By Mike Hellgren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Making his case.  A city officer on trial for murder gets a chance to present his defense.

Officer Gahiji Tshamba’s defense team began its case Tuesday morning after days of prosecution testimony aimed at bolstering the theory he murdered unarmed Marine Tyrone Brown.

Mike Hellgren reports the case got a little more complicated.

Brown’s sister took the stand and a packed courtroom hung on her every word.  She broke down in an emotional interview with WJZ last year.  Now she was calm in court as she recounted her brother’s last words.  The defense called her, hoping that what they called inconsistencies with her statement.

“I’m surprised the defense put her on.  I think she was consistent with the prosecution,” said Dwight Pettit, Brown family attorney.

She testified her brother smacked the officer’s female companion on his backside and Tshamba, without identifying himself as an officer, yelled at Brown.  She said he fired shot after shot and, as Brown lay bleeding, just walked off like nothing happened.

“He identified himself and gave orders consistent with making an arrest that night,” said James Rhodes, Tshamba’s defense attorney.

Her account stands in direct contract with the next witness, Crystal Ramsey.  She’s the woman who Brown grabbed.  She told the judge she slapped Brown and believed  he was trying to hit her back.  She said Tshamba identified himself as a police officer and said he was going to arrest Brown for touching her.  She says Brown chased Tshamba, who shot him in self-defense.

A club promoter also said he witnessed the incident and Brown lunged at Tshamba.

The defense would not say whether Tshamba would testify Wednesday.

Comments (6)
  1. ryan says:

    12 shots is overkill! If this clown doesn’t get life I will totally give up on the Maryland judiciary system.

  2. williejoe says:

    He is boning her that’s why she is standing up for this monster.

  3. Doug says:

    This just proves once again,any thug can become a cop.
    I’d execute the bass turd tonight.
    Why waste a good bullet,
    slam a pick ax to the back of his scull, Cambodian style,
    and save us a lot a tax dollars.
    Case closed.

  4. sherri says:

    Once again goes to show opinions r like a$$holes some stink worse then others.these comments reak! First none of us were there. Second these guys put their life on the line everyday for us, and honestly they don’t get paid all that much. Hope all of u remember these comments when u call 911 and need an officer. Thank you to all of the officers and soldiers who protect us.

  5. d says:

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste and it is obvious from some of the comments that when recess ended you remained out on the playground. I agree with Sherri, that none of us was there, but we do know a woman was disrespected (she is the victim). No man or woman has a right to grope another individual without consent and most surely when they are with another person. Something is definitely in the milk that society is respect for anyone or with that thought pattern you must be prepared for the repercussions of your actions.

  6. d says:

    Dwight Petit is in it for a BUCK not because he CARES for this man’s family.

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