Baltimore Holds Herb Festival At Leakin Park

BALTIMORE (AP) — A Baltimore park will be playing host to herbs.

The Baltimore Herb Festival is going on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the city’s Leakin Park.

The 24th herb festival includes lectures on “everything you wanted to know about horseradish but were afraid to ask” as well as “edible landscaping.” Vendors include people selling natural soaps, homemade baskets, planters and, of course, herbs.

Admission is $5.

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  • sheriff

    I hope nobody get’s shot there.

    • chocolate

      she-riff, where the hell do you live at ? space ? you are a negative dead brain just waiting for mercy to regain life. your sorry comments are all over the news web page.
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  • JoeFromAACounty


    • chocolate

      Joe from pig town AA/country—- you should know about lea-kin park.
      what make you think just because you have a home right now to go to, that that place you call your home will be there for ever. you can very easily become the next homeless victim. fool, any one can become homeless. God do not like people that walk around that look down on some else disadvantages in life.

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      That it Joe. If you can’t help the needy people, then leave them alone. they don’t need your bad-put-down comments, because one day it can still be you.

  • williejoe

    Watchout they don’t dig up a dead body from some local neighborhood gang shooting. This is a favorite spot of theirs.

  • jack

    thanks a bunch— how about posting this a couple days early so plans can be made to ATTEND? This story was posted @ May 28, 2011 10:25 AM

  • winterling

    Leakin Park turns into a mellow, vibrant SAFE environment at least once a year for the herb festival. People of all ages attend, many unusual plants and products to buy and smiles are on the faces of everyone that you see. IF you like great plants, crafts, bluegrass and folk music, this is the place to be on the Saturday of memorial weekend every year.
    For all you cynics with your negative comments, I’m glad you don’t attend. But if your want to have a peaceful, pleasant day surrounded by great plants and pleasant people, put this event on your calender for next year. Just don’t forget your wagon to put all your plants in.

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