By Mike Schuh

CHURCH HILL, Md. (WJZ) –A tornado on the Eastern Shore. For the first time we are getting a look at the damage from this unusual storm.

Mike Schuh has more on the twister from along the Bay Bridge.

Captured on video and through cell phones, tornadoes dropped this week from Maryland skies.

“I saw a funnel cloud forming,” said Jeff Conner, witness. “And it kept trying to get close to the ground. And finally, it touched the ground. And then all of a sudden you could see a huge debris field.”

“It kept going up and coming down and going up and coming down, and then you would see a bunch of debris on the bottom coming up from the fields on the other side where I guess it was coming from,” said Cheyenne Powell, witness.

Near Hagerstown, widespread damage is found in one neighborhood.

“A horrible noise, and the room upstairs, literally shaking,” said a witness.

The National Weather Service confirms two tornadoes touched down in Western Maryland. In Kent and Queen Anne’s counties, there was a possibility of one, two, three, four, five tornadoes, marching up the Eastern Shore.

“We were all kind of worried because we didn’t know what was going on. They weren’t really telling us anything; they were just pushing us into the hallways,” said high school student Lisa Powell.

In Queen Anne’s County near Chestertown, the National Weather Service confirms it was an F-0 tornado.  The winds were at least 60 mph, strong enough to pick a play set up and toss it 40 feet.

In person, they are among the most frightening things that nature can produce. It’s all the better to have this rash of twisters run through areas without many people.

“We’re more sparsely populated than an urban area can be,” said Kevin Aftung, Queen Anne’s County Emergency Management. “However, we have pockets of concentration, little townships within the county. And these particular funnel clouds that were spotted, were very close in proximity to one of our townships.”

Luckily, no one was injured by any of these tornadoes that passed through Maryland.

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  1. Len Peele says:

    it had to happen sooner or later…..we have been very lucky up to this point

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