BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A search for answers and for justice. There are calls for change after four young men, including a 12-year old boy, are shot while simply watching TV.

Andrea Fujii explains police need help to track down the shooters.

While hanging out on the porch watching TV, a 12-year-old boy and his teenage friends were shot.

“That boy 12. He went to school. He played on the football team. He hung with my kids. The other boy 15. All of them were good boys. One of them just graduated, probably going to college in the fall. And now he can’t do nothing because something senseless,” said Martha Streeter, neighbor.

Streeter, whose son was murdered on the street, says police need to do more.

“They need to step up their game. They do. They know this a high-crime area. OK, we’re black, we’re poor, we’re in the ghetto, but we need the same rights that I’m sure if I go to certain neighborhoods that they do for them,” Streeter said.

The 12-year-old boy, Sean Johnson, was shot in the head. His family tells WJZ that he is still clinging on to life.

His principal at Montebello Elementary/Middle says he was a good kid “who played video games, who loved to play football, who loved to come to school, who had great friends, who had positive relationships with his teachers,” said Dr. Camille Bell.

The school honored Johnson in its annual fashion show Thursday night.

“This is Montebello’s family, and in Montebello’s house we’re going to celebrate Sean Johnson tonight,” Bell said.

They know the shooting could turn deadly.

“If we sit back in fear and say nothing, in essence what we’re saying is ‘It’s OK to do this. Kill some more of our kids,” Bell said. “It is time for us to stop ignoring the madness. Enough is enough.”

Johnson’s family has been with him all day in the hospital. Police describe his condition as grave, and they also tell us that they have very few leads in this case.

City councilman Carl Stokes is calling for more police patrols in the area. He is holding a news conference Friday. Stokes is also running for mayor.

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  1. williejoe says:

    Come on people unify together & turn these perps in. Stop snitchin does not apply. Get your lives on track & control your neighborhoods again in a positive way.

    1. ENCEY MAE says:


      1. Jason says:

        Encey what was ther point of you stupid comment. williejoe didn;t priovide any answer, he is stating the truth. You must be one of those neighborhood cowards who sits and does nothing. Typing in all caps doesn;t help your arguement either.

  2. enceymae says:

    It looks like the Governor of the state of Maryland need to bring back and enforce the ” DEATH PENALTY .”

    The violent crimes are too far gone and have gotten out of hand.

    Young children should never be in fear of their young life.
    It is a pure disgrace that a child can not have a peace of mind, this kid was doing all of the right things in his life. So some thug did not like that this child and his friend did not want to become a part of no gangs. so the punk in charge of the gang gave a order to kid this kid !!!!

    We the Adults are to protect our children all the time ! now let us see what the sorry high paying elected officials that are now in office going to do to put a stop to this type of offensive violences towards young kids life.

    How many more little innocence children are we going to loss or witness them fighting for their lives before some one have the gusts to be a leader and not just a hired paid state and government employee.

    My prayers as always every time a news report is heard, I ask the Almighty God to intervene and destroy the people that are doing Satan the Devil Evil Work.

    Until all people make a stand this type of crime will never end, it will only get worst. The thugs can’t kill all of us !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jason says:

      The death penalty? For what? the death penalty does not deter crime. Go away troll or contribute something worthwhile. What are you doing about crime. Do you call the police when you see susupicious axctivity in your area? I coubt it, coward.

      You say for people to take a stand, and yet when another commneter suggests the same rthing, you insult them with stupid remarks.

      1. janks says:

        you are right, the fear of the death penalty is in reality not a fear at all to these people. And as for making it racial as did Ms. Streeter, it just so happens that it is black boys killing the black boys and sometimes whites. It just so happens it is the black neighborhood boys that pick up the guns. I live in the city, in a white neighborhood where drugs are sold openly, where there is prostitution, but guess what, these white kids do not pull out guns when ripped off, they do not pull out guns when something goes wrong, and yes, these white kids here are from poor homes too and broken homes, so ms streeter please tell me why you feel it necessary to say that the poor ghetto is not getting the attention that another neighborhood would. Well , look around, it is the black kids that are doing the killling. the end, it is reality, it is not “oooh you treating us different”. it is reality. Perhaps a study should be done on why the black boys shoot and the white boys punch or cuss out and it is over.

  3. Squaregrouper says:

    I need to agree with Williejoe here. The whole “don’t snitch” mentality is preventing any justice from being served. For all we know there could have been 20 witnesses who all said “I didn’t see nothing”. It is considered better to let a murderer walk free than to be the one who turns him in. It is sad to say, but that is how Baltimore’s inner city works.

  4. Odalis says:

    Now what are all the negative commenters going to say? Are you going to say that they deserved it for being senseless teenagers? These were innocent children shot over senseless crime! God bless their families and help the children recover quickly.

    1. M says:

      No one said that…read the above comments. Everyone is saddened by what happened as the children shot were innocent. But the neighborhoods do need to unify and ‘start snitchin’ if they want to see justice done. Police can only respond not prevent. It starts at home.

  5. American says:

    IT’S a high crime area because Nobody wants to step up and be part of the solution They just want to sit back and be a shadow. I’m sorry for the lose of the young Lives. Tragedy But It’s you choice you can Step Up And be apart of your Block or Hide behind closed doors?111

  6. 1DER4LYMADE says:

    Crime stops when it is reported. It is an easy task to blame government official and law enforcement for all the crime and tragedies that occur within OUR communities. We as a people must stand up and take back OUR communities. We’re the ones who live and breath there.

    I was born and raised in the “ghetto” and as a child was taught the hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil mentality. When I was old enough to understand the consequences of doing such it stopped with me. I put myself in the shoes of the grieving parent and thought about how I would feel if it were my child.

    I have learned to take the less popular road and do the right thing instead of trying to be amongst the popular folks and doing nothing at all.

    Wake up people, these are your communities and your children’s futures we’re talking about. We can’t continue to shift all the blame on the local and state official. Stand for something or fall for anything…… GOD HAS NOT GIVEN US A SPIRIT OF FEAR, BUT HE HAS GIVEN US POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Trying2KeepAJob says:

    Unsuccessful, uneducated, and bitter black men hate to see our youth succeed, these were kids that actually went to school, stayed off the streets and had futures planned. These criminal were being haters. Let me tell you I am one B**ch that will snitch, I have no fears especially when it comes to a life of a child. Sidenote: I am tired of the media interviewing black or white people in the “ghetto” that look like they haven’t combed their hair or bathed in weeks. There are some people that are well kempt, have teeth, and can speak correct english in the city.

    1. MeLinda says:

      Seriously, you made a fantastic point. It seems like the media perpetuates the stereotype by selective interviewing. How effective is this in shaping society’s attitude about the poor?

    2. Jessica says:

      I cannot agree with you more. I swear the media seeks these people out. All it does it feed into peoples stereotypes! No wonder people are afraid to come to Baltimore. Cleaning up these neighborhoods has got to start from within. If you don’t care about your neighborhood…who will.

      God bless these families!

  8. jlp45 says:

    Can you imagine being a Balto. Police detective, by the time you get organized on one murder, 4 others hit the books. Everyone has to unite and protect their community from thugs. Then once caught and tried they have to go to jail. Don’t make excuses for them. City juries and defense attorney’s always play the race card and let people go. If you continue playing the part of the victim, THIS IS WHAT YOU GET! Bill Cosby called the black race on this issue and caught hell for it, but it is true. LIfe is not fair, the road to success is hard for everyone and getting harder, using the fact(?) that it is harder for blacks and thus excusing crime leads to this sensless killing of a child. Take back your community demand criminals get jail and demand your child get educated and moves on to a better life.

  9. Gretchen says:

    Interesting commentary: In fairness to ‘some’ people, stepping up means a death sentence from retaliation from urban terrorists. The police aren’t going to provide witness protection forever, they don’t provide patrols now. Imagine having to move from your home, friends, family because you did the right thing.

    Judges, lawyers, and those identified as parents are who I hold most accountable for the on-going slaughter. We’re involved in two invasions but can’t stem the bloodshed in our own back yard (or seal the borders). They reality is, mine anyway, that those in power do not Want to serious change.
    The prison conglomerate and criminal system generates money, positions for politicians, etc., etc.,

    And, the death penalty DOES offer sound advantages. That murderer, rapist, pedophile upon being afforded “justice” will never murder anyone else. Life in prison forces some poor employee to have to deal with these monsters day in and day out and all the danger and game playing that offers.
    Catch the RIGHT murder(s) and do unto them what they did to their victim!

  10. whatnow says:

    Lets blame the media. Lets blame the police. Lets say the death penalty doesn’t deter crime. You are right. It doesn’t But do you know why? BECAUSE IT ISN’T USED. Every state should kill one person every day on death row until no one is left. That might act as a deterent. As far as crime like this, the police or media cannot fix it. It has to come from within the community. I live in a mixed suburb with its share of crime and we do not have the police standing there all day long.

  11. bob says:

    maybe these poor people need tostop having babies with no father igure.. it is pretty simple formula.. You need a MOM and a DAd to raise akid, and even with that it is still the hardest jobin the world..
    Stop having babies without marrige.. DUH–

  12. bob says:

    So, if these kids get the fatehr and mother they deserve, maybe they wont be such thugs losers to go shoot up little kids.. My prayers are with the victims.. God Speed to you–

  13. snitchin saves kids says:

    Tookie Williams, he was like the founder of the Bloods or Crips, one those notorious gangs in California. That guy murdered several people including a entire Korean family.They said he howled like a wolf after shooting one of his victims He looked like a body builder, he was huge and scary. He spent like 20 years on death row fighting his death sentence. He was finally executed a couple years ago. He did not want to die he would have rather have spent the rest of his life in jail. The death penalty does scare people they just have to actually carry it out. People stay on death row for decades.

  14. Ken says:

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men and women do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

  15. Prayer for Sean says:

    Our father who art in heaven please for give us for we know not what we do…
    Please give this little boy his life back and try and to forgive the one’s who have done this even though it appears they dont care .You gave your only son for ous sin’s and now I’m asking you to give Sean a chance to live , he may be poor and born in the ghetto facing crime and drugs and death on a daily basis.
    Let him live and grow up and have the chance to live his life..Amen
    Mr Gene

  16. beejay says:

    Yes crime happens anywhere, but more so in some neighborhoods because people just do not get involved. They see crime happening and just turn their heads. Try reporting these thugs and you might live a little more comfortably.

  17. RETIRED BPD says:

    Well, since Jason seems to be a wealth of information, and insults, let’s ask him what part he plays in crime prevention/reduction. So, Jason, what do YOU do to prevent crime?

    And before you ask, I’m a 24 year, retired, veteran officer if the Baltimore City Police Department. Even after retirement, I gather my neighbors and give thin crime prevention tips, teach them how to not become victims, how to spot an in progress crime and what to do. Even after retirement, I patrol my community, looking for things and/or people that appear to be out of place. I call the proper authorities when needed. I teach communities that if criminals see your streets limed with trash, they KNIW you don’t care and they target your community.

    I can sa, with no doubt, I’ve done, and continue to do, more than you ever have and ever will.

  18. Staying Positive says:

    @ Bob, not all children that are raised with out one of the parents are thugs. That’s a stereotype. That’s just the way things happen these days. I am a single mother, not by choice. I don’t think anybody WANTS to be a single parent.
    The fact is, is that we live in a corrupt world. There are people everywhere who have evilness in their heart. It isn’t just because that person missed out on having one of his parents. Its because he may be a product of the environment he grew up in. It happens to those who were raised with a single parent, and to those who grew up having both parents.
    And what about those kids who were not raised in the ghetto, who had both loving parents…..who get a little older and decide to shoot up a school, or blow something up?
    My children are being raised with lots of love, morals, good manners, and all that. I just have to pray that evilness will stay away from their hearts.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Sean Johnson. No words can explain the pain I feel for his mother, family, and close friends. May God be with you in this time of pain.

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