BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A 12-year-old Baltimore boy fights for his life after he and three other young men are shot. Police say all four are innocent victims.

 Kai Jackson explains the shooting is leaving neighbors on edge.

 Baltimore police have a lot of information to sort through after a night of widespread violence that left one man dead and claimed multiple victims — including a young child — fighting for his life.

Violence rocks Baltimore. City police say over a six-hour time span from Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, six people were shot. That’s a person an hour.

Among the victims is a 33-year-old man found dead in a vacant lot.

“Quite frankly, police need a lot of help,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore Police Department.

Just before 10 p.m. there were multiple shootings in the 1700-block of Cliffview Avenue in East Baltimore.

“The victims in the incident are a 12-year-old boy, a 15-year-old, 18-year-old and a 19-year-old,” Guglielmi said. “Two of the victims were found at the location of the shooting, and the other two were found a short distance away.”

Police say it happened when two suspects approached people on a porch. They left, came back and opened fire, hitting four people.

“One of the individuals is a 12-year-old boy who is being described as grave condition. He is not expected to survive his injuries,”  Guglielmi said.

Residents in the neighborhood really don’t want to go on camera to talk about the shooting. Let’s be clear; they are concerned. Here’s the problem. After the police, the politicians and the media leave, residents are concerned things are going to go back to normal. As one man puts it: back to normal is exactly what they don’t need.

“The individuals involved in this do not appear to have any contacts with police, and we’re struggling very hard to figure out a motive in this case,” Guglielmi said.

And yet there was another shooting. A man was hit in the arm and legs.

We do know the victims were taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital. But other than the 12-year-old boy, we don’t have any other names or conditions at this point.

Anyone with information on these shooting incidents is asked to call Baltimore City Police.

Comments (61)
  1. Sheriff says:

    Welcome to murder city USA. Smallest urban area on the East coast with the highest murder rate per capita among Blacks in the entire east coast. New York which has gun controls & a population that is more than fifteen time that of Baltimore has less. So all you right wing nut NRA’s …SMD!

    1. Dennis says:

      Put stickers on all your windows and doors of your house that say ” I dont like guns”, and I will put the opposite on mine. and lets see whos house gets broken into first. You are the nut.

      1. sheriff says:

        Dennis, You’ve been watching too many Cowboy & Indian movies starring King nut Charlton Heston.

      2. Logic says:

        They will break into the house with the guns so they can steal them and use them. That’s where they get them.

      3. joey says:

        Guns in the house? Where do you live and when are you planning to go out?

      4. Herman Glimsher says:


      5. shanta says:

        Amen Dennis

      6. sven says:

        Advertising you have guns in your house is real smart.

        I’ll bet nuts like Dennis and Herman (i can’t read unless everything is in caps) wouldn’t even get a hold of their guns if someone broke into their home.

        All firearms need to be outlawed.

        Charlton Heston was an idiot.

    2. Dennis Trencher says:

      MD has strict gun control

  2. chalkie says:

    There was 3 spearate shootings in the city. Last 1 was around 3 a.m. and he was found dead also. So total was 5 shot 2 dead.

    1. pigeon says:

      Good proof reading – the paper and TV station sure could use you! I picked that up almost immediately (or at least when I completed reading the article).
      Surprised you didn’t say something about the stupid last sentence. Guess they needed a couple more words to fill the space allocated for the story.
      Nonetheless, I pray for the families of these people!
      You have a great day and stay safe!

      1. Rell D says:

        33 yr old man found dead (1). Quadruple shooting (2,3,4, and 5), Man shot and found on the next street (6). Who needs a proofreader? Maybe you should count that again…

    2. sheriff says:

      Herman G. Sounds as if you’re off your meds again. Need an eye exam also when you write in all caps.

  3. troy says:

    goes on every where but they just post areas that you expected to be dangerous but this is everywhere

    1. Gretchen says:

      NOT. IT does NOT go on everywhere. It goes on where it is accepted and where the population of law abiding folk feel it won’t happen to them so what. It goes on when Police Chief’s and Mayor’s FAIL to deal with the source.

      And, part of the problem is the Police Department and the quality they hire, promote and protect. And, politicians like O’Murder, Shelia lying cheating Dixon and Rawlings who FAIL to address the issue. If they spent 1/3 of their time on coming down on the repeat offenders as they do trying to get elected, we would see real change.

      Also, we need to get serious about NOT letting judges have life stay on benches. They release more criminals than the penitentiary does!!!

      1. cee says:

        i think Gretchen’s living in a dream. in fact, it does go on everywhere if you actually read news.. funny to me how people think the police and justice system will solve all of our crime problems, while we do nothing to address the cause.

      2. Dawn Walker-Detamore says:

        I agree with you Gretchen. They arrest them, let them out, arrest them again, let them out. It never ends and our “Public Servants” do nothing to stop the cycle. Maybe if people in these crime ridden areas would speak up it would stop.

  4. Dusitin says:

    @Sheriff, You do realize that NY still has a higher crime rate than areas of TX and Florida, and Georgia, etc. Because down there, that little grandma you are thinking of car jacking has a pistol to blow you away. There have been numerous studies conducted that prove gun control only works on law abiding citizens, which are the people you don’t have to worry about in the first place. The gang bangers, drug dealers, and other criminals will still have guns and will still kill people. Wise up a bit, before you paint your self as a moron.

  5. F U says:

    The problem is not the police department you idiot. The problem is the uneducated ghetto trash.

    1. Paul Allen says:

      You are so right. Nothing left to be said.

  6. Shane says:

    Education is the problem. Educate these people and see if the crime goes down. They do what they do because they do not know how to make it any other way. Put the money into schools, and educate, and then the crime will drop. It has nothing to do with the police. Your probably just as uneducated as they are, Gretchin. You IDIOT

    1. Billiam says:

      Yes, Shane, let’s keep throwing money into the cesspool known as the Baltimore City School System. Educate, educate, educate – that’s what City Hall and every other person would like you to believe is the “savior” to all this crime. Do you think education would keep kids from setting dogs on fire, would keep a kid from jumping off a roof when confronted by a police officer, would have kept that girl alive who was just killed in a car accident and would have kept an 18 and 14 year old from beating a transgendered person? I doubt it. Before you start throwing stones, pick up a pebble and think about what you’re saying. By the way – it would be you’re, not your (as in your probably just as uneducated as they are).

      1. sheriff says:

        Billiam, What, slow day at the office or did you get your a$$ canned?

  7. BlackDynomite15 says:

    With all due respect fellas, this is indeed a social issue that was created years ago and spun way out of control. In most cases, the law abiding aren’t the ones dying in these streets.The majority of the blame should be placed on broken homes, teen pregnancy, terrible city schools and the list goes on. Race is definitely at the root of the issue but we must take that and use it as ammo against the system and not against each other. Who wants to live in a Police State and a Country overun with govt. We must become accountable for our own dealings!

  8. GODHELPUS says:


    1. Diane King says:

      Really? That’s all it takes to achieve what? Some of the most vocal believers are the ones who are career criminals. They accept no real responsibility and think they will be forgiven no matter what they do. That’s BS!

    2. Can't Fix Stupid says:

      If I ask your God to have you stop preaching and WRITING IN CAPS will he help us out? How was your Rapture BTW? Please keep your GOD to yourself. Not a fan or a believer! No one died for me for any reason.

      1. FTW says:

        Hey a$$hole…you live in the US so therefore thousands of American soldiers died so you can spout your ignorant comments. Think before typing next time and think about those that really did die for you and everyone else that lives here. Those men and women died for a country that was founded under God. So if you don’t believe fine, but keep those comments to yourself, even if some holy roller isn’t keeping theirs to themselves. Try not publicly announce your own stupidity and lack of respect anymore.

      2. Billy says:

        You mite ask these folks families bout that CFS
        The number of Allied combat casualties on D-Day is approximated at
        10,000, of whom 2,500 died.

        Read more:

      3. Jesus Saves says:

        BTW, the person calling for the Rapture last week was not a Christian nor is he a member of any recognized church. He has often said that the church “age” is over. I know you may not have a relationship with God or may not be a fan, but you don’t have to insult those of us who do have a relationship with Him. Just so you know, I will NEVER keep Him to myself!!! He did create this world, He did create all of us and Jesus did die for all!! Maybe you will or maybe you will not accept the gift that He offers, but you cannot say that He wasn’t offered to you!! I’m praying for you!!

      4. JQP says:

        You know, I have to say, as a believer in God, but not your particular concept of him, I am never offended by people who don’t believe in God. I am never offended by people who have not yet come to a place in their existence where they can. I am, however, offended by people who claim to know God and speak for God and have all of this knowledge of the inner workings of the creator of the universe. That, to me, is offensive. So, you know what, if you don’t believe in God, that is ok, you have a right to believe or not believe what ever you like. You have a right to say what ever you like. For those who do believe, you also have those rights. So, you know, just let it all out folks. Let’s have a nice discussion about what we think and why. Do you think you can do that without trying to force your opinions on anyone? You think you can do that without casting judgment using authority you do not have?

      5. Diane King says:

        Thank you JQP! My thoughts exactly. I’m very open-minded about issues of religion and, of course, realize that there are many points of view. It strikes me as pure arrogance for a person to take the position that he or she knows all the facts about God and what God’s intentions are, and everyone else does not unless they believe the same way. Because, after all, no one can truly know for sure, they can only believe what they choose to believe.

  9. Can't Fix Stupid says:

    I keep saying it! Put a fence around the City and let the animals have at each other! Whoever survives, let the cops shoot them! Problem solved.

  10. Richard Perry says:

    sheriff has a big mouth,with nothing to back it up ,get off the FREE PC down at the library and get a life dumbo !

    1. sheriff says:

      Richard P. What’s the matter pimples, are you in need of some attention?

      1. ha LOLOL ha says:

        because she-reff would be happy to oblige… she talks like a pro, maybe this is how she acquires clientele? …and I understand she also doubles as a he… it’s all over the blogs here.

  11. s says:

    I hate guns but gun control only works if you can get the criminals to cooperate. Yeh right. Who really thinks criminals will not still get guns no matter how severe the gun control laws are?

  12. JackDaniels says:



    1. sheriff says:

      Jack D. Sure they still have shootings but they are minuscule in comparison to what takes place in America. Harsher prison times & serious fines along with known neighborhoods where crime is high is also needed. Japan is another country with very strict gun control & few murders by comparison although that country doesn’t have the mix of races that the U.S. allows. Illegal immigrants could be a start. Bet if you made a sweep of CasaDe Maryland hdqtr’s you would get some pop pistols.

  13. Realism says:

    America should’ve never had slavery. Now we have to put up with all of these ungrateful murdering thugs. Early civil rights leaders would be highly disappointed in the way many modern blacks conduct themselves.

    1. @ Realism says:

      Wow… so you are saying that blacks should be GRATEFUL that our ancestors were brought here as slaves?!?! Child Please!!! The denial in this state is mind boggling sometimes! Black people are not the only people who commit crime and ALL blacks do not commit crime!! There are people of EVERY race who are well behaved and law-abiding. There are also people of EVERY race, who don’t care about the law, morals or anyone else.

      1. while we slept says:

        @realism, the truth of the situation for blacks and whites is not slavery, most of the people who commit crimes do not even know who or where ther own parents are let alone who there for fathers were , its a excuse,how many people from the jewish race where bandanas red or blue carry guns and sell or use drugs? if we want to fix the problem then w need to et passed the assumptions that we hate each other,i do not hate african americans, in fact most of your race is the most loving god fearing people i have ever met, in the same breath i fear most of the ones i see on thne streets why because we cannot stop the other half of our situation,whites have just as many young teens out there using drugs selling drugs stealing whatever, the blaming finger pointing all of this is got to be resolved befor we can help anyone,start by picking up the trash in our neighborhoods, call the police when we here or see things we do not like help the childen with there homework, stop promoting the thug life if we followed our high school teachers half as much as we follow music videos we would all have a”s in school .

  14. while we slept says:

    i lived in baltimore 15 years and most of the time i spent inside of my house, iwas scared of many things but most of all i was scared that my son would fall for these street phamacy jobs or worse get hit by a gunshot , at least once a week on ramsay st police prostitution fights murders, how can we just debate about our race when bullets have blinders on,ifeel like we understand the problem the rich wants us to stay poor and live like we do because if we kill each other they wont have to deal with it,im sorrry im not good periods and commas why do we kill over a little street corner or shoes or a look why, slavery is not the reason for this most people who are criminals do not even know there heritage by the way whites were the first so called slaves indentured servants and by the way history states your kings traded your people for gold and more do not forget jewish people prodistants so on and on why do we allow ourselves to run and hide from this problem because deep down we are scared, maybe if we ganged up together all of us black white asian mexican whoever we would outnumber the lowlifes with guns , the lowlifes have no problem joining forces im just saying

  15. Tired of it all says:

    while we slept, outside of your post being a run on sentence… I like what you had to say.

    1. while we were sleeping says:

      i admit that my grammar is terrible, i wish qwe could just stop fighting and killing each other drugs get into hands of childrn who have guns and ,we suffer however drugs and guns are not the problem its the whole system starting with teen moms welfare, gov housing , trying to get whatever is on the latest mtv video,if j z is singing belvedere the people want that jordan sneakers lexus, while there kids are out playing with god knows who, we as white people and black people need to take ownership of all our faults yes african americans are a paert of crime however whites are typically child molestors serial killers drug addicts and rapist , why do we waist so much time comparing each other, because if we point fingers elsewhere we do not have to face the fact that we are also part of the problem; i did 9 years in the army and id much rather have faced the enemies over there then the people i faced in baltimore on a daily basis, i dont have a solution but maybe together we could get one, thank you for reading my post and again i apologize for my grammar, i was a c student but i have a a in compassion , while we slept

  16. Kei says:

    SH!t is crzy what the hell is wrong with people do they think its cool to take a life. All i can say is God don’t like ugly and karma is a b!tch and they will pay one way or another….im talking about all the stupid mother f*ckers out there doing dumb sh!t and they think its cool. They some stupid mother f*ckers!!!!

  17. Williejoe says:

    Kei, Now that we got all the &^%$#@*(&^ out of the way, what is your point. While we slept, you make a valid argument. The key to your race is discipline!….1-Stop having unwanted illegitimate babies. Use birth control or vasectomies. 2- Stop being anti intellectual & glorifying the Hip-Hop thug lifestyle. 3-Be proactive with your children & attend school functions. Demand better education for your children & know where your daughters & sons are after 8pm. 4- Fathers, stop being sperm donors & start being role models for your kids.Mothers, get off the welfare handouts & take some pride in yourselves & get educated or learn a trade. There are many fine free government programs but only if you make the effort. 5-That would be a better than halfway start if you can complete the first four steps & do them consistently. Remember, I said DISCIPLINE.

    1. Lovingly says:

      Being as though you commented on this post I would assume that you are directing this statement to the mother and father of the 12 year old who is my aunt uncle and cousin. They new where their child was and they do all the things that you metioned in your comment. My little cousin was infact not living a hip hop lifestyle he had aspirations and goals and is a wonderful 12 year old disciplined CHILD. In this day and time that we live in it doesnt matter where you are and who knows your whereabouts its a matter of you never know whats going to happen at any given time,place, or setting and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. These sensless people in this city and world for that matter just dont care these days. In his case it was just some friends doing their daily routine, walking each other home at the end of the night because it was time to go in for school the next day. So before trying to bash think about what you say because not everyone is a statistic

      1. lovingly says:


      2. Lbwilliams says:

        Lovingly My prayer are with you and family ,,,,And your statement is well put I was where your family is at just last year I pray the people open their mouths and the police do the foot work no one is safe no matter where you live or what kinda up bringing you have or what kinda music you listen to I personally also know one of the teens that made it and he is a good kid

    2. Retired Wagon Man says:

      Who are you to tell someone what “the key to your race” is?

      You sound just like that OTHER IDIOT that calls himself sheriff, who, I guarantee, has NEVER worked a shift in a lawman’s boots.

      Are you STUPID enough to believe African Americans are the only race that marries out of wedlock, abandons their families, drops out of xchool, is unintelligent, lives off of food stamps, commits crimes and has no value to society? Please tell me you’re NOT that stupid.

      Then again, with a name like Williejoe, I believe you are. You and sheriff must come from the same inbred family. I’d be willing to bet the sperm cells that were responsible for supplying and developing your brain cells are the ones that didn’t leak from your father’s condom.

      Better bolt the brake drums down on the trailer, yonder comes a storm.

  18. while we were sleeping says:

    you willie joe are correct with your statement and i beleive we can get over this hurdle but it takes more then pen and paper it takes action, example if you give drug tests for goverment programs , in florida if you quit school you lose your liscence, how about police with drug sniffing dogs, i do not have answers and i know for every positive, there is a reason not to do it, simply put if we are not part of the solution we are part of the problem, i personally think there should be surprise inspections of section 8 housing , and i mean surprise if you are caught with a felon sleeping in your house, on these programs by by, im just saying felons cant vote but we will shelter you feed you and give you money for whatever, thank you for reading my post

  19. my thoughts says:

    Hey, I live in the City and there are alot of good people that live in the this City…so don’t throw the towel in….these kids are doing what they are taught….i have five children and none of them own a gun…you know why because I taught them there are other ways to fight a battle….so they don’t need guns….so before you say something like put a fence around the city and let them have it…and then the police can shot the rest…what about those that are good abiding citizens… need to think before you write is off.

    1. williejoe says:

      My thoughts,…..You are correct & should be congratulated for raising your five in a good home. It’s just that the overwhelming body of kids seem to be doing crimes everyday & of course yours & others get lumped together in frustration. I’m sorry for you.

  20. JBDavis says:

    I too used to live in Baltimore and left due to the increasing violence. Now I see the town holds up to it’s nickname Bulletmore, Murderland. When I left, the murder rate was 1 per day. It went down for a year or two, then went back up. I see here and in the Sun-paper, that the same old techniques and arguments are taking place as before. They didn’t help then, and they aren’t helping now.

    Baltimore does not have a gun problem, she has a drug problem. All the arguments over the 2nd Amendment are not going to reduce the drug rate. I do not know what the solution is. But I do know that arguing over gun rights won’t get to any solution at all. May those killed in this recent attack and in all previous ones rest in peace.

  21. Billigflug New York Berlin says:

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