BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Tragedy for the family of Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings. The lawmaker’s nephew was murdered while away at college.

Weijia Jiang reports police don’t have a motive or a suspect.

Shock and outrage on the campus of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va. after the murder of Chris Cummings, a junior majoring in criminal justice.

Chris Cummings is the nephew of Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings, who is listed as an “inspiration” on his Facebook page.

In a statement, the congressman said, “Christopher was an amazing young man who was loved and admired by so many people who had the honor of knowing him. An exceptional student with a 3.5 GPA, he had ambitious plans for his future after graduating from Old Dominion.”

Friends agree.

“He was really outgoing,” said one friend. “He loved to meet new people, very nice.”

Cummings was living in an off-campus house with a few friends.

Over the past few months, a number of other students in the area have been the victims of robberies. Around 5 a.m. Friday, Cummings and roommate Jake Carey were shot. Carey crawled across the street for help, injured so badly he can’t speak.

Congressman Cummings is urging witnesses to come forward.

Comments (5)
  1. vera curry says:

    So sorry for your lost pain this has caused. please students of old dominion u do not let these two young men end up as a cold case if you know something that can help police please let the police know. LIFE IS GIVEN AND ONLY SHOULD BE TAKEN AWAY BY GOD . GOD PLEASE BLESS THESE FAMILIES AND KEEP YOUR HANDS AROUND THEM AMEN



  3. johnsonj3 says:

    Prayers to both families. I pray that the person or persons who did this get caught and taken off the streets for ever. God Bless us all .

  4. We are all potential victims says:

    Another victim of America the Beauti… Uh, scratch that, …Violent.

  5. the truth says:

    This is tragic but every death by guns & loss of families is tragic. When will the Black people stop killing their own?

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