MAUGANSVILLE, Md. (WJZ)—The National Weather Service confirms that two tornadoes touched down in parts of Western Maryland earlier this week. A small EF-0 hit the Frederick County town of Wolfsville, and an even more powerful tornado struck the Washington County town of Maugansville.

That’s where Derek Valcourt reports with a look at the damage.

It was an EF-1 tornado that came barreling through one neighborhood there with wind speeds between 90 and 100 miles per hour.

“I saw everything spinning around,” said Anna Klien. “It was actually across the street over there. I said come get away from the window, and I looked back and there went my grill through the air, and my sister is yelling ‘Oh my goodness. The shed is flying across the yard.’”

What happened Tuesday night was the talk of the town in Maugansville, where a cell phone captured a video of the EF-1 twister that touched down in the Gardenspot Development.

“Seconds later, a horrible noise and the room upstairs started shaking. I thought my roof was coming off ’cause it really made a rumble sound,” said a witness.

It happened just about 8 p.m., catching many homeowners like John Lewis and his wife off guard.

“I told her ‘Come on. Let’s get to the cellar.’ And by the time we got to the cellar it was over with,” Lewis said.

When people came out of their houses to see the damage, they found snapped trees, sheds completely destroyed and debris just about everywhere.

Now there’s cleanup in yard after yard. There’s damage to the siding and roofs of countless homes, dents in automobiles, snapped antennas and toppled playground sets. Darrin Snodderly’s brand new Harley Davidson is buried beneath what used to be his shed.

“It makes me sick,” Snodderly said. “But then you know what? When you see the destruction that’s going on in Mississippi and Alabama, you know what? This really isn’t that bad, but I still can’t comprehend it. You know what I mean? I never thought I would live through something like this.”

Those winds were so powerful they set one RV rolling like a piece of tumbleweed and lifted the roof off of one home for a split second before setting it back down.

Luckily no one was injured in any of the tornadoes.


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