ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — A Naval Academy tradition is on hold. The Blue Angels canceled their performance during the academy’s commissioning week.

Jessica Kartalija reports this comes after a major safety concern at a performance in Virginia.

A Naval Academy tradition on hold. The team’s commanding officer called for a safety stand down after a lower than normal maneuver during a performance at the Lynchburg Regional Air Show.

“A time for everyone to take a step back, regroup and reflect, and make sure we are moving in the direction ahead,” said Lt. Katie Kelly.

News of the canceled practice and performance saddens students and alumni.

“It’s disappointing because it happens every year for the three years I’ve been here. It’s our graduation finally, and I just found out it’s not happening, so it’s very disappointing,” said midshipman Claire Miller.

“It’s a shame. We love the Blue Angels,” said Mike Kennedy, Class of 1979

Area businesses like Naval Bagels will also take a hit.

“We would normally do about double our numbers. We’re probably just going to do a regular day,” said store manager, Stephen Sanchez.

The possibility a make-up show may take place in Annapolis is highly unlikely. The Blue Angels are booked solid every weekend through November.

“It was obviously a very difficult decision, and one we didn’t want to make to cancel the academy show, but obviously safety is our number one priority,” said Lt. Kelly.

“I would much rather them cancel the air show and live then to possibly do a low pass and go a little too low and get more of a show than we wanted,” said Kennedy.

It’s still unclear whether they will do the fly-over in this Friday’s ceremony. Next year’s performance has already been scrapped due to scheduling problems.

There are six Naval Academy graduates on the Blue Angels team, including the commanding officer.

Comments (5)
  1. sheriff says:

    Who cares? This show once a great spectator sport has turned into a quagmire. I lived right near the Severn River & could watch them come down across the old bridge. Now, the yuppies & idiots with their expensive cameras & absolutely no knowledge of how to use them have crowded the streets, rivers on boats & actually are trying to snap pictures & talk on cell phones all the while. Total narcissistic look at me attitudes.

  2. Patty Williams says:

    Sheriff, you have a bad attitude. Don’t take it out on the Blue Angels. Be angry at the people, if they really deserve it. I love the Blue Angels and the feeling I get when I see them. What a proud and honorable group of patriots who perform the maneuvers. Wish I could see them again. it’s been an awfully long time. Have seen them twice and also the Thun
    derbirds. .

    1. Average Guy says:

      Yeah, the negative attitude needs to take a back seat on this one.
      It is a shame that the Blue Angels show may not happen as previously planned. If it is truly the result of safety concerns, however, then I say “Hats off to those who have the self control to possibly prevent a mishap.”
      However, I suspect that budget concerns are a driving force as well. With a bankrupt government that is cutting spending on every avenue, it may be hard to justify the cost of the show.
      Anyone know what the approximate cost of this type of airshow ranges? Myself, I have no idea. Gotta be half a million, at least.??

      1. sheriff says:

        Half million in fuel from Home base & back including the show alone not to mention all the ground support, pilot accommodations, food etc.

  3. sheriff says:

    To all posters, You need to re-read my blog again. Nowhere does it say I dislike the Blue Angels. I love the Blue Angels, it’s the dopes & idiots that clog the streets, block the waterways drunk as monkeys & the squirmy politicians that have ruined a good show. Monday was a bad day & too windy anyway. I sailed back from St.mIKE’S IN 25 KNOTS OF WIND & THAT PLAYS HELL WITH PLANES flying at low altitudes.

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