BALTIMORE (AP) — It’s time to start thinking about hurricane preparedness and boating safety.

This week is both National Hurricane Preparedness Week and National Safe Boating Week, and state and federal officials are encouraging residents to prepare.

The Maryland Emergency Management Agency says that includes putting together a disaster-supply kit and checking whether flood insurance is needed. Hurricane season begins June 1.

The Coast Guard says its crews are paying particular attention this week to recreational boating safety. Of the more than 700 people who die every year in boating and paddling accidents, the Coast Guard says about two-thirds drown and more than 90 percent of those were not wearing a life jacket.

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Comments (2)
  1. Robert John says:

    With Maryland being a target for hurricanes and tornadoes why does the building code allow homes to be built without basements. Do they have a death wish for its citizens?

    1. overregulated says:

      In flood prone areas a basement is generally NOT a good idea. Basements are prohibited in flood areas, for obvious reasons (ok, maybe not obvious to you).

      Why do you think it is governments’ responsibility to save us from ourselves?

      That is the mentallity that will lead us to a Big Brother State, government needs to give us specific orders to be safe at all times, they have deemed us to not be capable for ourselves

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