ELKTON, Md. (AP) — Maryland State Police have charged a Virginia man with traffic and drug offenses after he allegedly led troopers on a high-speed chase on Interstate 95 near North East.

Danny Jones, 29, of Fredericksburg, Va., is being held on $50,000 bond after Wednesday afternoon’s incident.

Troopers say Jones was pulled over for speeding but sped away.

Authorities say Jones traveled at speeds reaching 110 mph toward Elkton, ran a red light and was struck by a minivan.

Troopers say Jones left his car and was apprehended behind a restaurant. Marijuana and cocaine were allegedly found in his vehicle.

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Comments (9)
  1. KottaMan says:

    Another worthless POS from out of state. We don’t want you here, d-bag. Thankls Trooper!

  2. Sam Waithaka says:

    you are right but the trooper helped himsef with the money from this guy’s car, very corrupt and shameful.

    1. OneAdamTwelve says:

      They always do!! (From experience)

    2. chalkie says:

      Another cop hater!!! Looking to make up a story. Yes there are some bad cops that might do this. Were you there? Did you see it happen? Do you know the cop? I will take that as a no to all the above. Cops have a ruff enough job without people like you making false accusations against them. I know quite a few officers and troopers, and I can tell you that none of the ones that I know would take anything. They would rather turn it in so the state, city, or county can take the idiots money and put it back into the system so they can get a raise or new equipment to make thier jobs easier and/or safer!!! And if the guy has a large enough amount of money and drugs it can bump up his sentence.

  3. MSB says:

    Sam… Unless you were on the scene and witnessed the Trooper take the money and then followed him back to the Barrack and observed him not log it in to property… then you DON’T KNOW! Stop spreading BS.

  4. George Mouring says:

    Somebody always has to smear the police. This druggie wa endangering peoples lives speeding, probally under the influence, in a car full of dope, strikes another vehicle, and the focus is, “the trooper took his money. Well, there is nothing in the story that says that, just some clown here, bad mouthing law enforcement, who risk there lives to appprehend idiots like this. Good bust trooper, be safe out there !

  5. NotMyTime says:

    Say if some innocent soul is hit and killed during this chase between “Lights and Frights”, who’d be at fault???? How’d you like to be driving along listening to Nelly and Tim McGraw, then all of a sudden out of nowhere, you meet your maker…. Is the chase really worth it??

    1. chalkie says:

      Yes it was. From what your saying if I just robbed a bank or murdered someone and I speeding away, the cops shouldn’t chase me. This isn’t Baltimore city and thier stupid no chase rule. Yes innocent people get hurt sometimes, but if they didn’t chase criminals down no matter what the crime was, all of the criminals would start doing this so they would never get caught for thier crimes.

  6. Bullfrog says:

    What MONEY? Maybe I am blind but I did not read one word about money in this article. Paramedics are better known cash thieves than police officers in my opinion. I know this from personal experience. When ever any person is at the mercy of another human being they run the risk of being robbed/ripped off in one way or another. Whether it is money or jewelry it does happen, there is at least one bad apple in every bunch.

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