Meteorologist Bernadette Woods Is Expecting Twins!

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Meteorologist Bernadette Woods announced Sunday that she’s expecting not just one, but two babies!

The twins are due in November.

Congratulations, Bern and Matt — from all of us at WJZ!

  • Terry

    My Mom just said the other day – is Bernadette pregnant? Congrats on twins!!!

    • Georgia Melvin-Poling

      Congratulations Bernadette! So exciting, I will be a first time grandma in about 5 weeks – TRIPLETS 2 girls and 1 boy! Best wishes to you and your husband


  • Heather


  • D McKinney

    Congrats !

    Denise and Dave McKinney

  • Georgia Poling

    Thats great news! congratulations! Im going to be a grandma of triplets in about 5 weeks – 2 girls and one boy! Best wishes to you and your husand.

  • susan

    Congrats! I thought you had something going on Bernadette. Once again congrats to you and your husband.

  • Sharon

    Congrats to all of you !! I said the other day when watching your weather..”Is Bern sporting a baby bump?” and of course my husband said no, but couldn’t fool the women viewers. Wishing you the best for an easy pregnancy.

  • Meteorologist Bernadette Woods Expecting Twins! | News Local Feeds
  • mary nelxon

    congrats to you and matt
    your okd neighbors
    nary & ed

    • mary nelxon

      mary nelsom

  • rp

    Please name them cheech and chong!


    CONGRATULATIONS… I said to my daughter the other day she is having a baby. Wow twins thats great news. good luck

  • Melanie Blair

    I knew it! I saw the little baby bump. It really showed when you wore the black shirt on weather day at Camden Yards. Congratulatilons!!!!

  • Doreen


  • Megan

    Congratulations, Bernadette!!! I suspected that you may be pregnant… I saw a little baby bump and have noticed that you have that “glow” about you. May God bless you, your husband and your two little miracles!! Can’t wait to see what they look like!

  • Terry K

    I am a grandmother to twins. A boy and girl, they are truly a blessing as I’m sure your will be for you.Congrats to you and your family.

  • Mary Harris

    I am a grandmother of twin 3 year old boys. Nothing sweeter than twins. I just LOVE watching you on the news!! Congratulations! God bless you and your precious babies!!!

  • Laura Vendetti

    I thought Bern looked bigger! (just the tummy) Congratulations on your two blessings from God!!

  • anna

    congratulations, are you going to find out their sexes?? enjoy and god bless

  • Thelma McClellan


  • sandy

    Congrats to you and your husband and all your family members.. I kinda guest you were, just notice a bump and thought yes she is. Once again congrats good luck

  • Bernadette Woods

    Thank you everyone! My husband and I are very excited!

    Great to hear from you old neighbors…both ones in Baltimore and from Upper Darby!

  • Erin

    I am a mommy to 13 month old identical twin boys!!!! They are a miracle and such a joy!! I wish you the best and Congrats!!!

  • Diane

    Congratulations Bernadette! Following in Denise’s shoes I’m sure she’ll give you lots of pointers on twins. Good luck and how exciting!

  • pam mosley

    congrats,you look so cute, iI can’t see the forecast because im focus on your cute little belly,iI kept saying,she look like she is gaining a lot of weight,but it was only in a certain part,hummmm,a mommy knows,lol,good luck

  • Sally Drayer

    Congrats twice, Bernadette. Must be something in the water up there on TV Hill – reference to Denise Koch’s twins. Know you’re looking forward to your Scorpio babies. I had one of those 10 years ago and if my daughter is any indication, you’re in for a wild and a fun ride!!

  • The Johnsons

    Congrats to u and ur husband

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