BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A surprise visit amidst speculation that she’ll make a run for president. Sarah Palin’s bus tour rolled into Baltimore Monday.

WJZ was there for the high-profile visit.

Mike Schuh reports Sarah Palin spent less than an hour at Fort McHenry. She doesn’t usually speak to reporters but Monday she spoke to WJZ and told us she’s considering running for president.

Sarah Palin’s One Nation bus tour across the East Coast made a surprise stop at the national park. 

“Governor Palin, what brings you to Baltimore?” asked WJZ’s Adam May, in a rare interview.

“Very happy to get to be here,” Palin responded.

“Have you ever been to Baltimore before?”

“I have been to Baltimore. Yes, I’ve never been [to Fort McHenry] though, so it’s going to be great to see what inspired our Star-Spangled Banner,” said Palin.

Political experts believe Palin is using this tour to set up an announcement that she will run for the GOP nomination for president.

May: “When are you planning to announce that you’re running for president?”

Palin: “When I decide if I’m ever going to run for president.”

May: “And what’s going to go into making that decision?”

Palin: “You know, it’s a continued process of contemplating what it is that we have in front of us as a family and what the field looks like and it’s going to be a changed up field between now and when deadlines finally arrive for declaring.”

The governor observed a moment of silence for fallen soldiers. She picked up a 40-pound cannon ball and posed for pictures with some of her fans.

“We got surprised with seeing Sarah Palin which was a highlight of our trip this weekend,” said one fan.

But more than 60 percent of Marylanders did not vote for the vice-presidential candidate in 2008.

“I’m not that impressed. To tell you the truth, I’m just not a fan of hers,” said another person. “There’s no big game up here. She could have caught a Kodiak bear down there in the harbor for all I care.”

Many Maryland voters wanted more than a quick stop at one of our nation’s most historic sites to change their minds.

Governor Palin also sang the praises of Texas governor, Rick Perry. He has not officially announced that he will also seek the GOP nomination. If Palin is running for president that would be a rather unusual move to speak so highly about a potential competitor.

Sarah Palin is running a very close third among Republican contenders in the most recent polls, but the field of candidates continues to grow.

In two days, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is expected to announce his bid for the nomination.

Tea Party favorite Michelle Bachman and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum are expected to join the field soon.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is also considering a run, though he hasn’t announced his candidacy yet either.

One of the state’s which nominates candidates early,  New Hampshire, is set to hold its first debate in about two weeks.

Palin tells her employer “Fox News” she doesn’t feel any pressure to announce whether she’s running, saying “I don’t think I owe anything to the mainstream media.”

Comments (54)
  1. Wheres common sense when you need it says:

    Mrs Palin is doing exactly what the GOP and the Tea Party want, that is bring attention to the race. But to think of her as the President, come on. There are things I like about her. She is plain spoken (in a way), she is pro gun, pro capitialism, and gets her message out in an effective way. But she is pro life, she can see Russia from her house, and blames reporters for triping her up when questioned about the simplest things, and quit as the governor without finishing the job she said say would do. These are definantly turn offs. I do think she is an intelligent person, but I do think she turns and goes to where ever the money will come from to make her pockets fat. Whether that be politics, TV deals, books, etc isn’t a bad thing but that is the life of a player, not as some one who I want to run this country. I think a farmer who has to consentrate on how to keep his family afloat and keep his farm, or a single parent who works hard to raise their children the right way and provide for them, or a teacher who gets up every morning and goes to work to try to teach a bunch of kids who do no wrong and can never be punished for any wrong doing only to come home and listen to how they make to much money and have to good of benifits and watch their retirement mismanaged away would do a much better job running this country than any candidate, whether left or right. The politicians now are such a joke and have made such a mocary of running our nation that people like Palin seem normal and gain traction in the polls. This is what has given a black eye to the GOP as well as the Dems and our government in general. If we don’t move to the center and start keeping things balanced, then we will fall. And with the downward direction we are going now, she would be just as good as any other of the candidates we have now at continuing our current course.

    1. Toles says:

      sarah palin is a joke. She just like the attention from the media. You can see it and you can tell, by the unprofessional response to the media. Its a waste of someones money. I am glad its not mine.

  2. Get out of Baltimore Hon says:

    Sarah Palin is a joke and gets me sick.

    1. Julia says:

      I agree with the first part of that statement, but she doesn’t make me sick– she makes me laugh!

  3. Diane Maichle Letts says:

    I saw the bus going up the road on my way home from VA. She was heading toward Philadelphia Whoooopie!!!!

  4. ComicsHero says:

    Personally I think she’s long since “jumped the shark” as they say.

    But I do respect her for coming to Ft. McHenry. What a surprise.

    As for the haters who bash her daily…


    1. Kurt says:

      People just really don’t know much about her. They should actually get educated rather than spout what our bought and sold major media has had to say. So what if she is pro-life? She’s not going to single-handedly overturn Roe vs Wade. “She can see Russia from her back yard”… Uh, I think she was being sarcastic. With so many people so PC, I am surprised that anyone knows what sarcasm is anymore.

      I don’t see her winning the GOP nomination and I don’t see her winning the White House. I truly believe that McCain did her a great disservice along with the media who can’t seem to stop bashing her any less than George Bush. The news certainly isn’t anything like what it used to be. The agenda is so thick it is demoralizing and destroying our freedoms.

      1. JQP says:

        She had a daughter who got pregnant as a teenager by what she, herself, refers to as trailer trash. She had a baby with special needs and instead of opting to stay home and care for her baby, she ran for Vice President. She quit her job. She displayed her family like circus monkeys for money and publicity. She was insulting to people she invited to spend with her family (I don’t care how goofy they were, it showed she had a sincere lack of character). Every time she has given a speech she has spoken in terms most often heard from 19 year olds. No. She is not Presidential material. She Wasserstein made for TV. Let her stay there.

      2. JQP says:

        She “was made” … not Wasserstein.

  5. chris says:

    i cant wait to vote for her

    1. Run Sarah, then run away. says:

      I can’t wait for her to run! Yes, Sarah, run! This way, the really smart people in this country will head to the polls in huge numbers to vote for the bravest and smartest president America has ever had–Barack Husein Obama!

  6. John says:

    She’s hot, after the obama drama, it can’t get worse!

    1. Lily says:

      I really hope you are being facetious.

      1. Kurt says:

        Oh yeah Lily, Like Obama has been the cure this country needed.

        Mr. “I am going to unite this country and be transparent” has been so polarizing and secretive than any President in recent history. I have never seen this country so damned divded.

        Moreover, he isn’t transparent at all. Why are we in Libya? No answer. Why haven’t we gotten out of Iraq and Afghanistan? No answer. We were supposed to close up shop and go home once Osama Bin Laden was eliminated. We haven’t. He will probably wait until right before the election to bring our troops home. What a snake in the grass!

      2. JQP says:

        I will never forget just how divided our country was after the second election of gee-dub. There was a website devoted to relinquishing responsibility for his election… it was called It was an open apology to the rest of the world for the stupidity of our “fellow Americans”. I saw no such website when Barack Obama was elected. I am not saying that he has been a shining example of our ideal leader… but he’s no George Bush, either.

  7. andy says:

    An ignorant self serving self centered person with one thing in mind only……..ME, ME ME!

    1. Erik says:

      Sounds like our President!

    2. Matthew Don Pablo Curtian says:

      Don’t forget Money Money Money. She quit something once. Once a quitter always a quitter.

  8. michey says:

    Read her books and make your decision for yourself. Don’t trust the media and their biased reporting of her. How about scrutinizing our current President the same way and put him and his family under the same microscope. He wouldn’t last a second. I will vote for Sarah Palin because she is unafraid to stand for her convictions whether they are popular or not.

    1. sheriff says:

      Michey, Hey idiot, “Read her books”?….She never wrote one book, all ghostwritten….helloooo!….Get off the President birth certificate bit also. Yeah Palin, the governor who ran out on her job as governor only to ask for the job as our President?……Puleeze. A selfish whack job like Donald trump who only could talk.

      1. Palin is a joke says:

        Sheriff I could not of said it better.

      2. ha ha says:

        I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…*twitch*. …. I agree with Sheriff. *twitch* *twitch*.

  9. Melissa says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that her 1st answer didn’t fit the question and her 2nd answer contridicted itself?

    I didn’t watch the video, just read it, so am I wrong or is she just stupid and not even paying attention?

    1. Amy Buckingham Fox says:

      no, I noticed too.

      1. Julia says:


        “She picked up a 40-pound cannon ball and posed for pictures with some of her fans.”


  10. Lily says:

    I am so glad I missed this egomaniacal dimwit. Just look at her responses to the questions Adam Mays asked her. She sounded like an idiot with a LOCAL reporter. I can’t believe how gullible anyone could be to vote for this very sad woman. Mays should have addressed her properly, though. Madame 1/2 term governor! LOL

  11. Lisa Wassum says:

    You go girl, we need a different type of leadership. You are amazoning…. Stay safe…

  12. Chalkie says:

    The way I look at it we voted for change, we got nothing changed and things keep getting worse. I don’t care who runs, if we don’t do something soon to congess and the house of reps. We will never make this country any better. Congress is the biggest self serving branch of the government there is. The vote on some many things, and do not have to take part in any of them. You know our new health care bill and social security. It does’t really make a differance to what puppet we put in the White House. Only thing I do like about Palin is she stands her ground, you may not like her because she is a woman. But I like how she doesn’t give up, they beat her down the whole presidential race and she kept fighting. I will give her credit for that. I am a democrate and am so sick and tired of this parties self serving needs its unreal. I try to read up on each canidate and then decide who I like from there. But you cannot believe everthing in the media, you really need to research the people. Personally I would rather see someone who has been very successful in buisness run for president and straighten out our natioanal debt.. The way we our going giving so much away to other countries, the countries we keep borrowing from are going to want thier money one day and we don’t have it!!!

    1. JQP says:

      Please don’t insult the intelligence of people who don’t like her. It is only because she is a woman that she is at all interesting. If she was a man who quit his job and paraded his unbelievably dysfunctional family on TV for money and publicity, this would be news only because of it’s absurdity and bad taste. Woman? Who cares? Self-serving egomaniac? She IS the female counter of Donald Trump. They had dinner. I bet that was a pi$$ing contest for the record books.

  13. Mary says:

    She is acting like a big -ss fool. She has no class or intelligence. She quit without completing her term as governor. She made an oath to take the job and what did she do? The selfish self absorbed idiot wanted to promote media tours and write a book. Remember everyone, from her back door in Alaska, she can see Russia. For people who like her, must be an idiot just like her. All she wants is fame.

  14. Babysnakes says:

    I“I’m not that impressed. To tell you the truth, I’m just not a fan of hers,” said another person. “There’s no big game up here. She could have caught a Kodiak bear down there in the harbor for all I care.”

    My favorite Palin comment of all time! Love it!

  15. sezmane says:

    Gotta love this Country. Anywhere else we would be censored!!!

  16. Maggie says:

    Sarah Palin is only interested in fleecing her supporters and being the center of attention. She and her husband want to be treated like the Royal Family but they haven’t been employed for two years. Now they are taking an all expenses written off trip across the country so she can contemplate whether or not to run. Of course she has no intention to run–she is just milking the system. She is being dishonest with FOX–she knows she won’t run but she likes the way that Greta and Sean Hannity will give her softball questions and will answer for her when she doesn’t know the answers. No other political figure gets that kind of treatment! The Palin parasites are all lining up for the attention from the media–bloodsuckers that desperately hang onto Mama Grizzly’s gravy train. Bristol, Piper and Todd are like locusts going on the bus ride to see what freebies they can grab without getting caught.

  17. Matthew Don Pablo Curtian says:

    I usually don;t like correcting people but she is a former Governor. Plus she is an Ex Governor because former means that you served and didn’t go back. SHE QUIT. I’m glad so many people are following her. I hope the fall with her when she decides she has had enough and goes crazy. When that day comes please please make sure it’s on camera. I want to play it back over and over.

  18. Rl Lynn. says:

    Well…. she’d be better than what we have now in the Oval Office.

    1. sven says:

      Do you really think so?


      She was the Mayor of a town with less than 10,000 residents, under 12 million in revenue annually (my local Giant does more is sales annually) and then abandoned the entire State of Alaska.

      I would bet she doesn’t even know how many zeros are in a trillion.

      With all that in mind, she could be the one to finish destroying this country for the Bush family.

  19. Char says:

    She’s a JOKE on roller skates!! A pure BIMBO!!!!!! BTW, Pres. Obama is the US Savior he is the US president trying to clean up a mess from the former IDIOT that was president, People make it lilke it’s Obama fault the economy is messed up, check your HISTORY, He’s trying to do what he can if it works GReat if not then let’s see if someone else will be able to clean up such a mess..I know none of the people commenting on this article can do better!!!!

    1. Chalkie says:

      Well check your facts alittle closer. There was a bump in the stock market back in Clintons day. All of his top people told him the next bump would be worse if something wasn’t done then. Well thank Clinton for doing nothing to fix what was coming. This wasn’t a Bush problem, if you look at everytime there is a war there is money to be made all over. Personally I would rather see a governor or a mayor run for president, atleast then we know that they know what a budget is. Senators have no idea of what a budget is. I would rather see Micheal Bloomberg run from New York, he already said if he did he would use half of his own fortune to run so he wouldn’t owe anybody anything after he won.

  20. Char says:

    Correction, He is not the US Savior just a president…

  21. Doug says:

    Palin has the I.Q. equivalent of Grapefruit.
    Scary to me,just how many morons out there,
    would even listen to this PTA reject.
    Christ,she couldn’t lead a girl scout troop.

  22. Doug says:

    Look up ditzy in Webster’s dictionary

    and you’ll see a picture of Palin.

  23. sven says:

    Like a bus tour with no agenda or direction, this is a precursor to how she would run our country.

    Riddle me this? How do you have a press conference with no press? Bring back state controlled media.

    Run Sarah Run, please SNL’s ratings have slipped and Tina Fey’s career needs a boost.

  24. Sheep says:

    I hate sheep and when I read senseless stupid comments from the likes of “Get Out of Baltimore Hon , Toles and Letts” I can’t help but to believe that they actually believe what the liberal media tells them. Like sheep to slaughter. Maybe they should actually check the facts. I too do not believe Mrs. Palin would be elected President. However, the sheep should see what Mrs. Palin was able to accomplice while being Governor in Alaska. What you should ask yourself is “Are you better off today then you were, let’s say two plus years ago”. As for me I’m still waiting to see how the “Change” is better for us. Maybe I need to watch more of the liberal media so they can tell us how good we have it with record unemployment, record high gas prices, and record high deficit. You know I think I’m starting to see the “Change”, I’m just not sure I like it.

    1. Matthew Don Pablo Curtian says:

      She Quit that Job man. Maybe you should check your Facts. I don’t think I want someone in the White House who Quits because she wanted money instead of sticking with it.

    2. ha ha says:

      1) What exactly did she accomplice? (lol)
      2) I am no better off than I was 2 years ago, but I’m way better off than I was 5 years ago.
      3) I saw a lot of the media following her around like puppies… most of us “sheep” seem to think giving her any publicity is inane.

      …so, exactly who are you referring to as “sheep”? she’s the one driving around in a bus dragging round the “liberal media”. The rest of us are just doing damage control… she’s a head case, serously. If you think she’s just awesome, you should totally vote for her, ‘cuz, like she’s the prom-queen, riieeght?… her daughter’s words, honey, not mine.

  25. Bob Sherron says:

    The media would rather mock her than examine how President O’Bamas policy’s have done nothing to help America.

  26. JQP says:

    So, her driving around in her bus is a diversionary tactic to keep Obama in office? Is that what you’re saying? Wow. She IS effective at getting her point across.

  27. Primetime Editorials says:

    sarah palin came over my house on her bus tour and gave me some head
    it was amazing those alskan lips can suck paint off a buick
    5 dolllar suckkkkkeeeee suckkkeeee

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