BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Former Prince George’s County Executive Jack Johnson is just the latest powerful Maryland politician disgraced by a corruption scandal.

Mike Hellgren has the U.S. Attorney’s take on why these prosecutions are so critical.

“I’m very sorry for what happened,” Johnson said.

Their falls from grace have been stunning.  From Sheila Dixon to Thomas Bromwell and now Jack Johnson…all Maryland politicians who have lost their seats of power in disgrace.

Johnson, the former Prince George’s County Executive, appears headed to federal prison for bribery and brazen tampering with evidence.  But the U.S. Attorney who brought him down says the fight against corruption isn’t over.

“Number one, it sends a message that there are federal investigators and prosecutors who can take on the challenge of prosecuting entrenched corruption,” Rosenstein said.

The feds spent years methodically building their case against Johnson, using wiretaps to expose a pay-for-play culture of corruption in one of Maryland’s largest counties.

Legal analyst Andrew Levy explains why federal prosecutions are so hard to fight.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say the resources of the federal government are virtually limitless,” Levy said.

Cases are still pending against Johnson’s wife, who’s still serving on the county council, and another powerful lawmaker, Senator Ulysses Currie.

“Government officials are less inclined to ask for kickbacks or accept kickbacks if they know someone is paying attention and monitoring this kind of activity,” Rosenstein said.

Johnson will be sentenced Sept. 15.

Comments (11)
  1. Doug says:

    I call for the Execution of Mr. Johnson,
    for treasonous crimes against the state ,
    and raping democracy in the name of his personal greed.
    Until we start executing these corrupt politicians,
    this once great nation ,will continue to slide downward

    1. Tracey Reitterer says:

      I 2nd that motion!

  2. sheriff says:

    All of these politicians in Maryland, Baltimore co., P.G.County, A.A. have had checkered pasts with regards to corruptness. No secret there. The Blacks seem to be more arrogant not terribly intelligent in covering it up. Is it that they are mentally challenged or just being a N*****gr?…A minimum of twenty five years should cool a lot of wanabe crook politicos white or black. This sort of thing permeates through the communities down to the local politicos, police, fire depts & even the average homeowner or renter. It becomes a mindset & a way to get even with big government.

  3. Mary Jane says:

    Sheriff, you are arrogant whites have been corrupt for years and taking from the American people. Like I have always stated we as blacks cannot do or get away with what you HONKIES get away with. You seem to be a old bitter white man get a life.

    1. williejoe says:

      M.J. ……SMD A-hole

  4. Mary Jane says:

    Sheriff, get over yourself I think you are mentally challenged with your racist self.

  5. williejoe says:

    Mary Jane? Was that your master’s name? How come no Shaninna, or Tamekeria?
    I may be a Honkey” but I am thankful I’m white where on average I will outlive you by ten -twenty years. Your race is sooooo f…..k’d up….I’m not bitter, but better now that I am out of that cesspool of black thugs 13 to 30 age group with “Dead End” stamped on their foreheads. Blacks buy Cadillac Esclades & dress their women like intersection stop lights while whites get their children educated & invest in their homes & community.

    1. mary says:

      willie joe you need to go back to school and receive a better education. you are very limited in how you express your self. you comments s/b reported and omitted from this web page. what a waste of time. your comments are not relate to the topic to be discuss. what’s your problem man ? NO UNDER STAND ENGLISH, YOU CAN’T READ WITH UNDERSTANDING ? YOU NEED HELP TO LEARN ? SHAME…. THE MIND SHOULD NEVER BE WASTED ON FILTH..

  6. betty says:

    channel 13 eyewitness news station is corrupt. a lot of comments that stand for the truth is being deleted from this comment web site.

  7. Andy says:

    WJZ By their admission although not publicly, encourages controversial comments as it is nothing more than exposure for that Hebrew run station. Cry baby socialists complain & then they bump a perfectly good response such as several of mine from the thread due to the sensitive nature of my wording & description of race. All of my comments are based on facts & statistics prove them right time & time again so if you disagree with me, just move on & don’t read my posts.

  8. andy says:

    Andy:AKA Sheriff Willie joe. For the record & you slow people out there.

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