TOWSON, Md. (WJZ)—Earlier this year, Maryland’s first lady teamed up with the nation’s first lady to prevent bullying in schools. Judge Katie O’Malley continues the campaign to get more students involved.

Gigi Barnett has more.

Maryland’s first lady Katie O’Malley is known her stance against bullying.  She’s created several online messages reaching out to students.

In March, she partnered with President Obama to take the message nationwide.

“Today bullying doesn’t even end at the school bell,” President Obama said. “It can follow our children from the hallways to their cell phones, to their computers.”      

Now O’Malley wants to see what other students are doing. One example is a public service announcement created by students at George Washington Carver Center for the Arts and Technology in Towson.

The student commercial won a national award.

“So many kids just don’t speak up, so I just want to encourage kids to speak up against it and also not just kids who are being bullied but kids who witness it,” Judge O’Malley said.

Two years ago, more than 1,100 bullying cases were reported statewide. Last year that number spiked to a little more than 3,300, an increase of more than 2,100 cases

 “I’m not so sure it’s necessarily a spike,” Judge O’Malley said. “It’s more incidents are being reported, so I’m hoping it’s encouraging that more kids are feeling like they can speak up.”  

Students at Carver Center for the Arts say they can.

“Bullying doesn’t come from nowhere,” said Imani Spence, Carver student. “It’s not a habit you’re born with; it’s a learned skill.'”

Next week is Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week. Next school year, state leaders plan to hold a contest for the best anti-bullying service announcement done by students.

 Maryland is the seventh state that has a law to protect students from bullying.

Comments (7)
  1. Steven Cville says:

    We all made it thru school in the 60’s & 70’s and there were Bully’s. And I am sure those years were no different then years before. This is just another fight brought forward by liberals who have done nothing but make schools worst since the 70’sand all in the name of being fair. Sorry folks but life just isn’t always that way. Deal with it as others have in the past. Sure there will be some hard stories but they were always there and will continue to be.
    Everyone who gets there feelings hurt now think it’s because of a Bully. going from1100 to 3300 cases in a year ? What next year 5000? Let kids grow up and deal with reality of life.

    1. johnsonj3 says:

      you must be a bully your self.

    2. Paul Eric Kilmon says:

      You’re the worst kind of bully, Steven. Very sad commentary from you.

  2. dale says:

    Look at what we have here in usa. It has come down to when you break the laws you get rewarded…example…the illegals get public asistance.. the illegals get college educatiion money…or if you are too sorry to work you get rewarded with free handouts… and for having kids you get paid in one way or another.. (this has to stop) So if a kid is a bully does he expect to get rewarded too??? i th ink this is really whats being taught to our kids.. where as it used to be get out and work on the farm…no questions and no complants.. stay out of trouble or when you get home your ass is grass. now our young people are told they cannn’t work because of laws…and so they find it easier work and attention in drugs..and trouble..???? Omalley backs handouts that keep our state broke… He does not enforce the current laws…the ones that protect the tax payers anyhow.. So looks like the young people had learned the system well.. take what you want and if you get caught you will be rewarded.????? am I right or wrong in thinking this?

    1. williejoe says:

      Dale, U R right, Let’s kick his dic loose.

  3. Youknowit says:

    So if she’s against bullies, why did she marry Martin? He’s one of the biggest bullies in the state.

  4. andy says:

    The O’Malleys are the Kennedy wannabe’s of B’more. Such a connected nepotism cronyism family. I hate the pricks.

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