PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Shocking allegations from an elementary school student who says another student bullied and sexually assaulted him. The boy’s parents say the school did nothing.

Andrea Fujii explains the family filed a major lawsuit.

A Prince George’s County family has filed a $2 million lawsuit against the Board of Education and a principal after their fifth-grade son was, they say, sexually abused by another boy in his class.

“It’s ugly. It’s sad and ugly. It happened a lot,” said Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum, attorney.

Court papers say the predator was bullying the victim — who is called JD in the documents — by making sexually explicit comments, exposing his genitals, and placing JD’s hand on the student’s genitals several times a day. The documents say the predator also sent sexually explicit texts and voice messages to JD’s phone and forced him to perform sexual acts in the school bathroom and classroom library.

The lawsuit claims that administrators and teachers knew about the abuse going on over an 18-month period and that nothing was done about it. In fact, the two boys were placed in the same fifth-grade class last year.

“I don’t really understand why, it baffles my mind. But they just ignored the parents completely,” said Krevor-Weisbaum.

“We have to be on the lookout for these things. If other children are demonstrating actions, we have to act sooner rather than later before another child gets hurt,” said Adam Rosenberg, Baltimore Child Abuse Center.

Rosenberg says a change in behavior or a child speaking up should be taken seriously, especially by educators.

“Maryland staff, teachers, social workers, faculty–everybody is a mandatory reporter, meaning that they are required to report abuse in a situation when abuse is brought to their attention. And how do you report abuse? There’s two ways: pick up the phone and call 911 or you can call your local child protective services,” he said.

The family’s lawyer says the child is no longer at the Robert Goddard Montessori School where they claim the abuse happened.

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  1. papa says:

    If this is true (as far as it being reported to the school and them not following up on it), they should be held responsible. This mom should sue the school/school district as well as the principal, teacher, counselor and everyone else involved. Parents if you ever need to report this PLEASE keep notes or a log. Write down who you spoke with and when and a summary of the conversation. And why wait for 18 months for them to do something? If the matter is not being taken care of, call the police or notify someone else. Never be afraid to go to the highest step in the ‘chain of command’.. For G*d sake- this is your child

    1. Laura says:

      You know, that’s exactly what I was wondering. Yes, the school should have done something, but if true, what the classmate did to the boy is criminal behavior. Why didn’t the parents file a complaint with the police for the classmate/abuser to be arrested? And, for heavens sake, do you leave your child in a situation where he is being abused for even a week, much less 18 months? If the school isn’t responding, you have other options. The parents are just as negligent in this as was the school administration. Ridiculous.

      1. tara says:

        thats what i was thinking. why, if you know your child is being abused do you keep them in that situation for 18 months?! as far as im concerned, its just as much the parents fault as the schools.

    2. scotty501 says:

      school district? isn’t it a private school?

      1. Parent says:

        No it is a public school that is a specialty school that you have to lottery into.

    3. Mom of 4 says:

      OMG! Who waits 18 months for this???!!! If that was my child it would have been address and dealt with the same day!!!

      1. Mom of 4 aka Ms. Tre says:

        Sorry Didnt know someone had the title Mom of 4…Should have know. lol
        Ms. Tre

  2. mom of 1 says:

    What I don’t understand is if the parents in fact knew of the abuse why would they allow their child to remain at that school? I would pull my daughter from school as soon as I knew of the alleged misconduct and as far as waiting for somebody else to take action I would get the police involved. I think if the allegations are true the parents of the abused student have every right to sue the school, school district and anyone else who knew of the abuse and did nothing. I think the parents of the abused student should also go after the perpetrator of the abuse as well, although at that age I’m not sure what could be done to rectify the deviant behavior. But past the legal repercussions I think they should involve a counselor and find out why the one boy was abusing the other. Kids don’t just go around doing that kind of thing he had to learn it from somebody.

    1. Mom of 4 says:

      very good point Mom of 1… I am a mom of 4…my kids would never go to that school again if that happened. Seems to me the parents also failed the kid

  3. cms827 says:

    I don’t understand either why that child continued to attend that school if the parents knew something was going on. If that is the case they should be charge with child abuse for subjecting their child to that everyday. Fire would have went through me if that were my child and everyone in my path would have been destroyd!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. melody says:

      AMEN to that!

    2. sumday says:

      yes and then they would ARREST YOU for not sending you kids to school! It’s great to think you would just move your kid to another school- but were I’m at you would have to pay to put them in a private school and few can afford that. It is against the law to keep your kids out of school- and even if you did do you have someone to watch them while your at work? I do digress though I would have personally beaten the other boy to coma had that happen to my son.

  4. JO JO DANCER says:

    I totally agree with you cms827. The article says this has been going on for 18 months or more why had she not pull her child out of that school. Something is not right with this picture

    1. wllharrington says:

      What’s not right is the reason for the parents apparently ignoring what was happening. Is it possible that this was simple bullying and the parents let it go on while figuring out the best way to make money off it? Was the child really sexually abused or is this a story? Did they get the idea of faking it from the Botox mother? Was the child even being bullied? The parents have a lot more to answer for than do the school officials. Why are we so quick to believe the parents?

  5. Can't Fix Stupid says:

    Just another excuse to sue someone and get some cash. Lawsuits in this Country are nothing more then a joke anymore.

  6. Ravens1 says:

    The person that said, sue everyone else involved – that’s discusting. There is more to this story and sueing people doesn’t do a damn thing in this case unless the kid is traumatised and needs professional help that costs money or if continuing the kids education else where will cost money. I promise, schools do not want to deal with annoing parents. If this kid’s parents went to the school numerous times to report this, I guarentee something would have been done.

    I think I should use the kids parents for allowing him to keep going to a place she knows the kid is being sexually abused.

  7. tanya says:

    As a parent my kid would have been out of there the first time he told me…I would have been at that school and the Board of Education demanding an investigation and you better believe the police would have been involved from day 1…they let him get abused for 18 months?? really??

  8. Kim says:

    Nowhere in this article does it indicate that “the parents knew of the abuse and did nothing.” In fact, it specifically states “administrators and teachers” knew of the abuse and did nothing about it. So why are people asking why the parents didn’t pull the kid out of the school and being so quick to judge the parents. READ.

    1. Ravens1 says:

      Why don’t you read. The parents knew and reported it to the school. The article says….

      “I don’t really understand why, it baffles my mind. But they just ignored the parents completely,” said Krevor-Weisbaum.

      According to the article that i read, Krevor-Weisbaum is the attorney.

      If the parents didn’t know – what exactly was the school ignoring from the parents?…..

  9. twyatt says:

    Mom of 1: I agree with you. there has to be a reason as to why that child was sexually abusing the other and he had to have learned it from somewhere. So the question is where did he learn it from? Maybe that child is being abused. Why dont we all stop pointing fingers and everyone say a prayer for each of the children and their families and see if we cant come to the real reason that this whole incident is taking place.

  10. joan durtz says:

    Um, the cops should be checking the bullies home to see what is going on there! This bully is no doubt either being abused himself or has been abused in the past. Children repeat behaviors, you know. The bully is showing signs of over sexualized behavior. 5th graders shouldnt even be thinking about doing the stuff this kid is doing.

  11. Concerned says:

    Focus on the children is the answer – the school in being paid to do that – they didnt help the victim or the victimizer who is also a child who can be rehabilitated – ignoring is common in PG – suck it up is there approach to bulling – what did you do to make them do that … – the educators/child developement specialist – are only good at complaining they don’t get paid enough very few are good at educating/developing children – part of the incorporates behavior – and the ability to positively influence behavior, Im not in that field but know thats part of the job requirement –

    I had to move my child from that area all the education she had before moving to PG was being lost and supplemented with really raunchy behaviors and constant drama from students and teachers – attitude first ask questions later – if we ignore it- the kid will be out of the school in time – then not your issue …
    over and over

    The child is having behavior issues – suspend them, then ignore it (not address the reason at all- to they grow up with that unacceptable trait/ habit and the inability to act according to society standards then live there life in the judicial system being confined by society for habits that are unacceptable that where acknowledged but never addressed)

    If a child gets and education from that county there Phenominal and can do anything because they have in many ways educated themselves – In the area of education and how to act in society – There are to many “dropped balls” in that school system – even in more affluent areas.

  12. Concerned says:

    Also if you havent noticed people are being arrested for moving there kids to diffrent schools – pointing fingers at the parents of the victim seems unreasonable as a first response to this article – or for me it was far from the list of first responses to this story- look into that in yourself –
    Judging a victim is not from God

    1. ha ha says:

      Would you send your child into a burning building and then sue the building managers for not putting out the fire?…. the parents are not the victims, here, the child is, and his parents are either not being completely honest at best…. at worst, they sent their baby into a burning building. Is that God’s way?

  13. Marv says:

    I don’t believe a word of this. This is another attempt to get money for nothing.
    Think about it, if this went on for 18 months, why didn’t the parents do something about it? And, this was happening in the classroom. Come on. If there is ANY truth to the story, the bottom line is their son is gay and was found to be having sex with this other boy and now they are suing. They disgust me and I hope that they are not awarded one single penny!!! TRASH!!!

  14. JQP says:

    I have to agree…to the sentiment, not the ire of Marv. The story just doesn’t make any sense, at least not the wt it has been reported here. It reads like this:

    Child is bullied and abused
    Child tells parents
    Parents alert school
    School does not respond
    Parent keeps sending child to school with abuser for 18 months knowing that it is happening to him all the while
    School administration catches the children and does nothing
    Parent still sends child to school with abuser

    If someone robs my house, I call the police
    If someone steals my car, I call the police
    If someone assaults me, I call the police
    If someone is raping my child, I CALL THE POLICE

    No, I can’t see how these parents aren’t every bit as negligent as the school. Sorry.

  15. Parent says:

    As a parent of a student at this school, I am very concerned. Not just at the allegations, but I am even more concerned at the lack of communication from the school and the county. There has been no mention of sexual abuse at the school. In fact when I brought up the news article with my son’s teacher, she tole me that the letter sent from the super intendant was because of anti-bullying week and not in response to anything that has happened at the school. The principal has not even informed her teachers that there was a news article, and that they might have concerned parents coming to them. I am amazed at the lack of communication from all involved, and am seriously considering pulling my child out of the school and the county system. The principal needs to go now.

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