BALTIMORE (AP) — Jury selection begins in U.S. District Court in Baltimore for a trial on a woman’s claim that she suffered sexual harassment and discrimination during Hagerstown Police Department training.

Tiffany Mosby-Grant is seeking $350,000 in compensatory and punitive damages from the city of Hagerstown in a trial scheduled for Tuesday through Friday.

Mosby-Grant claims that as the only woman in a class of 15 recruits, she was shunned, physically attacked and subjected to a hostile work environment. She contends that as a result of the harassment, she failed her firearms test and became clinically depressed.

The city denies her claims. It says Mosby-Grant rarely, if ever, complained about academy conditions. The city says she failed her firearms test because she couldn’t shoot well enough to make the grade.

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  1. charles says:

    Just another one wanting something for nothing. The loser should pay both attorneys and court cost. She failed the firearms training and now it’s someone else fault. She did not PASS…..period.

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