BALTIMORE (WJZ) — When a high school principal requests it, nurses from Shock Trauma talk to students about the consequences of poor choices made while driving.

Now, as Mike Schuh reports, the trauma center has produced a new powerful video to show how many terrible crashes are preventable.

The people in this room have created something amazing: a 17-minute video of the modern evil — texting while driving — was produced.

In the beginning it’s mundane, teens out for a drive, chatting and texting. But then…

“It’s a real depiction of what goes on at the crash scene after the accident,” said Dr. Mayur Narayan, Center for Injury Prevention.

A chopper flight to Shock Trauma doesn’t look so bad. In reality it’s much more, much worse.

“What the time frame is before getting some help, seeing someone die, we want to drive home that this could happen to anyone,” said Narayan.

In fact, there’s a lot of video that can’t be shown due to the bloody and intense nature.

“I hope that teens in Maryland can see why this ban on texting is vital and they should follow it,” said Kaitlyn Howland, actress.

In the video shown, there are some people who survive and some who don’t. None of what happens is pleasant and the video proves none of this has to happen. Crashes that are due to texting are all avoidable, not by doing something, but by not doing something.

One high school senior is sold.

“I think the most powerful part of a movie is what it’s like to be in a car accident and what it’s like to be cut out of a car and how scary that is,” said Adam Kelmenson, Park School senior.

Principals can request a showing. Presentations will begin at the start of school next year.

The video will be tested with a group in Carroll County next week. The plan is to do research on whether it has a lasting effect on those who see it.

  1. Doug says:

    They drive like their drunk,
    and when you finally get by them,
    you can to find out they were yacking,or texting or sexting .
    .Along with the usual eating,brushing their hair,
    and playing with the stereo.
    But why is this even allowed in the first place,you ponder.
    Because in short,your beloved politicians took big campaign contributions
    from Verison, Sirius Radio and the likes.
    And as payback,must turn their backs on logic and safety.

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