BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Please are investigating a shooting in South Baltimore.

The shooting happened at 10th Street and Stoll Place around 1 p.m. Thursday.

A 19-year-old male victim died from multiple gunshot wounds.

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  1. sillyman michaels says:


    1. Laura says:

      really .. i just feel like thats very rude .. you dont know what this man did nor do you know why this happen it happens to innocent ppl eveyr day . and no matter what EVERYONE HAS A FAMILY … and now his family suffers and your just plain out rude .. what if that was ur brother or your family you wouldnt be saying that same thing even if he was inolved in bad things no one deserves to hae there life tooken from them

    2. Tonio Turner says:

      The incident wasn’t even about drugs, just because your in a place were drugs and crime happens dosent mean every situation resulting in violence has to do with drugs. There is always a hypocrite on board

  2. Herman Glimsher says:


  3. Peggy Feather Warf says:

    I grew up two blocks away from where this crime happened. It’s a shame that Brooklyn has turned out so bad. It breaks my heart a mother/father lost a child over stupid actions.

  4. tpack says:

    he is actually a good young man and he was not part of the stigma that goes along with the area

  5. bmore life says:

    Every day

  6. Tru2YU says:

    First of all this was my cousin. A very BRIGHT, GIFTED, TALENTED young man, who had a very bright future ahead of him. He would have also graduated high school this year if it wasnt for this brutal crimed commited upon him. So sillyman you can take your silly ass assumptions along with the rest of you straight to HELL and that goes for whoever misjudges him. Drugs and mischeif were not a part of his life.

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