CALVERT COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)—A retired Baltimore firefighter is under arrest, charged with shooting a teenager with a shotgun.

Jessica Kartalija reports.

Police say the man was trying to scare away a group of skateboarders when things got ugly.

Just around dinner time, neighbors report hearing noises outside.  A group of teenagers was shouting profanity while skateboarding in the parking lot.

“He’s not being responsible when he is attacking your child,” said Ted Ewanchiw, of Calvert County.

Police say one neighbor in the Solomon’s Landing condos came outside to see what was going on, but things quickly turned violent.

“Apparently he approached them first and told them to leave, and then pepper sprayed one of the young men,” said Sheriff Mike Evans, Calvert County Sheriff’s Dept.

Charles Armiger, 66, was arrested for first- and second-degree assault, but not just for the pepper spray incident.

“If it’s something that’s been ongoing and you want your peace and quiet, and they’re not listening to him, I guess they pushed him too far,” Ewanchiw said.

Police found a 15-year-old on the sidewalk, shot in the leg, right above his knee.  Armiger apparently confessed.

“Well, as soon as we heard gunshots, the sergeant heard the gunshots and he saw the suspect.  He approached him with his gun.  He surrendered his weapon to the police officer and said ‘I shot someone,’” Evans said. 

Residents say the teens had been causing problems at the apartment complex for some time.

The skateboarder is expected to survive.

Armiger says he was trying to fire two warning shots.

Comments (11)
  1. Doug says:

    Who could blame Armiger ?
    These punks had it coming.
    Day after day of cursing loudly,parading around like they own the complex.
    At the core,I blame their parents for not raising them at all.
    Had these punks been well mannered,this would not have happened.
    OK, maybe he went off,a little,but
    this is just another example of non-parenting in America.

  2. Larry says:

    I would give the old guy a break. If he had been trying to do harm the boy would not have a head. He probably had the shotgun loaded with bird shot. I shot out of my window at some bad ass teens before(over their heads into the water). I never had trouble with them again. This should be a misdemeanor charge.

  3. mandy says:

    Kids go to some where safe then on the streets. There are Skate parks in maryland just look it up. Where I work at there are sign up in the shopping center say no Skateboarding & other things. As for dirt bike for them to be off the streets build a dirt bike park for them. Mr. Armiger was trying to tell them go home you do not belong here. Did they live in the complex.

  4. Bullfrog says:

    These boys were being disrespectful and rude, for some reason nowadays teenagers seem to feel entitlement. They seem to feel that they are so special and everyone owes them something, (parents wake up) you have lost control of your off spring. The jails and prisons are full of these types of kids who don’t listen and don’t care. It is their know it all attitude and disrespect that causes problems. People have a right to live in harmony and peace, if these kids don’t understand that then they should stay home. I do not agree with the drastic steps that this man took but I definitely understand his doing it. These kids cannot be reached through conversation and they are not worth destroying our future of living in harmony, so call the police, give them two warnings and if they continue their arrogance simply call the police. I have. If the prosecutor in that area has any grown children or no children at all he/she should understand why this man simply snapped and hopefully charge him with a minor offense and not a felony.

  5. T says:

    If your having a problem call the police don’t try to police the neighborhood yourself…damn fool!

    you don’t bring a gun out to scare kids!! NO MATTER WHAT

    I don’t care who did what, he is an adult and they are children!!

  6. Dan says:

    Kids have such little respect for their elders. It’s sad to see someone who spent and risked his life to save others from imminent danger, only to be mocked and taunted by those whom he protected.

    I feel no pity for the Kid who took buckshot to the leg. I’m sure it was all provoked and is being presented to the media and public as if the Elderly man is at total fault. The kids should have learned their lesson when they were hit with the pepper spray. To continue further pestering and badgering only acted as a catalyst for this old man that couldn’t take it anymore.

    Pretty sad if you ask me. Sad, that someone who devoted his life to saving others will be punished the same way a drug dealer would if a deal went awry.

  7. Kristine says:

    Bulldog, you said it – entitlement. When did it start? All the teenagers – mine included – think they don’t have to do what is right, that they can do what they want and get anything they want. No worries about politeness or manners, it’s all about me and what I get. It’s very sad. We stopped making them earn anything, grades,privileges. We just started letting them do what they want. No consequences. They have no fear, no respect. And I worry constantly… they are our future….

  8. Kristine says:

    “Bullfrog”, my apologies…

  9. Mike says:

    These kids whom skateboard some are ok, but lots of them are just trash. Have seen an owner of a store ask kids multiple times to stop skating at her store, while she was telling them not to, she must have said it 5 times, one told her to F*** Off and kept skating, he then fell busted his chin, and told the lady he was going to have her sued, called her a worthless piece of sh** and then continued to call her all kinds of names as if it was her fault he blamed her railing. These kids just need a really good beating, from an old man or anyone on the streets i hope the kid who got shot maybe learns from it.

  10. Brian the old skater says:

    Wow, there are some seriously idiotic replies here. As I am a 38 year old skater, I’ve been around this kind of scenario for a long time, often seeing the disrespect of teenagers toward people. Any kid (not just skateboarders) is prone to act differently when not around his parents so blindly placing blame on the parents is rash. Also, empathizing with a man who shoots kids is a bit overboard. I know that skating often involves defamation of property, etc, and is a bit boisterous and loud, but he should have called the police. It’s strange to me that so many would mention a lack of decent rearing and no one would mention gun regulation. Many here are essentially faulting the boy for being shot, which is ridiculous. While it could be an issue of faulty parenting, simply disrespectful kids or an issue of a crazy old man that shouldn’t be in possession of a firearm, no one knows what actually happened… in this case (and really any) the man had no grounds to shoot and unarmed boy. And before anyone types “warning shot,” those are fired upward, not anywhere close to being toward the person… even bird shot shouldn’t be able to hit someone on the ground if fired straight up.

  11. Dan says:

    I know the man and he is a kind respectful person. They must have yanked his chain really hard for this reaction. What? You don’t get the message after the pepper spray?? I would not have used a weapon,but the kid would have had trouble getting that board out of his ass

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