CORDOVA, Md. (AP) — A Maryland state senator says the bankruptcy filing of Delaware’s Allen Family Foods is devastating news for his Eastern Shore district.

Sen. Rich Colburn says the poultry company, which filed for bankruptcy last week, is Talbot County’s second-largest employer behind Memorial Hospital in Easton. State officials say between 500 and 600 employees work at its Cordova plant, not including farmers at Allen-contracted chicken houses.

Colburn said Wednesday that he has contacted state officials for help. The company’s 2,400 employees, meanwhile, are waiting to see what will happen to their jobs.

The Seaford, Del., company says it plans to sell nearly all of its assets to a new affiliate of Mountaire Farms, which may add an undetermined number of jobs. The company has facilities in Delaware, Maryland and North Carolina.

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    1. overregulated says:

      Mr. Colbourn tries his best to look out for his constituents, but as a Republican against the Culture of Corruption he has little to no effect on what Maryland government. They are not his “cronies”, thier “club” excludes him.

      Thank all of the Democratic save-the-bay folks, who, by the way, ignore the urban filth and punish the Eastern Shore, for destroying our economy.

  2. melvin says:

    This is why this company should have been analyzing trends and developing another product which reflects these findings. Poultry has long been on the decline more people are being to see that consuming poultry is not health conscious and the company executive should have been long investigating these healthy eating trends. This is the main obstacle for American culture is to accept what is real and not be overcome by fads and hype. The most damaging factor is that we do not accept reality well in regard to positive change. It is Obama’s biggest challenge as president that can’t accept the fact that a man of his origin is actually running the country and is effective and would be even more so if rhetoric and envy did not consume many of the members of Congress.

    1. overregulated says:

      Are you effing serious???

      “accept reality well in regard to positive change” Are you one of Obama’s writers? That statement is akin to “a speedbump in the road to recovery” or “those shovel ready projects were not so shovel ready (Obama making a “joke”)

      Devoloping another product??? THEY SELL CHICKENS! And there is still demand for chicken, whether or not you or Obama approve of eating chicken.

      It is NOT the right or duty of government to tell us what we can or cannot eat, no matter how much liberal socialists want to dictate to people what decisions they should make for themselves.

      This situation is not Obama’s doing, but rather the DEMOCRATS in Annapolis that wish to shut down all activity on the Eastern Shore to “save the bay”. Meanwhile, back in urban wasteland, pollution is rampant and ignored.

      another liberal with head in rear end, but you sir hold the record for depth.

  3. Tracee says:

    Pure BS…what where they doing with the money when times were GOOD?????!!! Allen Foods is a LIAR. See if any of the owners lose their houses, cars, can’t put their spawn through college!!! Everyone wants to blame the economy but just like a well run household, when times are good you SAVE if you can for that rainy day. ALLEN FOODS are crooks, I feel. LIARS as well.

    And, if this politician was on his JOB, he would have gotten more jobs to this area. Politicians suck…honestly…they just do.

    1. overregulated says:

      Typical response from a liberal…business is the enemy. What you are forgetting is that the poultry industry on the Eastern Shore has a target on its back for Annapolis democrats to take aim at. Regulations, especially how Maryland regulates, makes business suffer. Remember, we are the 4th worst state to do business in, due to higher and higher taxes, and more and more regulation.

      How is this politician supposed to “create jobs” for this area?? He is a minority in the State House, and the majority sees it as thier job to shut down the Eastern Shore economy. When he attempts to do his job, he is simply shut out by western shore democrats who want to save the world, but refuse to do so in thier backyard. If they treated thier side of the bay like the Eastern Shore, I bet they would lose a good chunk of thier voting stock.

      Hint hint…jobs are created by business, not politicians. But politicians can very easily muck up the works and kill jobs.

      You are close to the depth of Melvin, so keep trying

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