WASHINGTON (AP) — A man has been ordered held without bond in the murder of his teenage daughter in the District of Columbia.

Rodney J. McIntyre was arrested over the weekend and charged in the death of 17-year-old Ebony Franklin, whose body was found in a trash barrel last November in an alley in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington. The Capitol Heights, Md., girl had suffered multiple stab wounds.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier has said forensic and electronic evidence tied McIntyre to his daughter’s death. She also said there was “evidence of a sexual relationship” between McIntyre, 45, and his daughter.

Police announced McIntyre’s arrest on Saturday, and he made his first appearance Monday in D.C. Superior Court.

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Comments (5)
  1. pigeon says:

    Lord forgive me for this! Why spend money on lawyers, defenders, his “upkeep” while in jail (food, medical, etc.). Just give him a 3′ piece of rope and put him in a room with overhead bars. Why judge him down here – his real judgement will come from above. The roads and bridges in MD need repairs, etc. – use the tax money for something worth while.

    1. Wonderwitch says:

      I wish we could solve it that way.

  2. sarita miles says:

    all i can say may god have mercy on his sole

  3. Death and Destruction says:

    The reason we “spend money on lawyers, defenders”, is that this is the United States and, as much as we might want to, we do not bypass our justice system (except OBL, of course).

    But, once he is found guilty, he should be hung by private parts. Death would actually be too good for him.


  4. MsGriffin says:

    This is sad & both sickening .. How can he take a innocent child’s life like that ..?? Hes supposed to be her father & protect her from harm & hes the main who was hurting her ..!! Times now are so crazy and people do the sadist & morally wrong stuff nowadays .. Im glad i dont have any kids because i dont want to bring an innocent child in this crazy world ..

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