We’re going to get some much-needed relief from the recent extreme heat, and the humidity will be getting trimmed ever so slightly. Nonetheless, it’ll still be unseasonably hot this afternoon with most temperatures winding up near 90… Any shower or thunderstorm appears as if it will happen this afternoon or this evening.

The latest cool front in the Eastern region this morning is still pressing southward into the mid-Atlantic states, where it is expected to stall by early this afternoon. Obviously, we’re entering a time of year when fronts of this kind don’t simply “plunge southward with a lot of force,” because there is typically a high pressure ridge located in the southeastern U.S. or in the western Atlantic Ocean that tends to impede its progress. This one, as we mentioned yesterday, will probably reach southeastern Virginia before it stalls. And, as we had talked a little bit about yesterday, it is now becoming more and more apparent that this boundary will start lifting back to the north tomorrow and tomorrow night — only this time, it’ll be a warm front. Temperatures should wind up in the mid- or upper-80s tomorrow as a result of this reversal of the front’s movement.

 Its also still too difficult to pick out a time period between now and Sunday afternoon when we can say with a high level of confidence that there will be no shower or thunderstorm occurring across a zone that stretches from Virginia and western North Carolina all the way to southern New England. There will still be clouds as well as some sunshine around here on Sunday, as well as a couple of showers and a thunderstorm. Our maps on Sunday morning depict a wave of low pressure moving across southeastern Canada, which is one that will be developing in the Great Lakes tonight and early tomorrow morning. But, with a cool front pressing east of the Appalachians on Sunday afternoon, it’ll manage to tap into enough moist air to cause our shower and thunderstorm activity to develop.

Once the cool front manages to sweep all the way to the East Coast on Sunday night, it’ll push offshore late and bring an end to all of the showers and thunderstorms. That will pave the way for drier air to filter into the region on Monday on light, northwesterly winds. With a ridge of high pressure of Canadian origin expected to dominate our weather pattern early next week, there ought to be a fair amount of sunshine, low humidity and daytime temperatures will be mostly in the lower or middle-80s.

 Have a good weekend !!!


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