OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) — Coast Guard officials are urging boaters to keep safety in mind following nine deaths in two weeks in the Mid-Atlantic.

The Coast Guard says the latest death occurred Saturday in Ocean City when a pleasure craft capsized at the mouth of the Ocean City Inlet. The recent spate of deaths also includes the May 30 drowning of a 42-year-old man who jumped into Virginia’s James River from a sailboat without a lifejacket and two people who were killed when their speedboat struck a seawall on Virginia’s Rappahannock River.

Dennis Sens, a recreational boating safety specialist for the Coast Guard’s 5th District, says boating and swimming in tidal waters always carries a certain amount of risk and boaters should consider how to be safe while on the water.

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Comments (3)
  1. sheriff says:

    Lack of brains, alcohol / drugs. How do you teach that? The dead should & will stay dead, f…….k em.

  2. Natural Selection says:

    When you give folks a modern composite watercraft, an internal combustion engine, GPS Navigation equipment, and a cooler full of alcoholic beverages packaged in easy-open wide-mouthed aluminum cans; it is inevitable that some will not possess the ability to manage it all in unison.

    Nature purpetually weeds out the less advanced of the species; to allow the rest to enjoy the water in a safe and intelligent fashion. Its called Evolution.
    Thank you, Mother Nature.

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