. If a pit bull is raised to fight and be vicious then thats how they will be but if a pit bull is raised by a normal family then that dog will be harmless. I have a 4 year old pit bull i have raised since he was 8 weeks old and he does not have a vicious bone in his body. He loves people including kids and the most he would do to someone is lick them to death. He won’t even go after another animal. I except your feelings about pit bulls but if you don’t own one then you don’t know how a pit bull is. People need to stop trash talking these dogs because not all of them are killers!

      1. joe says:

        you must not read the news very often then because their are reports that pit bulls turn on their owners and bite/kill them even when they are brought up right and in a caring home they have that mentality and i know how pit bulls are my brothers wife had one for 12 years with out an accident and out the blue he turned on her and bit her finger off and its not their up brings they are naturally that way

      2. Ken says:

        Pitt Bull. Bred for fighting. need I say more?

      3. williejoe says:

        STFU you dumb Coon!

      4. Ellen Eggleston says:

        I agree I have 3 pit bull rescue dogs and they are the best dogs you could ever ask for. Mine are friendly happy and playful two of the three are just big babies and very very loving. Any dog can turn on you as they say. It depends on the upbringing and the individual dog. Many many white men are in jail for murder does this mean as a race all white men are bad and may turn on you? This is the same concept so all you idiots that think the breed is a problem stop assuming that can judge all based on the actions of some. Besides I know of at least fifteen people including myself that have been bitten by chihuahua’s and other small dogs. Smaller dogs are found to be much more aggressive. People just assume since stupid people have used them for fighting that they are all have a predisposition for biting. This is far from the truth.

      5. Linda says:

        If people insist on having dogs they should be completely secure. How often do we see dogs running loose in our communities? Pit Bull Terriers need space and room and should not be caged up in small city yards. For that reason they perhaps should not be allowed in the inner city. They and all other dogs are supposed to be muzzled when out. I have never seen a muzzled dog being walked. But they are supposed to have a muzzled. Some of us are afraid of dogs no matter how much you all claim your dog (with teeth) wouldn’t hurt anyone.

    2. Robert Long says:

      Hey. I have a pitbull. And she is 3 year’s old this week. And she is the world’s biggest baby ever. She is great with kid’s and people. She would only eat a fly. LOL about all really. She likes to sleep under the covers and is scared of everything. Shes a big chicken. She has never shown one bit of aggressiveness ever. She thinks she is a baby infact lapdog and all that stuff.

      I have seen poodle’s more aggressive then she will ever be!. its all about how they are raised and trained. Just like kid’s these days who are killer’s and law breakers when they get older. Because the way they are raised. By people who dont care and dont show them any love and or respect.

      I am more scared of kid’s these day’s being raised the way they are then any dog i will ever see. We have another dog and he bites her and beats her up all the time. And she dont even care just wags her tail and plays back. She never hurts him or anyone for that matter. The only thing pitbull’s have that most other dog’s have. Is a very very strong chase instinct. I know for a fact living where i do. Every single black kid around here tease’s our 2 dog’s. And then they run from them. Once she chased one of the kid’s down and that was it she sat down and wagged her tail. It’s about the chasing. So when people people train there dog’s to attack or what ever.

      When those kid’s tease the dog 24/7 they remember. Some dog’s will snap because of the way they are treated these day’s by kid’s. The kid’s around here throw rock’s and stick’s and other stuff at our dog’s. And it upset’s them. of course that boy was attacked. Im not saying he got what was coming to him. But where was his parents when this happened? He looks like the type to tease dog’s. Because every single boy around his age in my complex teases our’s.. and it’s BS. So these parents let there kid’s tease and drive these dog’s crazy and then they get attacked..

      So its not just the dog and the owner to blame. the kid and his parents all have equal parts in this!. Just because black’s kill each other all the time and they are more violent then every other race. should we just kill them off also? think about it.

      1. williejoe says:

        Keep your f…..k ‘g baby Pit Bull away from me or I swear I will put holes in it’s a$$.

      2. Robert Long says:

        Sorry to say. But if you ever did anything to my dog because you have a small mind and think that just because she’s a pitbull she will hurt you. They would never find your body. Nuff said.

      3. josye says:

        I’m right behind you, Robert. As I said before, can’t fix stupid.

      4. lisa says:

        Well said Robert!!

        And williejoe, you are an ignorant person and you will get yours one day.

      5. Tiredofstupidity says:

        Robert Long is racist, similar to many white people in this country!! For you to say that children , regardless of race who tease dogs deserve to be bitten shows your ignorace. It further confirms that you should not be allowed to own such a majestic creature. These are children!! I do not condone children teasing anminals, but if the animal will react violently to childens’ naughty behaviors, then they should not be allowed in communities with children, REGARDLESS!!

        History lesson: The caucasian race is the only race that enslaved an entire race of people. They also stole land, and killed innocent people to sequester their goods. And all for what, power and control??? Who are the barbarians in this story??? I choose not to judge them because they can take power, control, or their precious iPads and iPhones to Heaven!!

    3. joyse says:

      -Obviously you are an idiot and don’t know anything about animal behavior. Study up before you speak!!

      1. williejoe says:

        Robert Long, ……Owwwwwww, I’m so scared & shaking, i’ll put a few holes where your a……hole should be you dummy.

      2. williejoe says:

        Try reading statistics Joyse, that is if you can read.

    4. ASHLEY says:


    5. lisa says:

      Of course no one talks about how kids would tease the dog. The child, and parents, are responsible for part of this as well. And to the people trying to generalize a breed, well you know where you can go. I have owned American Pit Bull Terriers for many years and they have never acted in any manner other than loving. So if I get treated bad by a black person or a white person should I condemn the whole race? Humans are so stupid.

      1. williejoe says:

        Lisa, Listen you ignorant N*****RG, All kids tease dogs, that’s part of their DNA. You ever have kids you would understand & that is why Golden retrievers, Collies are popular with kids. Trouble with all you blacks is that every aspect of your life has to be violence. Guns, knives, Pit Bulls. Maybe if you people would get civilized, you might live longer & be happier. Try walking on the beach instead of shooting heroin to mask your miserable lives.

    6. Wes Foster says:

      Actually if you do your research Mr. Smith, that is outside of the Media who offend times reports a pit bull attach when it is another breed, you will find out that Pit Bull were the first working dogs. Hellen Kellers seeing eye dog was a Pit. They were not raised for fighting. As Cesar Millan has said over and over again. There is no such thing as a bad breed of dogs, only bad owners. As a matter of fact several of Michal Vicks dogs are now thearpy animals thanks to Cesar Millan. They are a powerfull breed and would not recommend for just anyone to own. Not because they will attack, but because they need a lot of exercise. I also thought the same thing till I started getting around them and doing research on them and found once again I have been mislead my the Media. Not taking away from this action, but the number one breed every year for both bites and vicous attacks is the German Sheppard. A good breed, but why not the “vicous breed” label on this breed.

    7. Kimberly Blackwell says:


      1. Leonard says:

        You people are SOOO ignorant to this breed! Just stfu!!!! PLEASE!!!

    8. Leonard says:

      I have two VERY friendly Pit Bulls! And if you’d research more about’d know it’s not in their nature to bite and kill! It’s to protect and be loyal to the owners that raise them right! I am very aware of what people do to this breed of dogs for financial gain! And those are the one’s that should be on trail! Anyone could raise a bunch of yorkypu’s to be vicious little monsters! But..where’s the money in that! The blame goes to the owners and Aholes who breed them for all the wrong the reasons!

    9. mark says:

      Declare war on pitbulls thay should be band can’t trust them.

  2. Kirk Bradford Myers says:

    Should the dog in this case be destroyed? Sadly, yes, any overly aggressive domestic animal is of no benefit to society, however it was brought up by it’s owner. Should the owner of the dog be held responsible by not only facing attempted murder charges but also facing animal cruelty charges for knowingly raising said animal to be as aggressive as it is in a neighborhood he knew is populated with kids? YES! I have learned from personal experience that any domesticated animal can be raised to be anything that it’s owner/trainer wishes it to be…aggressive and violent, or playful, tender, and loving. It’s all in how they are raised and treated, and this individual’s absolute disregard for their personal responsibility in the matter disgusts me. “Just make sure they have the right dog.” —???— No, it was little Mrs. Euphegenia Bluehair’s cute little Bichon Frise down the street. Come on, man, of course it was your dog!

    1. Leonard says:

      THANK YOU for you comment! I couldn’t agree more!

    2. Ellen Eggleston says:

      Then the kid should of been charged first with harassment, torment, stalking, and aggravated assault and I’m sure there could be a few more things added on. If this were kid vs kid would you blame the one that was being harassed for fighting back? I think not!!!! Charge the kid and the parents for allowing the kid to be out doing this then think about going after the dog owner. Seriously we as humans can only take so much before we snap when people keep doing things to us but we hold our pets that are much less intelligent (then most not all by some of the postings I’ve seen) to a higher standard. What is wrong with you people.

  3. williejoe says:

    Poor little spoonie. The dog & others that are questionable should be put down. Too many dogs not enough owners with common sense= disaster.

  4. Bud says:

    Kirk, come on man. Attempted murder charges? You’re a fool. Should the dog be killed? Absolutely. Should the owner be held responsible for medical bills and maybe sued for some cash? Yup. No way on attempted murder charges. Should every dog owner be charged with that if their dog bites someone? Im sure you think this because of the breed. What if its a pitbull mix? Just a little bit pitbull? Where do you draw the line. Think before you type nonsense, Kirk

  5. Ernie says:

    “At the hearing, the owner admitted his dog hunted rats” Pit Bulls are part Terrier and that’s what Terriers were bred to do. So how is this disturbing behavior? What’s next? Putting cats to sleep that catch mice? Half of the time these dogs that the news claim are pit bulls are really some unknown inner city inbred mutt mix and not even really pit bulls. But “Pit Bull” in the head line gets far more attention than “Mutt” It’s all about the ratings for the media

  6. Janet Long Boss says:

    When will dog owners learn that leaving dogs out in a yard TO be teased, tormented and kill small animals, is a recipe for disaster? After my 5 years of hearings on the VDHB, hearing the same story over and over and over, I think it’s a shame that the message isn’t heard loud and clear. Dog owners – protect your pets and protect the public. Your dog belongs safely indoors unless supervised.

    1. Jim Smith says:

      We have a Chihuahua who stays in an enclosed, gated yard. Molly’s bark is pretty bad but she doesn’t bite. The fence and gate are her challenge. She spends days scratching out an escape hole under the gate. We are alerted to her escape by her constant barking at anything-everything in the neighborhood. Thank goodness there we aren’t so dumb as to have a pit bull instead of a chihuahua. If one shows up around here, its life expectancy will be problematic. We love animals but not enough to put ourselves and children at risk..

  7. China says:

    Being a pit bull owner, I think that ANY DOG that attacks a child should be put down. Dogs are only are aggressive as they are trained to be. I have had my pit bull since she was 6 wks old and NEVER has she shown any type of aggression to anyone. I am also a parent so I sympathize with the family in this situation. Not to make any excuse about why the dog attacked but I too witness children in alleys taunting and teasing dogs. I think dogs and children should be properly supervised while outside playing. I mean really people, take responsibility for your children and your pets. They didn’t ask to be yours, you chose to have them both !

  8. sitsuc says:

    Over the past 10 or so years Pit Bulls have been given a bad rep because of careless owners. It’s the same as having a loaded gun in your home and now knowing how to properly store it. Again it has nothing to do with the breed it’s the owner and how the dog is raised. This is not the only breed to be responsible for attacks on people and animals. ALL PEOPLE ARE NOT BAD… and the same holds true for pits.

  9. Somebody says:

    I am sure the part about the kid instigating the dog will not come to light. I have seen how these inner city kids treat dogs in a yard. THey throw sticks and rocks at it or what ever they can find for the thrill. The dog barks hits the fence and the kids run. It’s a game to these little kids. Pit bulls are smart, they don’t forget. The dog found his opprotunity and seized the day. No matter the situation no dog attacks unless provoked.

    I had a Bul mastif living in the inner city and out of respect I only walked him at night when ni kids where around. not because the dog would’ve attacked him, but kids would have saw him and ran which would’ve triggered something inthe dog to chase them. I had Pit and it was accused of biting a little girl. City took him, was put on death row, The girl told everyone the dog just attacked her. Lucily my neighbor, one whom I didn’t get along with who hated my dog, stepped up and said ” No, the little girl was int he yard by her self and hitting the dog with a bat” ” That the dog back away until about the tenth whack of the bat and jump at her and never bit her” The little girl admitted it and I got my dog back. Moral of the story, dogs will not attack unless provoked.

  10. JOJO DANCER says:

    Man, williejoe you will burn in hell.

  11. Somebody says:


    I do not know if you are from the taker or the giver side, but when you see $900 a check go towards taxes that could make a man angry, knowing there is more then half the population who are on the taker side and not contributing. which means the givers have to give me to cover these peoples life. willie just takes a different approach of speaking his mind. If the slums on welfare went out and worked in the force and provided income for their families than tax would greatly lower. Crime would lower as well, because people would apprciate life and its things a bit more.

    1. williejoe says:

      Somebody, Well said sir. Thank you.

  12. marley2point0 says:

    i was a pit bull owner for 13 years. i had him from 4 weeks old until i had him put down because of complications of just simply old age and a few other health issues. he was somewhat aggressive, but i never had any issues with him. he never fought and was definitely a house dog, and an excellent guard dog since my grandparents kept him for a few years. neighborhood kids would taunt him alot, but i had the fences reinforced so he couldnt get out of the yard. no child or family should be subjected to a vicious attack like this. i think the blame should go both ways in my opinion, because ive witnessed kids tormenting these types of dogs and dog owners making these animals overly aggressive than they already are. basically im saying the blame goes both ways. parents should be aware of aggressive animals in their neighborhood and dog owners should make sure the area where the dogs are is secure and the animal cant get out or be let out, because i have seen that happen too! basicaly watch your kids and where they play, and watch your dogs. im also a believer in regestering your dog in your jurisdiction, so your fellow neighbors atleast know theirs a pit bull in the area.

  13. marian says:

    gee and just think the news used to be about german shephards and doberrmans. the trait comes from in breeding and not how the dog is trained or anything else. give it another 5 years and it will be another breed which has become agressive…….

  14. bmoregyrl says:

    My question to the parent of this 5 yr old why was he outside by himself. He should be watched at all times at that age. You worry about a dog but there are people that are animals and will take a child in a heart beat. I feel sorry for the dog because he is a dog and he only knows to bit when feeling threatened. So really that could be any dog. I want to know why 5 yr old was outside with out his parent watching. Social Services should ask the mother the same question…

    1. joyse says:

      You’re right, bmoregyrl, where were the parents? The parents should be punished for leaving their 5 year old running around unattended. Perhaps this is a simple case of suing for money. Can’t fix stupid!!

    2. Donna Wright says:

      Not just the mother either!

  15. Char says:

    Why does every article has to turn into a opinion on racism? OMG!! White, Black, Gray it doesn’t matter. There are bad seeds in every race.

    1. williejoe says:

      Char, I never saw any gray people. You see any GRAY people??

      1. Jameka says:

        OMG you are a sick racist how dare you talk about Black people like that when other races kill each other and do drugs you are so ignorant i cant even stand it may GOD have mercy on your ignorant soul and mind

  16. Somebody says:

    Kids 5 years old and younger run the streets of Baltimore all the time. ” It is better to send the kids in the streets than to be a parent ” A free baby sitter if you wil. The only thing you will hear from the parent is ” I didn’t know he was outside” Which should also raise a flag, you didn’t know where your 5 yr old was? I think people should stop focusing on the matters at hand and start focusing on the parents. Start arresting the parents. Give the parents community service. If they don’t follow the rules then cut them off of the gravy train and put the kid[s] in protective services.

  17. Corporal N. USMC says:

    The majority of the problem is most of these dogs are coming from idiot backyard breeders. When you don’t know anything about a dogs bloodline or temprament and just breed for whatever then you will get flukes. That’s not saying you can’t get flukes with a good line bred dog as well but a good line bred dog from a knowledgable breeder is less likely. Unfortunately this breed of dog regardless of what it was originally used/bred for has gotten a bad rap because of idiot owners and media hysteria. Im not going to go into race sterotyping or anything else I will just call them idiots for arguments sake. I feel for the little boy and anyone that has ever been attacked by this breed or any breed for that matter. But the bottom line is alot of the owners can’t even take care of themselves let alone another. We can debate this all day long but some of you please obtain some knowledge about this breed before you spout of and truly show how uneducated you are about this. Don’t always believe what the media hypes up or your knowledge from a friend of a friend whos brother used to have one.

  18. Lisa says:

    Of course no one talks about how the kids were teasing the dog. The child, and parents, are responsible for part of this as well. And to the people trying to generalize a breed, well you know where you can go. I have owned American Pit Bull Terriers for many years and they have never acted in any manner other than loving. So if I get treated bad by a black person or a white person should I condemn the whole race? Humans are so stupid.

    1. williejoe says:

      Lisa, We heard you before so STFU Toad.

  19. TJN72 says:

    In the end the taxpayers will foot the bill for lawyers and medical bills

  20. Delores Perry says:

    willjoe who ever you are you say alot of stzzzzzon this board all pits are not killers it the way you bring them up if you do something to them they remember it

    1. Kimberly Blackwell says:


      1. BobbyJoe says:

        Are you by chance related to the Blackwell’s in Montgomery Alabama?

    2. williejoe says:

      Delores, So do people!

  21. Mike S. says:

    Please everyone, williejoe is an obvious 12 year old troll. Please stop feeding the troll. In about 8 to 9 years from now he might be able to contributed an actual opion that people will respect, but for now just stop feeding him.

    1. williejoe says:

      Mikie S. Why you sound jealous of the attention. Sucker!

  22. Carol Zimmerman says:

    Every situation is different. Doesn’t matter if the dog is a mixed breed, if the dog had enough aggression to tear up a 5 yr old childs leg, it should not be allowed to have any chance to come in contact with humans, no matter what the reason. If it were your child, how would you feel ? I love animals, but sometimes you have to make a really tough decision. The dog should be euthanized

  23. JQP says:

    I found this very informative article on the variables involved in dog bites including, but not limited to, demographics, breed, epidemiology,etc. There is much involved in the method by which these statistics are gathered, and for people on both sides of the argument, I think this might be helpful. Here is the link:

    You should know that I am a pit bull mom and I could never in a million years have hoped for a better, more loyal, sweet and loving companion to my family than our girl. She is getting up there in years and we don’t have much time left with her…my children (3&5) administer her meds with us and she loves them as though they were her own. Really, it boils down to love and knowing– or learning — how to best raise your children, human and k9.


  24. pitbulls to death says:

    Stop the vicious attacks of children. Ban PITBULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR Require the owners of pitbulls to have a state permit of ohhhhhhh maybe $5,000 a year to keep thier vicous animals.

    1. JQP says:

      Read the above link and at least try to educate yourself on the facts before you start calling for the slaughter of God’s creatures. You are no better than an animal that can’t reason unless you know the facts.

  25. Clyde Neal says:

    people who own pit bulls suffer from wanna-be tough guy syndrome. I don’t hear of people being mauled by the small breed dogs. Yorkies and chihuahua(?) dos bite all the time. But their bite is not severe. And you can kick tghem into the next yard. You cannot get a pit to let go wnen he bites down. Let’s hear from some of you who have geard of a yorkie tearing out a child’s throat ?

  26. JQP says:

    No, many of us rescued our dogs from vicious people with no respect for life. Mine was a baby left on the side of 795 in the dead of winter…left there to die by someone who maybe thought the life of a dog is less precious than any other…someone like you. See, most pit bull owners I know are compassionate, kind and generous people.

    ..and if you ever saw my pit bull smile (and it is their best feature), the idea that she is ferocious is just plain absurd. By the way, I am a homeschooling mommy…I don’t suffer from “wanna be tough guy syndrome”. Please read the facts and statistics first before you make judgments, otherwise you sound as ignorant as the rest of the uneducated.

  27. Flashman1854 says:

    Why the devil isn’t the owner of this dog being prosecuted – for real; for instance attempted murder? Believe me, the dog would have killed this kid if it had the chance.

    And why in hell is there any discussion of saving this mad dog,

    The law should state: a dog owner is fully responsible for his or her dog; the actions of the dog will fall to the owner, Bite a kid like this, and at the very least the owner is charge with assault and battery (or assault with a deadly weapon),

    Wake up the politicians, and get some sane dog laws passed. Pit bulls should all be outlawed in any case.

    1. Kevin says:

      You’re an azz. Just like all the other morons commenting on this thread who want to apply an attempted murder charge on a dog owner whose dog has bitten someone. Should the dog be put down? Yeah, it probably should be. Sounds to me like it was raised to be aggressive. Did the owner want to commit murder? NO. So he doesnt get charged with attempted murder unless they actually attempt to murder someone. All you idiots show yourselves to be uneducated morons and fools by painting the whole breed with a single brush. Remember Pete the Dog from the Little Rascals? An American Pitt Pull. Remember the Tom MkCann dog? An American Pitt Bull. Do you have even an inkling of this breeds history? Obviously not. Do you know that in the early 20th century American Pits were called Nanny Dogs because of their loving and loyal nature? Blame the owners, not the breed. Have vicious dog laws but not breed specific laws. I’ve never been attacked by a pit even though I have lived in and around Detroit my whole life. However, I have been bitten by German Short haired pointers, Standard Poodles, and a couple other mixed mutts growing up. Never because I teased them either. It was always a randon and unexpected action. Never did I try to have the dogs put down though. I could go on all day about the uneduacted, unintelligent, moronic, racist, jack-azzes on this thread but I have to get back to work.

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