BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The temperature could near 100 degrees again. When the heat gets this bad, not having electricity is not just frustrating, it’s dangerous.

Derek Valcourt reports BGE is blaming the heat for knocking out power to thousands of customers.  

In some neighborhoods along Pulaski Highway in West Baltimore, no electricity means no fans, no air conditioning, no way to keep cool in the sweltering heat.

“This whole block on both sides and the block over there and the block over there, we have no power,” said Richard Westcott.

“I’m just keeping my kids as cool as we can,” said Shaunta Westcott. “Water, under the tree, doing the best we can.”

“I’m sweating real bad, and I got a baby. She can’t be around no kind of heat,” said Maurice Minter.

How hot is it in those homes?

“I have a digital thermostat in there,” said Richard Westcott. “Right now that’s reading 87.”

“All you can do is hope and pray it comes back on,” said Henrietta Payne.

“It’s hot. It’s the hottest days of the year. We want to know what BGE are going to do for the neighborhood?” said Waymon Lefall.

BGE says the extreme heat has been taxing to their system, causing outages affecting thousands of homes and businesses over the last few days.

The outages on Pulaski– caused by underground power lines– are the most difficult and time-consuming problems to fix.

“Our crews have to take breaks,” said Linda Foy, BGE spokesperson. “They have to stay hydrated so that they can continue to respond. We are working to get everybody back as quickly and as safely as possible.”

“They doing the best they can, but they need to speed it up a bit more because it is like grueling hot,” said Cynthia Carter.

But even as BGE crews work to resolve those problems, neighbors are still out on the streets trying to fathom another hot night without power to keep cool.

“I’m struggling,” said Paulette Jones. “I’m fighting. We had to sleep through this all last night. I had to get up, keep on taking showers, cold showers, and still it’s hot.”

“It took me a long time to get to sleep,” Carter said. “I had to fan myself to sleep. The less you slept with the better.”

BGE has already restored power to some 12,000 people. But more than 1,000–most of them in the city–are still without power.

Comments (12)
  1. Josiah says:

    It’s either to hot or to cold, to much rain or not enough rain, to humid or to dry, either way there is always complaining.

    1. Ravens1 says:

      You are seriously going to complain about too much complaining?…

      1. Effin Hottout says:

        Wait a minute, does that count as a complaint against complaining about complaining? I’m not complaing or anything.

  2. i. love maryland says:

    We can’t beat the weather we have here. No hurricanes, no tornadoes, no mudslides, no earthquakes, no tsunamis, no erupting volcanoes and no huge wild fires. If people want to complain about our weather here, remind them of our neighbors out west and down south.

    1. Ravens1 says:

      THANK YOU! People non-stop complain about this state. Go up north and get 5 feet of snow all the time each and every winter. Go down south and get this heat all summer every summer. Go to the mid-west and get severe, devistating tornados and storms every spring/summer. Go to the south west and you are in non stop dry/dought conditions. Go to Florida and you are in non stop humidity.

      We have it great in Maryland. People just don’t understand.

    2. OMG says:


    3. Rick Minor says:

      i. love maryland: You are mostly correct. However, I grew up in Baltimoe and various other parts of MD. I can still remember several hurricanes and two tornadoes. We live in Western CO. now and I really miss OC & the blue crabs!!

  3. Dianna Herron Snyder says:

    Okay, it is 120 degrees over in Iraq with our soldiers in full gear. Who wants to complain now???

  4. Effin Hottout says:

    You people comparing the rest of the world to MD are ridiculous. Yeah it’s a great place to live to avoid the majority of natural disasters. But are people supposed to say, well it’s 90 in my house, the electricity is out, and my 85 year old mother isn’t looking too great, but hey at least we didn’t have an earthquake? We love MD and BGE, right ma? Mom? Maaaaaa!!!

  5. Luvleelaura says:

    It’s easy for people to sit in their air conditioned homes and offices on their computers and watching television and make comments about people “complaining” about the weather. My electricity has been out since yesterday at 4pm. You sleep in a hot house and we will see how happy you are. I commend the troops for all they do to ensure our freedom, but I bet they sometimes say….. Damn it’s hot

  6. Kimberly Blackwell says:

    well bg&e should contract out like the do in the winter call riggs and ditzler they contract out to them all winter long in the snow storms and thunder storms!!!

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