CROFTON, Md. (AP) —  A teenager involved in the beating death of another in Crofton is back home.

Javel George, 18, was convicted of beating Christopher Jones, 14, to death two years ago.

According to WJZ’s media partner, The Baltimore Sun, George was released from a juvenile facility in Pennslyvania and to his mother’s custody.

He’ll be on probation until he’s 21.

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  1. Leah says:

    WOW, so the kid he murdered was only worth 2 years in a juvenile facility? Anyone wanna place a bet on how long before he’s in trouble with the law again?

  2. Trisha says:

    That makes me sick! And this is why he’ll do it again! He should have been locked up for life!!! He was old enough to know what would happen if you beat a person! The victims family will never see their son again and this boy is already home! I hope he gets what’s coming to him!

  3. tryin2keepajob says:

    It’s a culture of protecting the criminals and not getting justice for victims. If you’re a criminal in the US, you are blessed. Overseas they believe in guilty until proven innocent and if you are guilty you serve real hard time. no parole. Its bull##it…so disrespectful to the family of the victim.

  4. J says:

    This is just unreal.. I cannot believe he is out.

  5. Leah C says:

    Criminal Justice no longer means justice for the victims. It should be called Criminal Advocacy! This punk was 16 when he took a life- old enough to know what he was doing when he beat that KID to death! His a$$ should have gone to a REAL prison! He should be serving out the rest of his life behind bars with the rest of the worthless murderers! He shouldn’t be at home, in the arms of his mother.

  6. Kathy Lynch says:

    Figures. That is justice in Maryland! Treat this criminal like a baby but it won’t be long before he is back behind bars. This wasn’t enough to treach him a lesson. I feel really bad for the victim’s family. Are they going to have to watch this kid walk free while they have lost their loved one? Just not right.

    Kathy L.

  7. Ed says:

    This is typical behaior for our justice system. We have a nasty habit of handing out very short sentences for those who kill blacks regardless of the killers color. The justice department stands by while people like this demon child mentioned above are freed and returned to the black community to kill again which they do at an extremly high rate. The same is true with rapist, child molestors and drug dealers, anyone who has success at killing blacks is rewarded with a less than harsh sentence. Kill a white, asian, jewish, hispanic or for that matter a dog and see how much time you get. By the way, look at the execution results for Maryland and you will find that the only times one has been put to death is when someone other than a black person has been harmed.

    1. Kim says:

      The boy that was killed was white………

  8. WhatNow says:

    Ed You don’t know the story do you. You racist

  9. Delores Perry says:

    the boy that was killed was white in the judge that let him go was white what now

  10. mom2 says:

    Its appalling that Javel was released he will be back in prison oneday soon. He was shown he can get away with anything. the young man & 3 boys that were so distraught over Chri’s death nade a bad decision in throwing a bottle lit at a brick wall. The young man is my son. He got 25 yrs. and hurt no one. He is serving these thugs sentence because he is an adult now. Let him out for good behavior. I Love you Jonathan. I lost 2 kids in 2009

  11. t. rager says:

    I was sickened, however not totally amazed at michael wachs decision to release javel george from his juvenile defender center after javel murdered Christopher Jones. Unfortunately our judicial system is filled with judges and masters who, for whatever reason, use the law to personally benefit themselves, or they just no longer have the faculties to make a decision any more important than which tie to wear. I was however, saddened to learn that javel will be under house arrest and may no longer venture out for anything other than school, work and church-which I am sure is extremly important to him. The irony baffles me; javel will still be able to attend church, while Christopher, whom he murdered, will no longer be attending anything. I read this article to a friend of mine and when he learned javel will be under the supervision of his mother, he wanted to know where his mother was when javel was murdering Christopher Jones. Good question-the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You should all be ashamed-mike wachs, as well. You are an embarassing role model for my children and the rest of the world, as well.

  12. doesnt matter says:

    I just caught up with this story…the prosecutor in this case should be fired if he agreed to that kind of plea deal. ok…’nuff said.

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