BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The Baltimore mayor’s race picks up momentum. The field of candidates appears to be set and platforms are being defined.

Political reporter Pat Warren looks at how the race is shaping up.

Getting to the meat of the matter in the mayoral campaign, State Senator Catherine Pugh comforts a woman who is about to lose her home.

Board of Realtors executive Jody Landers waves “good morning” to residents heading for work.

Former city planner Otis Rolley was first to put his money where his mouth is and file his candidacy for mayor.

Councilman Carl Stokes draws applause as his plan is buttoned down.

And Clerk of Courts Frank Conway digs in again, while Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake tries to hold her ground on an issue that promises to literally hit voters where they live: property tax.

“Because of tough decisions that needed to be made, we were able to balance the budget without raising property taxes by one single penny,” Rawlings-Blake said.

Her opponents promise to make cuts. Pugh says by half.

“You know when the trash truck comes down the street whether there are three people living on the block or 30 it’s still gotta come down that same street,” Pugh said. “We want it to come down a street where there are 30 people on the block.”

Landers co-chaired a Dixon panel that issued a report on property tax relief.

“Now we have everybody saying they’re going to put together another plan,” Landers said. “We don’t need another plan. We need action.”

Rolley is a city planner.

“I’m the only candidate that’s put together a citywide master plan. First time that was done in almost 40 years,” Rolley said.

Stokes says his plan is comprehensive.

“We say we’re going to ‘rep’ Baltimore neighborhoods. ‘Rep’ the neighborhoods, R-E-P: restore, employ and protect our neighborhoods,” he said.

Conaway is knocking on another door.

“My thing is jobs, jobs, and jobs,” Conaway said. “That’s what Baltimore needs. They need more jobs.”

There is one Republican in the race who will apparently run in the primary unopposed.

Expect to hear a lot more as the summer wears on, from now to primary day Sept. 13.

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  1. williejoe says:

    What Baltimore needs is a bomb dropped on it. A complete rebuilding of a once proud city now rife with corruption, ineptitude & a low to no tax base. The poor & mostly black residents offer nothing but take the few resources the city gets via Federal monies. People need to get off their welfare a$$es, back in school, start parenting & keep the kids from becoming gang bangers. Until then, the city is in a rapid decline a-la Detroit, Phila., Chicago etc where ignorant spoonies won’t change.

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