HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — The mother of a Hagerstown woman who was shot twice in the head last week says her daughter is near death.

Brenda Cole issued a statement Monday after a bond hearing for the man charged with shooting Heather Harris in her home.

Cole says her daughter’s life is declining and plans are being made to harvest her organs.

Police say Harris was shot Friday by her former boyfriend, Randy McPeak, 43, of Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

Harris had filed an application May 25 for a peace order in which she wrote that McPeak was stalking her and she feared for her life.

The court granted the peace order that day and extended it on June 3 for 30 days. It barred McPeak from contacting Harris or entering her home.

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Comments (7)
  1. sarita miles says:

    my prayers goes out to Ms Heather Harris and her family

  2. Jeff says:

    These restraining orders do little if anything to prevent this type of incident that keeps happening. I hope she pulls out of it. Just says a lot about our culture. No one can handle rejection or what they perceive as disrespect anymore without resorting to violence.

  3. Charles says:

    Where are these young women’s fathers at? I understand they are grown women, but if my grown daughter was in fear of anyone hurting her, they would have to go through me and plenty others in order to do it. Men are suppose to protect there daughters stgay in there lives, have good relationships with them so they will communicate and not keep secrets like protecting ther abusers who too are suppose to protect them. Where are these men at? That’s my question.

    1. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

      Where are the young women’s father’s you say? The boyfriend is 43 and she is probably in her 30’s and how pretentious of you to suggest that her father is even alive. Your statement indicates complete lack of any comprehensible knowledge of domestic violence. Women in domestic violence relationships keep it shrouded in secrecy because of shame and fear. Women do not wake up one day and say “dang, I think I will get involved with someone who will beat the daylights out of me.” Domestic violence is calculated and controlling. Controlling of every movement, controlling of sex (rape), controlling of friendships and family relationships. Domestic violence is about isolating the person until they honestly believe that there is no way out and that no one will believe them. Domestic violence takes a woman (or man) and slowly whittles away their confidence in their own abilities and decisions until the victim is a shell of who they really are. Domestic violence is a systematic emotional, and phyical destruction of a person’s identity. The victim can have a stellar relationship with her parents but as the abuse escalates the relationship becomes isolated because that is the MO of an abuser. I HIGHLY suggest you spend some quality time in a domestic abuse shelter to find out that your ideals on domestic violence are dated and way off target. I am a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator and the lines between sexual assault and domestic violence are almost imperceivable.

  4. carla says:

    Yes women are not being protected by restraining orders, so I can imagine why women are just staying in abusive relationships because soon as they protect themselves they will be in prison because Maryland doesn’t have a self defense law and they should because too many are being killed even after seeking help. Where are their rights! You are damn if you do & damn if you don’t. PLEASE PASS A LAW FOR SELF DEFENSE MARYLAND. For example: a young man age 18 kills his father because his father was trying to kill his mother and he gets 20 years for protecting his mom. How absurd & unfair, yet killings everyday & they receive a little bit of time or get off. That’s crazy! Who does the justice system work for?

  5. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

    Restraining orders only work when the perpetrator obeys the law. At the point of a Peace Order they have nothing to lose. Give the victim a .38 and let them protect themselves. Obviously, the justice system is not working for the victim. My sincerest prayers for this family.

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