Md. Medevac Chopper In Ocean City For Weekends

OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) — The Maryland State Police helicopter is relocating from Salisbury to the Ocean City Airport for weekends during the summer.

Police spokesman Greg Shipley says the Trooper 4 helicopter will be stationed at the airport in West Ocean City on Saturdays and Sundays through Labor Day. Police say the switch will allow officials to respond more quickly to medical crises in the tourist-packed resort.

The helicopter will be at the airport on weekends from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

State police helicopter crews have also begun conducting training with the Ocean City Beach Patrol so that they can help with water rescues. In the past, state police crews handled water rescues by helicopter on their own.

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  • Mary Jane

    So there will only be emergencies in OC.

    • Cody

      This isn’t saying there’s only emergencies in OC. It’s just saying that OC has a higher potential for higher priority patients. Moving the helicopter there allows for these critical patients to be take to appropriate medical facilities quicker. Also consider that OC is in a way, isolated. Yes theres a hospital in Berlin, it isn’t necessarily, equipped to handle all emergencies. This is also true about PRMC in Salsibury. Ocean City is kind of all by its self. By moving the helicopter closer to the high risk areas, we as EMS providers can hopefully produce better patient outcomes. Also just because its moving to OC doesn’t mean it’s dedicated to just OC. It would still be available for other areas as well.

  • Md. Medevac Chopper In Ocean City For Weekends | News Local Feeds
  • Frank bean

    Ok so you eliminated 3 min off a flight. This isn’t gonna speed times any as ground units still need to package patients and establish a safe landing zone on the barrier island of OC. Dumb move, this will put them in a high risk situation at this airport which has mutiple planes and sky divers which will delay their response even longer then their eta from salisbury. Also what are they gonna do with the aircraft? Where are they gonna keep relaxed and ready for flight

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