BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Two Baltimore teenagers are dead.  They were hit by a car and police say the driver left them in the street.  The two girls were crossing the street in West Baltimore Monday night when they were both hit by the same car.

Adam May has emotional reaction from their families.

Police have identified suspects in the case, and right now, police are reconstructing the accident. 

Emerald Smith, 17, and Courtney Angeles, 16, were best friends since kindergarten.  They were run over by a hit-and-run driver Monday on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Pratt Street.  Both girls died minutes apart at Shock Trauma.

“It wasn’t like they hit a deer.  They hit two kids.  How can you not stop?” said Emerald’s mother, Mary Smith.

“She was an awesome sister,” said Destanee Smith.

Emerald’s family was left devastated by the accident.

“f I could wave a magic wand, I’d get them both back because no parent should go through what I’m going through right now,” Mary Smith said.

Soon after the crash, police found the car involved in the accident near the airport.

“Apparently there was fresh damage to the vehicle and other factors that indicated the vehicle was just involved in an accident,” said Detective Jeremy Silbert, Baltimore City Police.

Police interviewed two people in the car and now they’re trying to determine why the driver took off and who had the right of way.

“Courtney was walking with Emerald because she didn’t want her walking by herself because it was late,” said Stephanie Angeles.

Courtney’s older sister has this message for the driver.

“I hope they rot in jail.  I hope they think about this every day for the rest of their life and guilt eats at them,” she said.

“I want them to feel what I feel.  I want them to feel pain and hurt ’cause if they’re in jail and they have children, they won’t get to see their kids like I won’t see my daughter again,” Mary Smith said.

Regardless of who had the right of way, fleeing the scene would be a crime.  Police are working with the state’s attorney’s office to determine charges.

Police are asking any witnesses to come forward.

Comments (21)
  1. What a shame says:

    What a coward, to leave two people in the street dying.

  2. GGB says:

    How inhumane, that could have been a relative of yours, so you compounded an already awful situation. WOW!

  3. scb says:

    People have no value for human life anymore.

  4. Wesley Washington says:

    Thia is crazy, how can you hit someone in the middle of the street, and keep going? I wonder if THIS was your child hope would you feel? i wish i could get my hands on the person who did this to these (2) children; as I would like nothing better then to beat them to within an inch of their life; and than hit them with a car leaving them in the middle of the street… I know I’m wrong for thinking and feeling this way; but these in-humane folks need to know what it is like for the families when they do shi stuff like this- THEY REALLY NEED TO PAY DEARLY with life and limb to understand what life is all about..ONE DAY YOU TO WILL GET YOURS!!!

  5. annon says:

    awful they left the scene…with that said, people in downtown baltimore have a horrible tendency to cross the street whenever they feel like they want to, right away or not, so this is not surprising…anyone who has ever driven through lexington market knows what I am talking about…wait for a walk signal and stop wandering out in front of cars like you own the place

    1. A says:

      you dont know the situation. and for you to simply that these two girls did something wrong is disgusting. one of the girls was a friend of mine, and her family is in turmoil. All you have to say is they should wait for a walk signal. next time keep it to yourself please.

      1. annon says:

        sounds like you don’t know the situation either, all I am saying is that it’s shocking this isn’t in the news more often based on how many people walk when they shouldn’t in baltimore, I never said these girls did or that the people in the car shouldn’t be severely punished for fleeing the scene. I think it would be rather rude if the only thing I said was, “They should wait for a walk signal”

    2. d says:

      you should not be talking trying to blame this on 2 teens do u know what its like to be in the city at night and your a teen its scary so they went as a group to feel safe and something still happened think if it was your kids or your family or friends that this happened to u would of felt and said something different so think about what u say before u talk because u probably have not clue what they are going through

    3. paula says:

      This is another bad avoidable tragety. Yes children should not be out crossing the street at 12am without the right away or looking both ways, Yes the driver should have stopped, called the police and or tried to help them. The families of the girls and the driver has to live with these bad choices for the rest of thier lives. All we can do is try to avoid this from happening to our family and friends and give our prayers to all the people involved. Think about what you would do if you were the driver, the girls and the girls parents…

    4. annon says:

      I still have yet to locate the part on what I said that indicates the girls were in the wrong…this is an awful tragedy, I was commenting on how I am surprised this does not happen more often in the city as people (not these two girls) cross the street all the time without walk signals, they wander out in front of cars so I am shocked that this story does not happen more often.

    5. Bertha says:

      It has already been proven that these two young ladies were walking in the cross walk! If you hit someone are you gonna stop? Or keep going like this coward driver did! Remember the one driving law pedestrians have the right away! Read your handbook!!!

  6. Ray Starkey says:

    Death by hit and run should be the sentence for hit and run drivers….no more than 5 minutes after they are found guilty….members of the family gets to drive the car as the monster(s) step out into the trafic kinda like walkin’ the plank on the old pirate ships. … .and a lot of this bs would stop…”Just my opinion…you don’t have to agree.”

    1. Angelina Moore says:

      I agree with Ray Totally

  7. llla says:

    I saw this right after police arrived. I was driving home. I can’t believe someone would hit not one but TWO human beings and drive off. I can’t even imagine someone drive off after hitting one. I feel for these girls families. And as far as who had the right of way,who cares. They left them for dead. And of course there’s gonna be a lot of people crossing the streets at lexington market or streets like pennsylvania ave. This was on pratt and MLK. There’s never crowds of people just wandering around and especially not that late at night.

  8. Patty Burr says:

    No matter what <3<3 The driver is suppose to have control of the wheel at all times.. Yes it's called an accident, But keep going isnt .. Maybe the girls would have had a chance if they stopped called for help..NO EXCUSS ….

  9. petfriend says:

    What Patty Burr said is most significant to me. If the driver who hit them had stopped and called 911 would either of these kids possibly have lived? Anyone can have an accident, not stopping makes it criminal. The probability at that time of night for someone fleeing the scene is that the driver had alcohol in their system and didn’t want to be caught. I hope the police were very careful to gather usable evidence in this case so that there can be a prosecution. I also have to comment that I just don’t understand why a 16 and 17 yr old girl were out at midnight on a school night walking in a neighborhood that even police fear to drive thru at night because it is so rife with all manner of criminal activities. If they had not been hit by the car, what else could have happened to them out there? That is scary too. Very tragic situation that could have been avoided by some responsible behaviors behind the wheel.

  10. marie says:

    This is so sad. Those poor parents. I couldn’t imagine what they are going through. I have children and these are not my kids, but it breaks my heart. This is a very sad, unfortunate situation. Nobody should have to deal with. My prayers and concerns are with the families of these two young girls. It is sick that anyone can say they shouldn’t have been out. No ones knows why they were out. We all were teenagers before, we all haven’t made all the right choices. But that has nothing to do with it. Don’t focus on that, focus on the person who could do that. Have the human decency to stop and help. Not leave two young people die that way, alone in a dirty street. Come forward and turn yourself in. those family and friends at least deserve that.

  11. Dave Darty says:


  12. Mira says:

    I Feel so Sorry for their Family …. And who ever hit them And left them in the Middle Of the Street Are just People Who dont care … and its Crazy that thats how mean and selfish people are would you want someone to hit you and leave you To die In the middle OF the Street … NO you Would … I just feel so sorry for them to they had to die so Young they probably would of Made it if he or she Would of had stopped and i Feel soo Sorry for her Family Too ❤ R.I.P.

    1. Mira says:


      and I feel so Sorry FOr both of their Familiess ..

  13. Michelle L Jess says:

    ppl if you dont have anything nice to say please keep it to yourselves you putting your mouth in this on how old they were and everything else dont help i have watch both of these girls grow into beautiful young ladies who were both very smart even if their mothers had walked with them or you and i had walked it could have been any of us so please say nothing at all if its nothing nice thank you we luv u and miss you emmy and bic!!!!! rest easy sweet angels! gbnf

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