BALTIMORE (AP) — The Maryland Transportation Authority will be holding its first public hearing on a proposal to raise tolls on the state’s bridge, tunnels and other roads.

The hearing will be held at Shady Grove Middle School at 5:30 p.m. Thursday. It is the first of nine hearings on the toll increases. All the sessions will include a formal presentation and testimony.

The proposals include increasing tolls for passenger cars on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from $2.50 to $5 starting Oct. 1, and to $8 beginning in July 2013. One-way tolls for the Harbor Tunnel, Fort McHenry Tunnel and the Key Bridge would go from $2 to $3.

The agency gave preliminary approval to the increases last week.

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Comments (5)
  1. matt says:

    Look, I am all for rasing taxes and fees when aplicable. If there really is no other way to raise a few bucks for the state. However, tolls have been raised in the past 10 years, lets not make this a regular thing. Furthermore, lets talk about cutting some state run programs before we start taking more money from people who are already barley above water. How can you plan to raise the bay bridge to $8 i2 years from now, when by then we could be doing better financially.

  2. Williejoe says:

    Nowhere in these difficult times is there talk of cutting government spending. It is all about increased spending which now has Maryland ranked # 4 in the nation is government spending. Before any increase in tolls there should be a complete accountability of where the money collected has gone. Ridership has increase over the years & therefore the gov. has received more revenue with actually less payroll due in part to electronic toll collecting. A Bay bridge could use a bump since it has not increase in over thirty years. Say a dollar & no more. I who will never use the ICC connector should not have to pay for it by increasing tolls on I-95, the tunnels or bridges. Cut government spending & programs, not increase taxes & that’s exactly what this is. I want complete transparency from MDTA.

  3. overtaxed says:

    Why not hold the liars and thieves accountable? O’Malley at the top of the list

    Stop stealing the from the transportation fund for thier budget shortfalls, which ties into the above comments – CUT USELESS SPENDING

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Why is a hearing on a toll increase for the infrastructure over the Chesapeake Bay and tributaries being held in Montgomery County? I wonder if the next 8 hearings will be in Frederick, Washington, Allegany, Garrett, and Carroll counties.

  5. Shirley says:

    My thoughts about raising tolls,1st if all the roads in Md.were smooth I would not mind,We should be ashamed of our local roads that we use every day.I have a new car & every road to my job needs fix,so you raise our TAGS & regristration FEES & DRIVERS LICENCES,& TELL us to use MTA,why should we we pay car payments,Insurance,To be on these BAD ROADS.The state needs to cut so of these FAT CATS SALARY who do nothing but spend TAX PAYERS MONEY,When I retire I will be leaving this STATE,we are over Taxed & need a break between gas & food what should we give up to live. NO MORE TOLL INCREASES OR TAX INCREASES.

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