FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — Police in Frederick have ticketed a South Carolina woman for allegedly leaving her dog in a hot car while she visited a tanning salon.

Police issued the ticket Wednesday evening to Robin Pepper, 26, of Anderson, S.C. She was cited for endangering the dog’s health, safety and welfare.

Police say they responded to a 911 call shortly after 7:30 p.m. and found a white poodle locked in a Honda Civic with all the windows closed. They say the temperature inside the car was 152 degrees.

The Frederick County Animal Control director says Pepper probably won’t be charged with animal cruelty because the dog apparently wasn’t hurt.

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Comments (13)
  1. Leah C says:

    Finding her dog dead from heatstroke sure would have put a damper in her day! She should have left the pooch at home! Someone should lock her in a hot car with the windows up!

  2. tylerjake says:

    They should keep her locked in a tanning bed for about five hours!

    1. Jc Shoup says:

      Lol I know her and she would like that to much!

  3. Charles V says:

    Wow, unbelievable. I hope they take the dog away from her so it can go to someone who isn’t an irresponsible moron.

  4. collie mom says:

    Thanks to the person who noticed the dog and called for help. I always peek into cars as I walk through parking lots, looking for animals left in the heat. Don’t hesitate to act if you see one; people are stupid, animals shouldn’t suffer/die. Leave animals at home in warm/hot weather. Amazing the dog lived, guess it was found fairly quickly.

    1. Stop Spying Into My Car says:

      You must have been the person that left the noseprint on my car window.

  5. Chester Bottonfield says:

    Williejoe, your neighbors probably say the same thing about you…

    1. appauled by idiots! says:

      LMAO! LOVE YOUR COMMENT TO WILLIEJOR, CHESTER!! Dogs are great as are all animals. I’m glad the dog was found and was okay and I agree with Leah C & Tylerjake, she needs to experiance the heat that poor animal suffered in. Put the tanning bed in the car and lock her stupid @$$ in it for a while, see how she likes it!

  6. Its Gone Forever! says:

    ..Williejoe’s comment has been censored by the Yahoo Police.

    We had free speach, before the Yahoos took it away.

    Bad Yahoos!

  7. Why Not? says:

    It should be legal to break the windows of a vehicle that has a living creature locked inside of it.

    Even if the moron doesn’t care about the animal, maybe he/she would put all of the windows down to keep them from getting broken.

  8. urnotfunny says:

    they let her take the dog, she’ll do it again. She’s a complete moron!

  9. Sue Keller says:

    Hmmm, according to Frederick County Animal Control, the woman will likely not be charged with animal cruelty because the animal wasn’t hurt. Really? So if I leave my infant child in my car that heats up to 152 degrees, the police won’t charge me if the baby isn’t hurt? Good to know! Thanks, Frederick County Animal Control. I won’t think twice about locking my kids in the car with the windows up when it’s hot out and I need to run into the store….[Disclaimer: I’m being sarcastic, everyone.]

  10. Bullfrog says:

    This young woman is as ignorant as they come. She has no idea nor does she care about the welfare of her dog or how to properly care for it. She needs a stuffed toy dog, not a breathing one. If she would treat her dog like that here I can only imagine how she treats that poor dog at her home. Go back to South Carolina so we do not have to watch your dog suffer at your hands. When you grow up and decide that an animal that you own is more important than your tanning than and only than should you even consider getting a living animal. You own the person who contacted the police a barrel of thank you’s for caring a hole heck of a lot more than you and for saving your dog’s life.

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