The Baltimore Orioles have lost plenty of baseball games over the last few years. As a matter of fact, the Birds haven’t had a winning season since 1997. During this stretch of subpar play, they have been handled by most of the teams in the American League. But since 2009, one team and one place has been a nightmare for the Orioles and their fans.

That team? The Toronto Blue Jays. That place? The Rogers Centre.

With last night’s 4-1 loss to Toronto, Baltimore has now lost 16 straight games north of the border. You read that correctly. The Orioles have not beaten the Blue Jays on the road since August 7th, 2009. When I asked former Oriole and Baltimore Baseball Tonight co-host Joe Orsulak how something this bad could happen, he couldn’t explain it. The Jays are a good team, but they are certainly not the 1970 Orioles. Is Baltimore’s luck this bad?

Jake Arrieta pitched well in his quest for his ninth win. Unfortunately, Toronto lefty Ricky Romero dominated the Orioles holding them to four hits and striking out twelve overmatched batters. Since being an inning away from getting back to .500, Baltimore has dropped four straight games as they continue to bring up the rear in the AL East.

I’ll continue to say the this year’s Orioles are more interesting than last season’s bunch. But they are also more frustrating.

Jeremy Guthrie is on the mound for the Birds as they try to end their losing skid this afternoon at The Rogers Centre. Guthrie, for the most part, has pitched well this season but only has two wins to show for his troubles. Maybe today is the day he and the Orioles finally put an end to to this ugly mess and get back in the win column.

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  1. Edward Peters says:

    look lets be real about it watching the orioles is like watching THE MOVIE GROUND HOG DAY you know whats going to happen.remember at the end of last year when buck took over and i think it was JONES who said we are afraid to make bone head plays or fall asleep in the feild out there now because BUCK don’t play that. WELL WHAT HAPPEN, not running bases awake. swing at pitches in dirt at bat after at bat ,oppos pitcher in trouble just loaded the bases and they swing at first pitch almost every time.Errors,all over thats not more intresting if you ask me. I understand the whole work in radio or TV thing and have to face the players so you don’t want to be too critical but come on, where i work you don’t do your job your out ENOUGH OF THE PITY people of BIRD LAND deserve better,. tickets aint cheap, MLB PACKAGE AIN’T CHEAP .BUCK NEEDS TO START GETTING IN SOME GRILLS in the dugout or on feild. you know people don;t like being called out in public so maybe it will stop the zombie like trance this team plays in . and after reynolds got caught off 1st the other day he should have been benched, no he goes in the dugout and laughs.WELL NEWS FLASH the other teams are laughing at you too ORIOLES. THEy WIN 1 GAME BARELY because googgle man comes in and grooves one and all is ok 30 GAMES OUT AGAIN will it never end

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