BALTIMORE (AP) — The owner of Superfresh grocery stores says it will shut down 13 stores in July because it can’t find buyers.

Superfresh has been trying to sell 25 stores, mostly in the Baltimore area. The company announced Wednesday that it found buyers for 12 stores.

Ten stores will be sold to a joint venture between organic grocer Mrs. Green’s Management Corp. and Village Super Markets Inc.

That sale includes two Baltimore stores, as well as stores in Parkville, Arnold, White Oak, Lutherville-Timonium, Cambridge, Chestertown, Brunswick and Washington, D.C. Supervalu has bid on a Superfresh store in Ellicott City.

The sales could generate $40 million for the grocery chain’s parent company, Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., which is in bankruptcy. The company has said 1,500 workers could lose their jobs.

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Comments (13)
  1. Can't Fix Stupid says:

    Glad to see that the Glen Burnie store does not have a buyer yet. Can’t wait to see the white trash managing and working in that store gone! Those people gave Super Fresh a BAD name.

    1. cb says:

      I completely agree! The Glen Burnie store is horrible in every way. I have bought food there only to get home to find it expired. I live right around the corner from there and would LOVE to see another store in its place

  2. Arnold Resident says:

    Whats Supermarket bought the Arnold, MD Store? Anything is better than what is there now!

    1. HS says:

      I agree! That store is disgusting!!!

  3. Arnold Resident says:

    Who was the Arnold location sold to? Anybody know?

    1. javabeanlvr says:

      Unfortunately a health food store not a grocer. Guess I’ll have to go to Safeway for toilet paper!

  4. Billy says:

    Shoplifters always lose in the long run. Trouble is they hurt everybody. Thank you shoplifters sooooo much. This isn’t just my opinion, talked to a few managers of these stores, they’ll tell you straight.



  6. williejoe says:

    Excuse me but Wegmans, Whole Foods has to deal with the same problems but they did something about it by installing video cameras that capture the shoplifters & make immediate arrests. That is not the reason why these A&P stores closed. They closed mainly because the margins were to small due to stupidity on buyers parts & ill prepared store managers along with s……t attitude employees.

  7. AmericanJoe says:

    It is a combination of things that has caused the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company to file for bankruptcy. Low margins, poor store management, poorly trained employees, reliance on part-time employees. Failure to keep up with market trends and customer demands.

    At onetime A&P was the leader and trend setter in the supermarket world. Somewhere they lost their way. Probably through to many buyouts of the 80’s seen in all markets. They were profitable and ripe for takeover; mostly by money people who had no idea how to operate a supermarket chain. They squeezed it for what they could get and now thousands of employees are going to loose their jobs. To bad you can’t sue people for being greedy, stupid and just plain evil.

  8. Pat says:

    Superfresh’s prices were always higher than just about anyone else. I’m not surprised they’re in bankruptcy.

  9. Trish says:

    I guess the one in Odenton will shut down. I stopped shopping there a couple of years ago because their prices are so high. I have literally put things back and walked out of the store because things are cheaper at other stores. Now all we’ll have is Weis and Bloom, which everybody knows is just Food Lion with a fancy name — and it’s still just as bad as before.

  10. Hampden Resident says:

    I know one of those Baltimore stores is the Hampden/41st St location… Please, PLEASE let Giant move from that awful hole down in the basement of the Rotunda into that space. I normally prefer Giant to any other store, but the Rontunda location is so cramped, with little selection, and even though I see them cleaning all the time, it _feels_ dirty because the historical regulations at the Rotunda restrict them from renovating. I’ve been stuck with going to the SuperFresh between that and having limited mobility.

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