Baltimore Attorney Facing Child Sex Charges

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Baltimore attorney, who doubles as a magician for children’s birthday parties, is under arrest in Florida. Police say he was trying to have sex with an underage boy.

Derek Valcourt has details on the arrest.

Police say Howard Kalin  of Essex thought he was arranging sex with a 14-year-old boy in Florida. In reality, he was chatting online with an undercover detective.

The arrest of Kalin, 47, spread rapidly through the Essex neighborhood where he lives with his wife and two teenage sons.  

“I couldn’t sleep last night after the 11:00 news when I saw. I have not slept all night,” said one neighbor.

According to court charging documents, Kalin told an undercover police investigator posing as a child that he had seriously thought about his plan to have sex with whom he thought was a 14-year-old boy. On Monday, he flew to Florida to meet the boy, bringing a basketball as a gift and a box of condoms.

Kalin operates Funhouse Entertainment Agency in Lutherville. On the company’s website they advertise clowns, magicians and other entertainers for parties and children’s events. He himself is listed as a balloon artist and magician for children’s parties.

When WJZ showed up Tuesday to ask some questions, we were told that the office was packed up and vacated in a hurry Tuesday morning. All signs for funhouse entertainment have been taken down and no one is answering their phones.

Police confiscated a computer and other evidence from Kalin’s home on Anne Avenue in Essex Monday night. Family members did not answer the door.

Neighbors are worried about their own children.

“I’ve been very upset. First thing I did was talk to my little ones this morning,” said one neighbor.

“It makes you stop and think. I got four grandkids and they’re usually down here in my yard on the weekends and all. So it makes you stop and now you’ve got to worry about keeping an eye on all my neighbors,” said Jerry Cusic.

“I feel bad for his boys, ’cause what are they going to think, ‘My father’s, something wrong with him.'” said another.

Baltimore County Police say they are aware of the charges and ask anyone in Maryland with concerns or information regarding the case to call their Crimes Against Children unit at 410-853-3650.

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  • Wooops!

    I know that most inmates have a serious dislike for Child Molesters.

    I wonder if any of them harbor a similar dislike for “attornies”?

    Who is likely to get taken advantage of now, Kalin?

  • Cancel That Order

    And to think…

    I was going to call the Funhouse to schedule a clown for my son’s birthday party.

    Guess the clown’s a bit “tied up” at the moment.

    • response

      he is not and was never a clown!

      • Dwayne Talkington

        Nope just a piece of trash trying to destroy a child’s life.

  • Free2speak2


  • monalisa85

    I feel for his family…I think that would bring the strongest woman to her knees.

    • Ring...Ring...

      Hey Hon…
      Can’t talk long on this prison phone.
      Could you and the boys do me a favor?
      I need you to drop by the police station and sign for my personal effects.
      Yeah…should be (1) basket ball, a box of condoms, and a return ticket to MD.
      Love ya too. Have a good life. Send pics of the boys when they graduate.

  • Wide-Eyed

    As if we ever had any doubts, regarding the slime-ball charactor of the average attorny…

    Keep posted for his defense strategy

    You’re going to see what really goes on in the mind of a freak.

  • Is it True, Dad?

    Imagine his own teenage boys visiting him in prison.

    Way to wreck the fam, moron.

  • Paperlilly

    I wonder if he was that prick attorney that renounced me getting my shocks fixed by the city for that uncovered hole by Johns Hopkins Hospital. They gave me such a run around. I gave up but my Father in Heaven sees everything and justice will prevail. He thought he was above the law, judgment comes for ALL.

    • Probably Not...


      I doubt it.

      He was more interested in a different type of “uncovered hole”.

  • erfefgef

    this is so sad and I go to school with one of his sons and he’s really nice.

    • Dawn

      Didn’t his boys go to Middleborogh Elem?

    • Dawn

      Didn’t the boys go to Middleborough Elem. School? I think my son in Cub Scouts with one of his sons about 12 years ago.

  • Look Of Realization

    Interesting mug-shot.

    Its almost as if you can see what he’s thinking.


  • Sob Story

    I am bracing myself for what is sure to be the next heart-wrenching development in this case.

    ” I was sodomized by my catholic priest as a boy, and have suffered all of my adult life as a result.” I was technically not responsible for my actions, considering my hardships”.

  • RavenLude

    yeah, im sure he is a criminal defense attorney will somehow weasel and manipulate his way out of this one. i could definitely see some b.s. story being told to avoid any jail time. since there was no victim, he probably wont do time.
    maybe he can be disbarred and never allowed to hold a job involving children again though.

  • Ray

    I see a lot of condemnation for this man and certainly he has earned it. What concerns me are his sons. I believe it is the duty of every parent in the Essex community to help their kids understand that his sons did nothing wrong and that they should not be bullied, made to suffer tasteless name calling or suffer any kind of recrimination because of their fathers actions. I am sure the sons and wife of this man are going thru hell right now. They dont need someone heaping on the coals.

    • Apples to Oranges

      I am sure that his wife and sons are nothing like this sicko.

      After all, he needed to travel 1200 miles away from them, before he felt comfortable indulging in his illness.

  • Jen Riley

    John Wayne Gacey……..sicko………… He’ll have a good ole time in seg @ the BCDC……..

    • hotmess

      The boys will have fun kicking hid butt!

  • hotmess

    I know this guy and I am a little surprised
    . What a sick person I hope he stays in jail

  • Karla carvajal

    Omg that’s so sad and nasty n sick old guys wanna have sex with little boys and it must be hard for he’s wife and sons I feel sorry for his wife and kids ? He proablity raped his sons two

  • Gretchen

    Did he molest his own boys??? And, if the wife stays with him someone should bang her in her demented head. Aren’t you sick and tired of these stupid women who stay with these rapist or potential rapists?? Justice is sending him to jail and telling his cellies that he is a rapist!!!!! of children….It will save the taxpayers money. Heck, I know a few politicians that I’d like to see introduced to some cellies…lol….anyway

    • lawyered

      ok it’s not even known if she was aware of what he was in to. if she was, then yes. if not, then don’t judge too quickly.

  • Barbara Miller

    Typically pedophiles have been molested themselves by the father, uncles or older cousins. Other relatives are usually aware that they have pedophiles in their midst, but choose to remain silent.

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