PARKVILLE, Md. (WJZ)—What started as a child pornography investigation uncovered much more. Baltimore County Police say a Parkville man is under arrest for sexually abusing someone with developmental disabilities.

Derek Valcourt explains what police found.

When police searched the suspect’s computer, not only did they find child porn, they stumbled across a video they say shows him sexually abusing a man with developmental disabilities at the group home where he worked.

Tony Chestnut, 56, was arrested for sexually abusing a developmentally disabled adult man.

The proof police say was found on computer. Video files were seized from the Parkville home he shares with his wife and daughter.

“Devastating,” said Barbara McAllister, neighbor. “I can’t believe it because I know them. They’re my next door neighbors.”

Community members were stunned to learn about the charges, in part, because Chestnut’s own daughter is developmentally disabled.

WJZ has learned the assault took place at a Catholic Charities group home on Conduit Road in Parkville, where Chestnut worked.

“He had access,” said Lt. Rob McCullough, Baltimore County Police. “And right now it looks like he had been committing these offenses for quite some time.”

Catholic Charities has declined an interview for this story.  They say they were made aware of the situation by police on Wednesday and say Chestnut has been suspended pending the outcome of an administrative hearing.

Mary Anne Gibson lives near the group home.

“I’m shocked,” she said. “I’m really shocked.”

It’s all disturbing to people who live near the group home and to Chestnut’s neighbors.

“If I had a child that had to go to something I think I would think twice now,” Gibson said. 

“I cannot believe what I’m hearing, and I still believe that you’re innocent until you’re proven guilty,” McAllister said. “I’m just waiting to hear the outcome and prayers are going up in all directions. I feel for his family, his wife and his child.”

The victim in this case is a man with such severe developmental disabilities that he’s not even able to speak. Chestnut confessed to police that’s the reason why he chose that victim, according to court charging documents.

Chestnut faces 10 criminal charges, including multiple counts of sexual abuse and child pornography.

Comments (28)
  1. TuvToo says:

    Wow, OK man thats really messed up dude.

    1. Bullfrog says:

      TuvToo, You’re right, I hope that you don’t mind if I add a sentence or two. This parasite in a man’s form has a wife and a disabled daughter and at work he is sexually abusing a patient, not to mention the child porn on his computer. Put him under the prison, in a cell with big bubba would probably satisfy his sick mind and body.

    2. chocolate says:

      Where do these type of people come from ? I am a care provide too !
      What make me mad, I am having a hard time getting my CNA State Certification for the state of Maryland.Due to that I can not afford to pay for the Red Cross Training Course. But still people like me that already have an out-standing record, good credit and do not have a criminal record, get the hardest way to go in trying to better one self. I have 15 years experience in taking care of disable people in my family.

      This freak monster can get a job and use a poor helpless man as a daily sex act and no one care to notice. That situation with any disable or sick patients should had never happen not one time ! It seem like no one check the reports nor follow up with the patients to make sure no hidden changes had taken place. some body was not on their job ! Tony Chestnut was giver way too much UN-supervise free time at that group home. ” That Group Home Should Be Closed Down at once
      and that Group Home State License should be revoke !

      I am so very sadden and sorry that that abuse have taken place to that poor helpless disable man at that Group Home. No type of abuse should never had taken place at all !!! It is bad enough to see people with disabilities and sick that is a life long challenge all by it self. Tony Chestnut should get 1,000 years in a federal prison and be place in the most dangerous prison population for the rest of his natural born life ! I am sure that sexual abuse do not stop at this one Group home location. very, very sad. Some thing more must take place to protect all disable and sick people that are place into any one care or provide homes.

      This situation will only make it harder for people to get their State Of Maryland Certification yes, I do agree that there are a lot of poorly operative Group Homes that are very relax in following the State Laws, but at the same time the state have to also hold the Owner of the Group Home Responsible for not doing a shift follow up and checking all patients, looking for the signs of trauma in each patient.

      I mean there were too many signs that had to be shown for any one not to have notice that something unusual was different in that one disable male patient.
      My question, where do the social workers, management team, medical staff and this patient Doctors explanation with sound reasoning stand in this disable man case that is now being investigated this is a total night-mare. I hope and pray for the disable patients at this Group Home and all Group Homes locations. Disable and sick people are just not safe any more.

  2. andy botwin says:

    castration would be the only justice for these crimes

    1. chocolate says:

      Andy, do you honorably believe that castration would kill Tony Chestnut sexual demonic lust ? Then you do not under stand your own mind and body ! That type of dark criminal twisted UN-natural nature spirit that he carry is far different then all the rest. believe me, there is a deep heavy agenda that control Tony Chestnut mental capacities.

      It will take neuron-science and a term of psychologist to crack the capacitance facts that will find this Tony Chestnut legally competence to stand trial.

  3. williejoe says:

    This a real bad man & a super sicko to have sex with another man & a disabled one at that. I hope he get’s shanked at the BDC. Please somebody help.

    1. Kelly Munster says:

      Being gay doesn’t make you a bad man & a super sicko. But abusing those who can’t say or do anything about it does. I sincerely hope that’s what you MEANT.

      1. Paul Eric Kilmon says:

        Thank you, Kelly, for that comment. I sincerely hope the same. If “williejoe” thinks otherwise, that would make him a “bad man and a super sicko” too.

      2. chocolate says:

        Where do your punk coward anal get off at being gay do not make you a bad man !!!!!! First of all no where that it is found in Jehovah God , thee Almighty God Word, In The Holy Bible , no place is there a known proven clear fact that God ever approved of a baby born .a male or female child will be subjected to naturally becoming GAY !!!! That is a Lie and Satan the Devil never told the truth ! That is the lie you and all other mislead people like you willingly and freely accept. that acceptance is the curse of wanting to be Gay. Also, being Gay is not label as a mental nor physical Disability !

        So. if Tony Chestnut wasn’t a bad man by his UN-natural bad nature, he world had never had the intend to lust and repeatedly had Anal Sex with the helpless disable male patient in his Anal !!!!!! Tony Chestnut Force Sexual Rape on that male disable patient many times. Chestnut choice that patient because he was unable to talk !!!!!! This diable male patient was not only repeatly force raped phyically, but also emotionally, mentally and his spirit was killed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Any one being a child, teen, woman, male, sick, disable, or a Sr. Citizen spirit is killed when they have been RAPE !!!!!! They Are Never The Same Not EverAgain In There Life Time !!!! Because the sex act is so demonic, a part of that person living soul dies forever. They Suffer !!! There is no type of medication that will erase their pain.

        Kelly Munster you are another sick dangerous nut that should also never to be left alone with no disable or sick child or adult, no one by right. You believe that employee was not evil or not a super sicko but abuse is only Wrong !!!! It’s all w Wrong.

        When God fore warn every body that is ever lived up on this earth to come to full repentance, Jehovah God did not send Jesus Christ to this Earth for nothing when Christ came the first time. Warning us that Jesus Christ is the spirit of Prophecy. Prophecies that hold to truth. The Gospel Message that Jesus Christ gave was for all men to come to accuracy wisdom and knowledge. soon ” The Coming Kingdom Of God” is soon at hand.” All Sinners, Repent and turn complete away from your sins or God will destroy all people that refuse to accept his commandments and truth that Jesus Christ is the only one son of God, it is Christ that is the truth, the light and the way to gain eternal life for ever in God’s new kingdom that will be here on earth. you can accept the truth or keep on rejecting the truth. that is anyone own personal discussion on their life.

        Being Gay is not a choice of force, it is a free selected choice that a human brain learn to accept. Those facts remain true and can not be proven differently.

  4. Jan Suite says:

    This story about tony chestnut has me so angry I can’t see strait!! As the mother of a young adult son with a mental disability I just can’t stand these stories any more. This is one reason my son still lives with me and not in one of these houses that cares for the disabled or any government housing. In my opinion tony chestnut is worst than a murder.

    1. Dawes says:

      Has it made you so angry you can’t spell straight either?

      1. williejoe says:

        Dawes, Are you off your medication again or is this your usual demeanor?

      2. suitecoffee4us says:

        Dawes, I thought I would be talking to ADULTS!!

        williejoe sounds like you might be off your meds!

  5. sebbie says:

    that is some voodoo controlling mess. Satan at his work.

    I am so glad that God’s power expose this truth.

    1. Geoff says:

      I’m sure the Baltimore County Police Department will be pleased to hear you refer to them as “God’s power.”

      1. sebbie says:



      2. david says:

        It’s unfortunate Geoff aka ge-off, that you don’t know the god of all things. Sebbie was not calling no police man a God, how you figure any human being have that greatness of power knowledge and wisdom along with complete control to be able to reveal the secret things of man. no human being is above God nor is on the same level of the almighty God, and never will be.

        This is the worst case of a case hired health provider that is known beside a negligent situation. Tony chestnut management staff need to be held accountable for not being on their job too. how else could a sexual crime against a disable man ever happen ? where were the sorry lazy social workers, the nurses, the health care doctor’s reports. yes, Tony Chestnut is the criminal that committed the crimes, but Tony Chestnut was only allowed to go as far as this long period of many different crimes that he was freely allowed to GO !!!

        This sexual situation sound like a sexual criminal crime ring. Tony Chestnut did not act alone. There are a lot of many missing puzzle pieces and too many UN-answered questions. Something is really gone wrong in this Tony Chestnut case.
        I refuse to accept that Tony Chestnut acted alone. all that time pass and no one that handle the poor disable man case, nothing was first done to stop it. The disable man acted differently in some type of unusual way

  6. williejoe says:

    Kelly Munster, I don’t care about gays. I am a heterosexual & it’s none of my business what they do or their lifestyles. I don’t judge & my point was more to having sex with a defenseless person. That is sick & this perp was most likely an abused person himself when he was a child. Gays contribute immensely to communities in many ways positive & I have a live let live policy. I am too old & set in my ways & beliefs to see it any other way.

  7. RileyfromtheBoondocks says:

    Eww n####, you gay!

    1. kathy says:

      This case is far beyond outrageous ! This sex act is too bad that would make every body want to go and take Tony Chestnut to another level !!! I hope That Tony Chestnut do not have AIDS or a S T D !!!!

      No one in their right mind is going around and have open sex with every body. this is a married man that also had a disable daughter Too ! Well the investigator’s should consider having his own daughter checked out by the doctors too. If he choose someone that could not talk. well, as bad as it already is, lets get even deeper, Tony Chestnut could have force sexual acts on his own child too. If he touch one he will touch the other.

      What kind of wife did he go home to ? Mrs Chestnut having a husband that was so hard up that he wanted to f….k a disable man in his A,,,S ! Just thinking about some like that make me to never want to ever have sex with no one not ever again. This world morals are dead. For real, the legal system had better make this snake into a public example. Plus he is a license health care provider ! there are a lot of rules that is needed to be change in the health care and social worker’s field along with each personal contact that should be presented with a warning to all workers and owners of all group homes. There are some group homes that do not want to pay workers the salary mandated by the federal laws. so the group home owners will bring in none certify. none-trained health care workers to cover that shift and that group home will have a extremely hight turn over rate. some time the owners of some of the group home will hired drug dealers and a few drug addicts too. it’s a big mess. the bad group home always make it hard for the people that respect all laws and people. This Tony Chestnut just need to lay down and die, he is finish for life.

  8. PAT NEWLAND says:


  9. VugVee says:

    The only thing this guy needs to meet is a rope with a hangmans noose on the end of it! Period.

  10. pigeon says:

    SOB! Hopefully, they will investigate any charges which may involve him abusing his daughter since he seems to gravitate to challenged people.. SOB!
    IF all is true, even with his own admissions, there is no way the legal system could possibly punish him enough. BUT GOD WILL!

  11. the truth says:

    Hang him by his dic.

  12. ashley says:

    wow thtas sad children really

  13. Sirena says:

    This is sad that he had to do this to an innocent child . The sad part is that I know him , his wife and his child . I used to work with his wife along time ago . I feel sorry for her and their child they do not deserve this. I don’t mean any harm I hope he goes to jail for a long time.

    1. chocolate says:

      Sirena, that situation is far beyond understanding. it’s too vile to even Imagen how a person mind can be so double that their mind is train to control all hidden personalities.

      Tony Chestnut might be a satanical ” Schizophrenic “. Tony Chestnut could had suffer sexual abuse and incidents of torture as a young child. There is a chance that no one notice Tony Chestnut split multiple personalities because as he might have try to escape what was happening to him. He might have trained his mind that would mentally emerge secret hidden multiple personalities. So he learned at a early stage in life to been able to use the hidden personalities and escape by channeling the select personality to express his own personal revenge on a innocence helpless person. It could explain just why he selected this disable man that could not speak. One way or another, if a you child that has been a victim of rape at a early stage in their life is left untreated, if the needed medical treatment is not administer, that anger will be express one way or another, soon
      or later due in their life. It just with Tony Chestnut, he might had became less interested in the repeat sexual activites. So it appeared that he then expose his other sexual interest and that may explain the making of the video and other sexual videos.

      the emotional trauma that has taken place.

  14. Doug says:

    Can you kids say ” Execution ”
    Sure, you can.
    There’s a 15 ‘ log chipper,running and waiting for the loser to be hurled into.
    Do it tonight and air the execution on prime time TV,
    for all the other would be sickos to watch

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