By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s taken nearly 10 years, but pieces from 9/11 will be coming to Baltimore to be permanently displayed as part of a memorial at our World Trade Center.

Mike Schuh has a look at the design.

Sixty-three Marylanders died in New York, D.C., and Shanksville, Pa.  Not only will their names be etched in stone, parts of the Pentagon, Shanksville and the World Trade Center will lie in front of the Baltimore building.

It’s a powerful statement to a dark time.

In the North Tower, between the 94th and 96th floors, solid steel was sheared by the force of the plane. It’s the centerpiece artifact of a memorial which will incorporate items from all three sites.

“It resonates the power of the transformation of what happened that day 10 years ago.  We felt a deep responsibility to let the artifact itself speak,” said Steve Ziger, architect.

At the time the planes hit, the shadow from our World Trade Center will begin to cast its shadow on the monument, a touch the designers made to remind the viewers about that day.  And by the time the Pentagon’s west wall fell, only the names of the Marylanders on the base will be in the sun.

“Significant events happened that day and to put yourself in relationship to those times again adds quite a lot to us about how you respond to the artifact in front of you,” said Douglas Bothner, architect.

“And so on every day on Sept. 11, those same shadows are repeated,” said Ziger.

The memorial continues at the observation deck.  Designers say these are not works of art, but surely they will touch the soul.

The dedication of the monument will happen on the 10th anniversary of the attacks.

The cost of the monument is $2 million and being built by the state with a committee doing the fundraising.

Comments (10)
  1. Ashley G. says:

    Our State never seems to have money for anything important, like school funding, but lets take millions and millions of dollars away from our tax paying citizens (not to mention borrowing, which will make our deficit rise) to build something that noone is going to pay attention to anyway !!! seriously ? Why dont we take the money, that obviously is going to waste and lets put it back into schools, back into the community, etc where it belongs ! This is getting really ridiculous !

    1. Dwayne Talkington says:

      No one will pay attention to it? Seriously an event that happen that lead our government to get into two wars and now one will pay attention to it? Those precious moment didn’t just cause the deaths of those people that day but the deaths of thousands of soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan people and as someone from a military family I am pretty sure I will pause a second and remember every time I walk past this memorial that no one will pay attention to.

      1. Betherson, Bethj says:

        No you wont, Drama Talkington.
        2 weeks and the skateboarders in Charm City will have it waxed and ready to grind.

  2. Ashley C. says:

    TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!

  3. Sean says:

    Obviously, you have forgotten the significance that the date 9-11-2010 caused. This memorial is not only for those that have given their lives, but it is a reminder for us all on how all of our lives have changed. It is a reminder how one day changed everyones lives. How the war on terror is not over and that everyday we live is “post 9-11.”

  4. Gloria Pruitt says:

    A tribute to the attack is appropriate, especially since we have a World Trade Center and it could have easily been Baltimore instead of New York.

  5. Bill Adams says:

    Will it have a plaque about Operation Northern Vigiliance where US intercepter planes were sent to canada that day or the Billion dollar insurance policys the new owner had bought the buildings a month before? Larry silverstiene? And for the homeless people?

  6. Bill Adams says:

    Will Former FBI Agent o Niel who died in the buildings name be on there.

    you know it was his first day in the job.

    He was formerly in charge of the Counter terrorism task force tracking Al quida.

    But Ordered to back off…

    Georghe Bushs brother was in charge of security for WTC.

    1. Betherson, Beth says:

      Wow, You really got them there with all the nonsense.

  7. Walker says:

    No Taxpayer dollars are going to this…they are fundraising. Please read things thoroughly before teabagging…thank you.

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