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Ocean City Mayor: Bay Bridge Toll Hike Could Hurt Beach Towns

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — The mayor of Ocean City is worried a plan to hike tolls on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge could have a negative impact on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Mayor Rick Meehan tells WTOP Radio some of the rates he has heard are “a little dramatic.” He says it may be bad timing for such a hike with high gas prices.

The Maryland Transportation Authority is proposing raising the price for most drivers from $2.50 to $5 to cross the bridge beginning in October. By 2013, the price would jump to $8 one-way.

Meehan says he understands officials are proposing an increase due to budget shortfalls. Still, he says he’s hoping for a compromise.

Meehan says he hopes the state will give drivers an advantage for using EZ Passes.

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  • Steve

    $16.00 to cross the bay bridge. I thought marijuanna was illegal? Why are they smoking it in the state house?
    So, you jack the tolls up to get more money for the transportation trust fund that you keep taking money from. The outcome of this clueless, not well thought out plan is going to be the reduction of vehicles crossing the bridge, which will reduce the money flowing to the trust fund. So instead of tackling the real problem, the solution from the Dumbacrats and Owe’Malley is to take more money out of your wallet. Again, why did you vote for this clown?

    • Larry

      where do you get $16? They never mentioned that. You only pay the toll one way. Step away from the joints yourself.

      • Eric

        I was thinking the same thig. It’s a toll one way so it would be $8 and not $16. But I still think it’s nuts with times being tough as they are for most people right now.

  • yzkrem

    The smartest place to attack the shortfalls is their percs and salaries!!! Not the pockets of the taxpayer.

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