CROFTON, Md. (WJZ)—Police say a girl called 911 from her Crofton home on Wednesday. She told the dispatcher her father just stabbed her family.

Weijia Jiang is following the case.

Police are still trying to answer why a father and husband would turn on his loved ones in such a gruesome way.

 Just before 7 a.m. Wednesday, police pack onto the 1600-block of Forest Hill Court  for an episode of what investigators are calling family violence that ended in bloodshed.

“A call came in from one of the daughters inside the home, indicating that she along with her sister and mother had been stabbed. They were stabbed in the upper body,” said Justin Mulcahy, Anne Arundel County Police.

Police say the daughters found in the home are 13 and 20. Their mother is 49. All three were rushed to Shock Trauma.

Jada Kegan lives next door.

“My mom said when she took out the dogs, she saw the two daughters sitting over there covered in blood. They brought the mom out in an orange bag, like a shock bag or something. And her head was showing. I guess they rushed her off to the ambulance,” Kegan said.

Even more alarming to neighbors is who police arrested as a prime suspect—the father and husband to the victims.

“They were really, really nice. I would never have suspected anything like this,” said Jessica Puglise, neighbor.

Neighbors tell us the family is originally from Central America and by all outward appearances seemed happy. They would often walk their two dogs through the neighborhood together. So for many, this news is stunning.

“No arguments, no nothing. I have never heard a word bad at all,” said a neighbor.

Along with his family, the suspect is being treated at the hospital. Police found him in the woods behind the house with cuts all over his body. So far, there’s no word on what sparked the attack.

“That’s kind of scary that close to home. Bad stuff can happen anywhere,” said Jason Cubbage.

The condition of all of the family members is serious but stable. That includes the father. Several charges are pending against him.

At this time police are not revealing any names as they continue the investigation.

Comments (11)
  1. CroftonSTINKS says:

    Crofton is turning into a place for PG county crime. Glad I moved out before I learned that the ghetto is moving in. I can see everyone fleeing soon.

  2. carla says:

    What kind of remark is that? Before the “GHETTO MOVES IN”! People are people and some handle their situations in different ways. Unfortunately., Caucasians, can not handle pressure like Blacks. We are use to struggling in society. They say, “They were a with no altercations, but everyone has problems. So to thinkthat you are “Superior”, is an outrage. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and anyone can snap. I don’t agree with his decision that he made, to harm his lov one’s. His wife & children. He is a coward to me and a weak individual.

  3. Michael Nauton says:


  4. Mia says:

    For you to assume ghetto automatically means black is really ignorant of you. There are ghettos everywhere. A ghetto person doesn’t have to mean theyre black.

    1. Exile Far Away says:

      Ghetto originated from the Jewish community, within their people. Look it up!

  5. Doug says:

    The shame here is that the kids and mom weren’t armed in some way.
    Just don’t buy him that hunting rifle he’d hinting about,for Father’s Day.

  6. I hate Racist People says:

    Carla is an idiot. Obviously Carla is a Black racist, that everytime someone mentions something half way on the line, she pulls the race card. Its getting real old. And these people werent even Caucasians, they were from Central America. They probably barely speak english, so who knows if they were fighting all the time or not, they probably didnt hang out with neighbors much on a personal level. Look into things before you start pulling the race card. To assume that by using the word Ghetto means Black, you are obviously a black racist that hates Caucasians, and are therefore the problem. I hope Black people realize one day that they cant always pull the race card. If the gentleman above would have used the N word, different story, but all he said was “ghetto” and you make it a black vs. white thing. Maybe you should call Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton and tell them that “Crofton Stinks” used the the G word on a forum. You SUCK, get a life, and stop looking through the racist bottle all the time. Please burn your race card, so you can stop pulling it all the time…Best part is that I am BLACK and I agree that crofton is Ghetto, as well as all of PG county, Baltimore City, Edgewood, shall I go on, or am I being to racist for you…

    1. Carla is Racist says:

      oh yeah, and to say that Caucasians cant handle pressure like blacks cracks me up Carla. I think white Quarterbacks prove that statement wrong…Who would you rather have running your team with 2 minutes left in the superbowl, back against the endzone, you have to go 98yds to win the big game. I bet you thought of a white quarterback, and didnt say Donavan McNabb, or any other Black quarterback, and if you did, that just proves that you dont see things from a balanced non-biast perspective, and are racist and biast to your own race. People handle pressure differently regardless of race. CARLA IS A RACIST, A BLACK RACIST, yes they do exist, and they think that all caucsians are the devil, and that black people are the best, she probably thinks that Jesus was Black…..You Suck CARLA

    2. Lammy says:

      I hate stupid people.
      And you clearly are quite stupid. Typically in this country, when someone uses the word “ghetto” the implication is that they are referring to African Americans, so her (Carla’s)assumption is reasonable. And if you are BLACK, then you should know that. The big question is: Why are you so hostile? Perhaps an adjustment of your meds is warranted. No one cares what you are tired of OR what you think. You are clearly suffering from some sort of self hatred or identity crisis. Do us all a favor and keep your idiotic rants to yourself. Oh, and “get a life”.

  7. Angel says:

    God Bless this family and I pray everyone will be OK. No matter what color you are. We came into this world the same damn way and guess what, we all will leave the same way, BUT SAD MANY OF US WILL DIE FROM BAD ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR FROM HUMAN ANIMALS. It’s a damn shame OUR WORLD IS GETTING OUT OF CONTROL ALL AROUND THE GLOBE PERIOD. WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE WORLD AND MANY OF US HAVE LOST OUR MINDS, HEART, AND SOUL! If we all just pitch in and help one another and forget the COLOR BS. Maybe just Maybe we can get back to the REAL LIFE OF LIVING.

    1. Yvonne Carnes Carter says:

      Angel – very well said – I couldn’t agree more!

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